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Second child detained seen struck down by settler
Published Sunday 17/10/2010 (updated) 18/10/2010 14:27
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police detained a 12-year-old boy on Sunday who was seen on video being struck down by an Israeli settler organization leader in the flashpoint East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on 8 October.

Omran Muhammad Mansour was taken to the Russian compound detention center in Jerusalem for questioning and was not allowed to be accompanied by his parents, Ma'an's correspondent said.

Mansour was one of the two children seen being hit by Elad leader David Be'eri with his car as they threw stones at him during protests in the neighborhood during weeks of unrest following the killing of a Palestinian resident by an Israeli settler guard on 22 September.

A spokesman for Israel's National Police did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

On Tuesday, Israeli authorities detained a young boy after identifying him in footage capturing Be'eri running down the group of children in the neighborhood.

The boy was spotted in news footage of the incident aired by The Associated Press, Jawad Seyam, director of Wad Helwa Information Centre in the Silwan neighborhood, told Ma'an.

1 ) southparkbear / usa
17/10/2010 12:39
lock'm up

2 ) Kitty / Canada
17/10/2010 14:15
I agree- lock up the settler who hit the kids.

3 ) Freedom from Mordor / Bantustan Al-Quds
17/10/2010 15:45
Lock up the fascist settlers. Only in the Palestine/Israel conflict are the victims always found guilty for the assault of the fascists.

4 ) Outsider / EU
17/10/2010 15:48
Right, lock up 12 year-olds. It will keep the IDF busy so they won't have time to disarm the squatters around Yitzhar.

5 ) anat / israel
17/10/2010 16:27
Why dont you write about what kind of parents send their 6 and 7 year olds to a main road to throw stones!? Jewish settlers children are the same way and its disgusting im not siding with either! Grown Ups need to act accordingly on all corners of the world! as well you journalists! its so easy to diss Israel all the time but lets see you live here!! lets see all you Americans with only terrorist neighboring countries we saw you all in iraq! so humain and wonderful! give me a break

17/10/2010 17:23
4 ) Outsider / EU

Surely, by this time, you made some effort to look at the FULL VIDEO,
showing how the kids were incited by adults holding cameras, to attack the car
It's plain and simple, the film clearly show the kids running at the car with rocks in hand, jumping on it and attacking
Even the photo in this article shows the kids runnin TOWARDS the car,
not away
Those aren't mere kids, they had murder in their little hearts
They get arrested to prevent them from doing it again

17/10/2010 17:25
Surely, by this time, you made some effort to look at the FULL VIDEO,
showing how the kids were incited by adults holding cameras, to attack the car
It's plain and simple, the film clearly show the kids running at the car with rocks in hand, jumping on it and attacking
Even the photo in this article shows the kids running TOWARDS the car,
not away
Those aren't mere kids, they had murder in their little hearts
They get arrested to prevent them from doing it again

8 ) Robby / USA
17/10/2010 18:28
5 ) anat / israe - well said, thank you. The adult's standing around with cameras own some of the responsibility in this.

9 ) Baba / Europe
17/10/2010 20:43
Hello By the Way...israel started 2 steel the Land of The Palastine..... If the Palastine Peoplke try to react ...they are criminals? Remember the Map of Pal 1945...until 2 Taday That is the Genocid on former Inhabitants....... Israel should not wonder..burning Millions of Olivetrees is a Fact..steeling Water..thats a Fact..steeling Land,,thats a fact.. Look at the Westbank and at Gaza.......thats a fact.. So Nobody hase 2 wonder what the Palastine People go through.... By WFG Baba

10 ) John / USA
17/10/2010 21:09
5) Yes anat, it is dirty work ethnically cleansing and stealing an entire nation. The Americans did it too so it must be OK.

11 ) Sam / USA
18/10/2010 02:02
Jabo, The settler kids that throw stones, block the path of school children, pull hair, spit on kids, and just generally try to make the palestinian children's lives a living hell, also have murder in their hearts. Funny thing is they will soon be armed and trained working for the IOF!! Murder will also be on their hand not just in their hearts!

12 ) john blaze / earth
18/10/2010 05:02
my god, if those were jewish children being run over, you would never heard the end of it nazinaziterrorholocausthitlernazi!!!! and the camera people there. even IF they were "inciting", which is the typical non sequitir logic of israeli hasbara, that doesn't justify the israeli switching lanes to deliberately run over those children. let me guess, israeli shylocks, the kids deserved it for throwing rocks at the car, right?

13 ) Outsider / EU
18/10/2010 11:24
As I said in a previous comment, the adults responsible have a lot to answer for. But I have a problem with 8 and 12 year-olds being put in front of military courts. Democracies don't do that. Most have policies for child offenders. Kids throwing stones at trains and cars happen in every country. Do they end up in front of a military court without their parents? At the same time, we see squatters that are allowed to run amok around Hebron and Yitzhar pillaging and burning property.

14 ) Nabil / Palestine
18/10/2010 13:35
Wow the Zionist Trolls are in full force in the comments on this site, aren't they? Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time in the future to tell your grand children that you were all supportors of Israel's continued use of the Nazi playbook.

18/10/2010 16:33
13 ) Outsider / EU

I have a far greater problem with adults using kids of tender ages to do their dirty work for them
These kids should have been playing ball, video games or other kiddie stuff, instead they went out to commit acts of deadly violence
Policies for child offenders are dependent on what the offense is,
if it's particulalry violent, frequently they're tried in adult courts
Let''s not forget that these kids got their terror education in Kindergarten

16 ) Nabil / Palestine
18/10/2010 22:21
I'm curious as to whether or not you can provide evidence for your claims, Ben jabo. You make silly statements like "these kids got their terror education in Kindergarten.." however how exactly would you know this? Provide evidence or shut up.

Regardless, I suppose Israeli schools are better? Their textbooks don't mention anything about the TRUE history of the Israeli State. No mention of Palestine, the Nakba, the occupation, etc...nice way to brainwash your youth and sanitize your history..

17 ) Lissa / USA
19/10/2010 22:45
Ben Jabo is right of course. Palestinian children get a good lesson in terror long before kindergarten. By the time they are ready for school many have already had their homes invaded at gunpoint, had their family land stolen or their home demolished, and had a relative beaten, arrested or murderd by the IDF. They've faced checkpoints and radical settlers and soldiers who despise them. Yup that's a pretty good education in terrorism!!

18 ) Anna Belle / Belgium
20/10/2010 01:18
Last week we saw on a local tv station a documentary that was made in Hebron. I wonder what name should be given to those settlers who prove to have no manners and no respect for others. They were even stealing the olives from the tree that belongs to a Palestinian family. The word terrorist is still too soft.

19 ) Toby Tomasi / USA
20/10/2010 03:20
Having been on the ground in Israel and Palestine last Fall we have seen first hand how awful the occupation is.
Clearly the Israelis are going down the same path as pre-Nazi Germany by imprisoning innocent people/those working non-violently against the Occupation. Their reporting of events is contrary to what we saw on the ground. The Israelis are not surrounded by terrorists. They are the 4th largest military on Earth and commit many terrorist acts themselves. All violence is wrong.

20 ) Hassan / USA
20/10/2010 18:38
Let's not forget about the root cause of all this............................stealing of Palestinian lands. Think for a moment if things were reversed, what the media will be saying. The driver will be called a terrorist.

21 ) Abbie Lipschutz / USA
21/10/2010 03:35
When I came to Palestine in 1939, the whole racial and racist attitude on the part of Zionists, was incipiently there already. Later, as a Machal volunteer in the 1948/49 Israel war of Independence, I witnessed atrocities committed by our side and by the Arab side. As a samal mahlaka in Gdud 42, I and my men took part of the ethnic cleansing of Lydda -now Lod- and Ramle.
We are the ones who, after nearly fory years of occupation and demeaning of Palestinian human beings, do I have to go on

22 ) Saleh Patel / South Africa
26/10/2010 14:15
Thank you Abbie Lipschutz for the admission. How different are the Zionists from the Nazis? Zionists will rob, steal, kill and exterminate any and everthing that stands in their way to 'reclaim' their 'God-given' Homeland. Besides them all others are goyim. What so different about their view and Hitler's supremacist view other than that they ascribe their supremacy to be given 'God-given.' Where can there be 'Democracy' in Israel when there exists this view of 'we are above all others'?

23 ) Maya / S Africa
03/11/2010 20:09
I can not believe how hypocrytical the Israeli's are. The moment anyone speaks out against the atrocities they commit, they are labelled as anti-semetic, but they're actually doing the same thing to the Palestinians that the Nazis did to their ancestors.
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