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Ashton: Israel refused to extend freeze
Published Friday 01/10/2010 (updated) 03/10/2010 09:21
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Catherine Ashton during a visit to a UN warehouse in the Jabaliya refugee camp on 18
March 2010. On her visit to the site, burned down by Israeli shelling during the
2008-9 Israeli war on Gaza, she condemned "any kind of violence" after news that
Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip had fired a rocket into Israel, killing one man.
[MaanImages/Wissam Nassar]
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Following meetings with President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and US Middle East envoy George Mitchell, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said no progress had been made.

Though she described the meetings as "positive and constructive dialogue," Ashton told reporters in Jerusalem on Friday that she had requested that Israel extend its moratorium on settlement construction.

"I regret that so far they have chosen not to," she said, adding that "Those of us engaged in the process have been very concerned that the ending of the moratorium puts at risk the possibility of long term peace."

Ashton also praised the continued work of Fayyad's government on state-building, adding the proviso that the project is essential to a Palestinian state only when "nurtured in the context of serious ongoing talks which lead to a solution on all final status issues."

She said the EU would "continue to offer whatever support we can so the talks continue and a comprehensive and sustainable solution is found, with the state of Israel and the state of Palestine living side by side in peace and security."
1 ) Outsider / EU
01/10/2010 16:19
Diplomatically, it wouldn't take much to upgrade Palestine's permanent representative in Brussels to the status of an ambassador. It's beginning to look as though peace talks are one thing; statehood is another. The first is dragging, the second is moving along quite well.

2 ) Malone / Hfx
01/10/2010 16:53
Blah,blah,blah and more blah.

3 ) Plain / Truth
01/10/2010 17:24
The PA ended the Peace Talks over an excuse: The Gaza War!!

That excuse ended, but the PA just created a new excuse (Settlements), because they know still their needs in borders, Jerusalem, and refugees

Despite Outsider's claim, (#1: "statehood is moving along quite well"), THERE CAN BE NO PALESTINE, until the PA reaches a
"Borders Agreement" with Israel, which will never happen
& also making significant compromises!!

4 ) chil / usa
01/10/2010 18:36
here comes the resistance. the biggest elephant in the region is on its way. while abbas backtracked and israel scammed the PA along with the usa, the only constant is the resistance factions topped off by hamas. keep up the games as if these are the only choices the pals have. arafat played that game for decades and all it did was make hamas stronger, now abbas after u r done hamas will have the wb. da only settlements ever taken down were done by resistance in gaza. resistance works, just cost

5 ) Plain / Truth
01/10/2010 20:00
Abbas told US envoy today, "there will be no further peace negotiations
with Israel as long as building in settlements continues", or
in other words WE DO NOT WANT A STATE, except on his terms!

The EU & US know that Germany did NOT dictate peace terms to the Allies after WW2, so why would they allow the PA to dictate peace terms to Israel, without compromise??

Instead, the EU and US should see that the PA is no more ready for peace than Hamas, and try solving some other world crisis!

01/10/2010 20:02
The FREEZE melted away because Abbas spent 9 months stalling and only one month pretending to talk

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
01/10/2010 22:16
This is great. Israel is essentially suiciding. One couldn't ask for more. All that's needed is for the Palestinians to play their cards right. They've gained more ground in the last two years than they did in the preceding four decades.

8 ) Maureen / Australia
01/10/2010 22:55
It just goes to prove, Israel was only stalling for time by pretending to be a serious partner for peace! War and land theft by deception - that's Israel!

9 ) YARA / palestine
02/10/2010 00:05
actually the settlements in gaza were dismantled due to an agreement, not because of resistence. and also plain truth, do u really think that there can be a palestinian country and peace with illegal jewish only settlement that cripple palestinians movemnets, and start conflicts many times in hebron nablus and ramallah??its not an excuse its a reality settlers need to leave... thats a very crucial step to peace..we're only asking for a freeze! if they can't do that, theres a big problem

10 ) Mary / Ireland
02/10/2010 00:45
A waste of time. the only thing that will work is pressure on Israel to stop their land grabs.They will never declare borders because they want it all.

11 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
02/10/2010 07:53
Ane Plain, from washington, you change your name, but continous with the same zionist bulshit - the defense of thives that makes you equal!

12 ) Muayyad / Palestine
02/10/2010 17:02
#6 You can't melt away the enforcement of international law! Your settler trailer trash in the West Bank will have to leave - by hook or crook! As of now, the entire world is lining up its efforts to see to it that Israel is held accountable and if not, imposing sanctions will work on the long run.

13 ) Plain / Truth
02/10/2010 20:34
Yara-#9, the agreement that you claim NEVER existed!!

Israel UNILATERALLY disengaged from Gaza,
just as she did from Southern Lebanon!
Otherwise, a peace treaty would exist, just like with Egypt!!

History shows that:
- NO, there can NOT be peace, and
- YES, there can be ever-expanding "illegal jewish only settlements".

History also shows that the PA:
- made progress before the freeze, and then
- made NO progress during last "freeze"!!

Learn from history, or else ...

03/10/2010 15:55
8 ) Maureen / Australia

You know nothing about Israel, you continue to refuse to remove your posterior from the safety of your computer chair
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