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Oh Israelis … Sorry for the inconvenience - Issa Qaraqe
Published Sunday 24/10/2010 (updated) 30/10/2010 14:52
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Oh Israelis …. After everything that happened between us, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by our refusal to give up our soul. It has more patience than is bearable. You paid a high price militarily, economically and psychologically to control and destroy it but you failed.

We are sorry that our land has many olives on it that obstruct your eyes which are used to seeing imported or artificial plants and trees, and that you have to pay for your settlers' wars as they chase villagers and set fire to trees and olives.

We are sorry that we disturb you by having a higher birth rate than yours, that we became a demographic threat to your existence and future, and your Jewish state and its total destruction of us.

Oh Israelis .. We are sorry that we are in the way of the natural growth of your beautiful settlements and luxurious houses, stopping your children from playing and running in the gardens of Kiryat Arba, Ma’ale Adumim, Beit Eil, Efrta, Aztion and others

We are sorry to disturb you with our miserable poor workers who crowd your checkpoints at dawn with permits, and sometimes without permits, dressed in worn-out clothes, their sleepiness charged with hunger.

Oh Israelis …. We are sorry that our old vehicles pass through your vast bypass roads, that the faces of our passengers provoke you, that their features and constant depression, their dirty cloths and loud voices cause you anxiety, fear and environmental pollution.

We are sorry for the patience of our detainees and female prisoners who even after 33-year sentences still remain steadfast and dare to defend their hope for freedom without despair.

We are sorry that you were forced to build new prisons and camps, and expand those you already built to absorb thousands of prisoners and detainees whose guards are expensive human resources and need expensive equipment to oppress us.

Oh Israelis ... Sorry for the inconvenience caused by our children who hate your settlers, and throw stones at them, and who disturb your skies by placing the Palestinian flag on top of homes and trees, disturbing your memory that doesn't want to remember.

We are sorry that one of our mothers, Huria, gave birth to Mahmoud Darwish, whose poems violated your false legend by asking you to live with us as human beings and not as armed soldiers afraid of us, asking that we love life to the utmost and in every way we can.

We are sorry that the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque are still there in Jerusalem despite your hard work, day and night, digging underneath them searching for a temple that you will not find.

We are sorry that Bethlehem lit a Christmas tree even when you besieged the Nativity Church and shelled the Virgin Mary with bombs, as if you thought Santa Claus had died or left the city of peace.

Oh Israelis ... we are sorry for confusing your collective memory when we celebrated Jericho's 10,000th anniversary, we suspected your history on this land when we did not find a name for you in it or a stone to refer to you.

Sorry to disturb you on 15 May every year when we commemorate the anniversary of our Palestinian Nakba and the tragedy of 1948 when Palestinians were massacred and expelled, disturbing your celebrations of the anniversary of the independence of your state.

We are sorry a Palestinian mother delivered a boy named Marwan Barghouthi who refused to recognize the legitimacy of your courts, and that you had to hear him chant "Occupation is destined to end."

Oh Israelis ... We are sorry to disturb you when our children chant every morning at schools "Oh my country… oh my country… you have all of my love and heart," confounding your leaders' calculation that the elderly die and the young forget.

We are sorry for capturing Gilad Shalit when he was carrying out a humanitarian mission in Gaza, dropping bombs and white phosphorus on its residents so that they could sleep quietly.

We are sorry that we named the main square in Ramallah after Dalal Al-Mughrabi, reminding you of our murdered people who have rested in cemeteries for many years, sparking fear inside you that our victims might return to tell the truth.

Oh Israelis ... We are sorry to disturb you by staying here in the same place, raising existential questions among you as you turned from the civilized and civil state that Herzl wished for to a racist, fascist one.

We are sorry, but we did not know that after accepting the principle of equal co-existence with you on the land of our historic homeland that you would escape to the Ghetto again, there behind the wall, military checkpoints and watching towers as if you hate peace and life.

Issa Qaraqe is the Minister of Detainees Affairs for the Palestinian Authority
1 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/10/2010 23:19
Nice piece. It helps to remind one that underneath all the headlines, there's an actual people there. A people whom, somewhat ironically, the Israelis have welded into a nation.

2 ) gary o gallochior / eire
24/10/2010 23:20
never be sorry, remember that ireland loves you, and peace and freedom will be ours.

3 ) Rick / USA
25/10/2010 00:30
Yes, you should be sorry. Your Pal detainees have created a lot of problems for Israel and the Pals.

4 ) Joe Fattal / USA
25/10/2010 01:41
That is the reality of the situation. Very truthfully said. Israel has been very inconvenient since the ease of the blockade and the international pressure to lift it, to a point where they hired some bunch of hoodlums to wage a civilian unrest. A very desperate government that is destined to end in the very near future, unless they agree on what the Palestinians want for land and boundaries. Israel's survival is at stake, and its all up to them.

5 ) T.N. / Canada
25/10/2010 02:31
Wow. Heartwrenching...and brilliant!

6 ) Alex / Israel
25/10/2010 06:15
O'Issa...don't worry, a time will mcome for you to make the trek toJordan/Palestine to build institutions and to to live happily ever after.

7 ) Phil / UK
25/10/2010 09:55
Mathew 24:30. You will be sorry !

8 ) Malone / Hfx
25/10/2010 11:09

9 ) betz55 / USA
25/10/2010 16:55
to #3, 6,7,8 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA@ all of you. Your living in a dream world. If israel does not settle for peace it will unrecognizable in a couple of years. Your failed ideology that god was your mortgage deed is laughable and ridiculous. No one cares about Israel anymore except the extremists, idiots, and fanatics. Your ruining yourselves. HAHA.

10 ) Plain / Truth
25/10/2010 17:26

Oh Palestians … we sorry that:
- you want to build your state on OUR ancestral HOMELAND,
- you build your Mosques on OUR TEMPLE MOUNT & Hebrew tombs,
- you build your citiies around OUR Patriarch's tombs & HERITAGE Sites,
- you suffer as a result of YOUR FAILED AGGRESSION (wars & terror), &
- you suffer because YOUR LEADERS CAN NOT COMPROMISE !!!!!

This is ALL YOUR OWN FAULT and responsiblility !!!!

11 ) southparkbear / usa
25/10/2010 18:23
songs alone don't do it to me. if you want me to listen bring me flower

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/10/2010 18:24
To Alex #6: Don't fret. Speaking for myself, we here in America recognize our guilt in all this. There'll always be a home for you in New Jersey.

13 ) Plain / Truth
26/10/2010 19:39

Don't blame your homeland, for Arab wrong-doings!!

In 1940, Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Chairman of the Arab Higher Committee, asked the Axis Powers to acknowledge the Arab right "to settle the question of Jewish elements in Palestine and other Arab countries in accordance with the national and racial interests of the Arabs and along the lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany!!


14 ) Phil / UK
26/10/2010 20:26
#12) No one else would be able to see your blushing faces though. Not while they are hidden behind your white hoods and pointy hats !

15 ) John / NZ
27/10/2010 05:10
7). You so love to quote verses don't you Phil, perhaps because it puts you on a high. The tone of many of your posts could indicate you too might be sorry one day. But I prefer to be positive, a day may come when you begin to wake up to yourself and come out of your Judaic delusion. As you once said to me, never say never!

16 ) Nour / One-State
27/10/2010 12:37
The abomenation that is "Israel" is a failed experiment. The simple reason was mentioned in the first few paragraphs of the article: Hertzl regarded the native population as submissive and easily thrown out or integrated within a "democratic" yet "jewish" state. Both assumptions were proved preposterous. Palestine will never vanish as Zionism had hoped. Indeed it is ironic that the Zionism movement itself has contributed to modern Palestinian identity - we never give up on our rights.

17 ) Plain / Truth
27/10/2010 14:18

Perhaps the reason that your people are so unfortunate is from scripture:
Gen. 12:3 "And I will bless them that bless you,
and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families
of the earth be blessed".

What you call "a failed experiment" is the seed of Israel (Jacob/Yacoub) back on their ancestral homeland for 62 years, AND SEEMINGLY FOREVER!!!

The Palestinian identity may never give up on their "rights",
but they will never achieve that fantasy either!!!

18 ) Paul / UK
28/10/2010 02:32
The only thing you really should be sorry of is lack of intellect. Sorry, stupid UN would not help with it.

19 ) Elder / USA
28/10/2010 19:01
Self-delusion is always amusing, Issa. Hate to break it to you, but Israelis aren't nearly as obsessive about Palestinian Arabs as you seem to believe. They just want to live their lives in peace and security. Sometimes, though, people you admire like Dalal Mughrabi decide to murder them instead. So they have to defend themselves and separate themselves from your heroes while you simmer about how utterly irrelevant you are, pretending that Israelis think about you as much as you obsess on them.

20 ) Plain / Truth
28/10/2010 21:02

Speaking at a National Council for US-Arab Relations conference last week, Whitley, who heads United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), said that Palestinian refugees needed to start "debating their own role in the societies where they are rather than being left in a state of limbo where they are helpless."

21 ) southparkbear / usa
28/10/2010 21:36
A question to maan, why did you blocked my message 10 times. All i say there that this is a a rap remake of Lez Zeppelin D'yer Mak'er oh oh oh oh oh

22 ) Sigh / USA
29/10/2010 22:36
Palestinians should be sorry for hijacking airplanes, torching embassies, murdering American diplomats, donating their children to become suicide bombers, siphoning humanitarian aid and selling it on the black market, pirating water and saying Israel isn't giving you know because of racism, etc..etc..etc.. Save the crocodile tears for someone who cares. Palestine blows every chance at peace and the world is beginning to realize. You think Israel will tolerate another 60 years of violence?
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