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Report: PA submits request for new airport
Published Tuesday 12/10/2010 (updated) 16/10/2010 09:28
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TEL AVIV (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority has submitted a request to the Israeli Prime Minister's Office for the construction of a new Palestinian airport in the central West Bank district of Jericho, Hebrew-language media reported Tuesday.

The four square kilometer airport, 10km southeast of Jerusalem, was said to include plans for a single terminal, six gates for boarding, a large parking lot and international airport facilities and was submitted by the PA transport minister, according to the Israeli daily newspaper Maariv.

The land on which the PA hopes to build the airport on is categorized as Area C, under full Israeli security and planning control, and requires approval from Israel. According to Maariv, no response to the letter has been received, but the newspaper suggested Israel would grant the required permits.

"The airport we're planning is going to be very modern," said Dr Ali Sha'ath, a top engineer said to be with the company contracted with the project's planning, in an interview with the Hebrew-language newspaper. "It will serve residents of the West Bank and many tourists who want to come to the region," he added.

The PA was initially going to name the airport after late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, but have decided to call it the Palestine Airport, the report noted.

Talks over the airport's construction were said to have been underway for the past few weeks, hoping to raise financial support.

"Everything is ready, and we are waiting for the Israeli prime minister’s approval," said Sha'ath.

The Israeli army destroyed the Yasser Arafat International Airport in Rafah, southern Gaza in 2001, four years after its opening, rendering it out of use.
1 ) Julie / USA
12/10/2010 12:49
it's a beauty! that is one very nice looking airport :)

2 ) southparkbear / usa
12/10/2010 12:51
a key ingredient is that it must be made in order to be destroyed in 1 strike

3 ) Plain / Truth
12/10/2010 13:05

I Israel's answer to the PA's request for new airport will be:
- Why complain about settlements when you want an airport!!
- What would you do with an airport, since you have NO air rights yet??
- If you want to build a useless airport, do so on Areas A or B!!

4 ) Khader / Palestine
12/10/2010 14:50
Great project! maybe Israel will fear that tourists will prefer to come to the holy land being decently treated in a Palestinian Airport rather than being treated as potential terrorists in Tel Aviv.

5 ) Mr T / Swaziland
12/10/2010 14:52
It seems the PA got a whole lot of requests is offering nothing in return.

6 ) Nabil / Palestine
12/10/2010 15:13
Looks nice but it's useless. Palestine has no airspace. That would have to be one of the details ironed out in a Peace Deal with Israel. Perhaps the PA should think about spending that money on creating and strengthening the Palestinian State before installing an airport.

7 ) Big Mike / Jerusalem2010.com
12/10/2010 15:18
A UNSC imposed PA State to the pre-67 borders with a 5 month mandated negotiations to resolve a peace agreement between the parties pending a final UNGA Resolution to recognize PA State with full UN status at the end of that 5 months and upon the pre determined year month day and hour to ring that finish bell, will meet all the requirements to a negotiated settlement between the parties themselves with the guarantee of a final 2 state solution at an appointed time. It is the only logical way out

8 ) Issam / Palestine
12/10/2010 15:34
Greaat Idea!!

9 ) Plain / Truth
12/10/2010 17:00

Mr T (5) is correct, and this imbalance is NOT an isolated situation!
Hamas demands 1000 (including murderers) be released for one young soldier (Shalit).
- That is why prisoners have NOT been exchanged!!

They must be planning for a future, that seems unlikely to ever exist, unless they learn to compromise!!

Big Mike-7,
"The only logical way out" is start negotiating and prepare to compromise!!
The idea of a 3rd party (EU, UN, US, Arab League) rescue is a Delusion!!

10 ) Muayyad / Palestine
12/10/2010 17:10
Smart-looking design, recalls sea waves. The facade also looks like Montevideo's smart looking new airport. I would urge the designers to pay close attention to the neighboring topography from a safety point of view. The hills just to the West outside Hebron/Bethlehem are quite high so the approach path needs to be chosen carefully. Also a fast rail need to connect the terminal to Northern West Bank area.

11 ) Joseph / Ramallawi
12/10/2010 17:29
I personally support this project if it will free us from the humiliation that we are exposed to,when we decide to travel out of the country, whether from Israel or Jordan. And I also agree with Nabil but I do not think that this project will succeed because we do not have enough airspace to accommodate flights from several other countries, in addition to that it will be under full Israeli control since it is within the area of C.

12 ) Joe Fattal / USA
12/10/2010 17:51
Knowing Israel they probably will build some settlements on the runnay.

13 ) Reader / from Edmonton
12/10/2010 18:18
Rebuild the Gaza International Airport.

14 ) Mikey / UK
12/10/2010 19:13
I second Nabil, why spend so much on an airport when there is still so much poverty & broken infrastructure in the West Bank? Prioritise your funding - you're not Israel with the billion dollar paycheque of US citizen tax money every year.

15 ) James / the US
12/10/2010 19:45
I hope the Israelis wouldn't put some checkpoints around, that if they approved !

16 ) to PLAIN #9 / Big Mike
12/10/2010 20:09
"start negotiating and prepare to compromise" ?
Negotiations can not even start until both parties are on equal footing with state recognised borders. this has been the long standing problem to resolving this situation for 2 decades. Take any competitive sport the players must be equally matched for a fair fight.Any heavy weight can beat a light weight anytime. such continued talks with this kind of inequality is useless and abusive to the handicapped party and you are not ignorant to that fact

17 ) 9 ) Plain / Truth / Big Mike
12/10/2010 20:24
And I suppose you don't consider the U.S. a 3rd party rescue for Israel. It works both ways. and the only way to set the ground rules to a equal negotiated settlement is recognise Palestine a state, just as Israel is and start the negotiations from there. Most of the world is not dumb as you think they are. they know this is the truth to really resolving the 2 states side by side but there has been to much deception going on in the process. but you can't deceive the people forever to this ploy.

18 ) r cummings / UK
12/10/2010 20:34
An airport makes good economic and political sense for Palestine. Businessmen and tourists cannot fly there without the hassle of arriving in Israel or trying to get past the rude and arrogant Israeli police and border guards. Economies cannot grow if people cannot fly in and out with ease to do business, tourism, diplomacy or just returning home. Israel has the whole West Bank under lock-down and has turned it into an economic no-go zone, to keep the Pals down and poor. Time for a BIG change

19 ) Hussam / Palestine
12/10/2010 20:38
Skeptical Palestinians here have got it wrong. This airport is part of the 'facts on the ground' needed that Fayyad is building. It will be needed for Palestinian air travelers. I am sure 100,000s of traffic yearly from Amman and Tel Aviv originate from the West Bank. This airport will capture this traffic and has a huge catchment area compared to Gaza's airport. It is also needed to boost Palestinian trade, tourism, etc. It will generate jobs in construction and airport operations. Cheers.

20 ) Nabil / Palestine
12/10/2010 21:25
Yes you're right Hussam but your'e forgetting one thing...Palestine is not a recognized country and as such does not have any airspace. Israel is already bent out of shape over it's "security risks" that it won't allow passenger planes headed to the West Bank to fly over Israel without being checked by the Israeli border police. Why risk all that money just to have it rendered useless? All it takes is one hissy fit from Israel to destroy it wasting all the money invested in it.

21 ) John / USA
12/10/2010 22:04
1) Yes it is a nice looking airport, but knowing ma'an news its probably not what is being proposed for Jericho...right ma'an? You just pulled out a picture of an airport I assume...I guess its better than nothing.

22 ) John / USA
12/10/2010 22:12
Once again the president is begging Israel for permission to build something. Please Mr. Abbas, have a little self respect and a little respect for those you claim to represent. It is obvious that the PA is a defeated group of "leaders" who have been reduced to beggars looking for any handouts the Zionists are willing to give them. How can ask you enemy for permission to build on Palestinian land and still show your face in public? I feel ashamed for you every time I read such articles

23 ) Nour / One-State
12/10/2010 22:34
#19 Well said about the proposed airport's huge catchment area. Regional tourism and economy will most certainly benefit if this airport manages to make it past the Apartheid anti-Arab "security" excuses.

24 ) Fadi / Nablus
12/10/2010 22:40
the whole fact that 16 years after oslo we still have to send requests to the Zionist entity to build in our land shows how weak the pa are and that Oslo and, the "peace" process are continuing mistakes and frankly it is humiliateing that the pa has to ask the zionist entity to build on recognized Palestinian land when the zonist allow their murdering terrorist colinizeres to do construction so frelly among the world eyes!!

25 ) Batee5 / Neverland
12/10/2010 22:56
How about building a country first? I won't buy a couch unless I have a living room to put it in.

26 ) Mohammad / Belguim
13/10/2010 00:04
HHHHHH Airport Need a permit !!!!!!! first ask for a permit for the state....

13/10/2010 01:57
All of you that are waiting for employment that will be needed for the airport, get in line with your books of foodstamps

It's going to be a VERY long wait !!

28 ) Nour / One-State
13/10/2010 06:45
#24 I second your thoughts. The PA has become a colossal failure, and a burden on the Palestinians worldwide. The PA was supposed to be a temporary self-governance institution paving way for statehood. What ensued is 20 years of humiliation, 500,000 settlers in the West Bank, and no end in sight for the enslavement and subjugation of 5.5 million Palestinians from river to sea. Do you see know it makes much more sense to get our full human and civil liberties before building an airport?

29 ) ghassan / palestine
13/10/2010 13:49
I think that the Zionist enemy will not agree to the implementation of this project, and if approved will be valuable in return...

14/10/2010 02:23
Let me state the position clearly as an aviator would
That proposition just won't get off the ground or be able to fly

Israael isn't about to allow an entry for unlimited arms and munittions destined for a hostile enemy

29 ) ghassan / palestine
You said it quite distinctly, Zionists are your enemies, so forget about the airport, that's a dream from smoking too much Hash

31 ) Sue / USA
14/10/2010 04:43
I say spend the money on helping the peopl rebuild their homes first, then make the government a fair and true place for the people to live, Work on the people and then the givernment helping them reconstruct their homes, I bet half the people there don't even have heat there for the winter to stay warm.

32 ) Outsider / EU
14/10/2010 09:45
Nice thought, Sue. The issue of building homes in the West Bank is a sensitive one as you might have heard. A regional airport could generate economic development and therefore create jobs. It's not healthy that exporters are at the mercy of military checkpoints.

33 ) Plain / Truth
14/10/2010 16:09

The issue of building ANYTHING (Jewish or Arab), in the West Bank
is a sensitive one "as you might have heard".

It is amazing that the PA expects permission for
"an Arab regional airport", while denying Jews a one-room scholl-house!!!

If the PA did NOT want to be
"at the mercy of military checkpoints",
they should have considered the consequences,

34 ) southparkbear / usa
14/10/2010 22:46
this could be a challenge, having a checkpoint midair

16/10/2010 15:13
32 ) Outsider / EU

Airport would also allow unrestricted supply of arms and munitions
Forget about it !!

36 ) Plain (The Real One) / Truth
19/10/2010 03:55


This is NOT A "Plain Truth" comment.
Probably it is just Outsider-32 arguing with himself!!

The PA NEEDS permission to build anything in Area C,
which is under FULL Isreali control, as they agreed!!!

In fact, it is amazing that they even have the nerve to ask for
permission to build, while giving Israel such a hard time about it!!!

37 ) Muayyad / Palestine
20/10/2010 20:05
It is the Jews who need our permission to steal in the stolen fields of Yaffa and Led... BUILD AWAY - THEY CAN KISS OUR BEHINDS.

38 ) Outsider / EU
21/10/2010 17:10
Typical hysteria from the people that cannot tolerate the idea of normality for Palestinians. Given the PA's crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank and given the fact that it is not in their interest to arm factions that might try a coup, the issue of weapons is one that they will control anyway.

39 ) southparkbear / usa
23/10/2010 07:34
with all the expected 'work' accident with passengers from islamic juhad or HamAss no one is looking forward to more than Boeing

24/10/2010 16:35
38 ) Outsider / EU

Hysteria, hardly, extreme caution, you better believe it

41 ) Ibrahim / Lebanon
27/06/2011 20:26
very nice, i might land in this airport some day! inshallah. but dont we need to gain our land make a strong state of palestine first, but i also, i agree that this airport will attract lots of visitors which will hopfully sport the land of prophets and help us gain all our land...
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