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Hamas: Settlement activity shows Israel's intentions
Published Monday 27/09/2010 (updated) 28/09/2010 19:11
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The escalation of settlement building in the West Bank indicates Israel's intention to use negotiations as a cover to Judaize Palestinian land, Hamas said Monday.

Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum called on President Mahmoud Abbas to make a swift decision to withdraw from the peace talks, which relaunched less than a month earlier in Washington.

Bulldozers arrived in the West Bank to resume full-scale settlement expansion on Monday following the expiry of the 10-month partial moratorium on building. Israel's Channel 2 said construction would begin in at least eight illegal West Bank settlements.

Israeli advoacy group Stand With Us issued a statement Monday insisting construction "within current boundaries" was not an obstacle to peace, saying Israel had offered land swaps to compensate for land confiscation. The group said the "serious obstacles to peace" were divided Palestinian leadership, the Palestinian Authority's refusal to accept Jewish nationalism and Hamas' commitment to terrorism.

Israel should focus on "getting the PA and Israel to stay at the negotiating table," in the interests of peaceful coexistence, the organization said.

The Hamas official said the Israeli government was trying to convince Abbas to stay in negotiations in order to make him agree to Israeli demands. The Palestinian national consensus, Barhoum added, rejected the process of negotiations.

Last-minute efforts on Friday by US President Barack Obama to persuade Israel to extend the freeze were rejected by Netanyahu, who cited "internal political considerations, as most cabinet members were against such a move," the Israeli news site Ynet reported.

Abbas said he would withdraw talks if settlement building resumed on land which would be a Palestinian state under a peace agreement.

The president is scheduled to meet with leaders at an Arab League summit on 4 October to discuss the future of negotiations in light of Israel's settlement activity.
1 ) Plain / Truth
27/09/2010 16:22
The refusal to recognize a Jewish State shows Arab intentions too!

2 ) e l pratt / USA
27/09/2010 16:30
It is not 'palestinian' land. It is Israel, Judea and Samaria---all Israel and only Israel.

3 ) Kristine / Israel
27/09/2010 16:54
United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 called for the partition of the British-ruled Palestine Mandate into a Jewish state and an Arab state.

It was approved on November 29, 1947 with 33 votes in favor, 13 against, 10 abstentions and one absent...

The resolution was accepted by the Jews in Palestine, yet rejected
by the Arabs in Palestine and the Arab states (mfa.gov.il).

4 ) Kristine / Israel
27/09/2010 16:55
USA and many nations are shaped by the Judeo-Christian heritage, so why shouldn't the Jewish people have a Jewish state, when the Arabs
have 21 Muslim (Islamic) states?

Why shouldn't the Jews have a Jewish state, like the the Catholics
have their own state, the Vatican City?

5 ) Julie / USA
27/09/2010 16:57
#2 - the fact that only israeli zionzazis believe you whereas the rest of the entired world does NOT, proves how wrong you are. you zionazis are losing massive # of brain cells by the second in your desperation to cry victim and incite violence to make everyone else look like a villain is obvious. Israel says: "we are right, the entire world is wrong"....THAT is psychotic, delusional, fabricated, manipulated, weaponized, and STUPID!

27/09/2010 17:30
I don't understand why Hamas pretends to be so concerned

Their Covenant expressly calls for the destruction of sIrael and the expulsion of it's Jews

If Hamas were truly concerned with the negotations, they would have joined in the discussions, instead, they stayed on the sidelines in their usual rejectionist manner

7 ) Nizar / Palestine
27/09/2010 17:48
Call it whatever you wish. Heck you might come here and claim this is an Israeli website. Your apostrophized word 'Palestinian' just proves how extremely delusional and in fact insane you are to be living in this jewish fortress mentality of yours, denying the existence of an entire people. In response, we shall deny the Holocaust and even cheer the eradication of Jews. How would you like that?

8 ) to: e l pig/USA / USA
27/09/2010 17:53
judea ad samaria no longer exist and then only in jewish myth and story books so grow up child

9 ) marge / USA
27/09/2010 18:03
Every american and Jew should hang their head in shame at the state sponsored theft of palestinian land by their government and the mass murder of defenseless, unarmed Palestinians for their land. These crimes have been committed by Apartheid Israel in partnership with the US for the past 60 years. These are warcrimes as well as crimes against humanity, inwhich the leaders of both countries should be sent to Hague to stand trial.

10 ) southparkbear / usa
27/09/2010 19:12
really? and what do the daily rocket showers show? give us a break and fight with you own

11 ) Nour / Palestine
27/09/2010 19:13
#2 No such thing as "israel" - it's Palestine, from River to Sea. If you don't like the Palestine solution, heed Helen Thomas' advice and return to Germany, Poland, US, etc.

12 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
27/09/2010 21:50
Almost Inescapable Conclusion - Israel has repeatedly stated it thinks two states is opportune. But Israel's actions belie the statements. Israel will have 2.5-3 million new citizens or become apartheid, dejure and defacto. Those 2.5 to 3 million will not move short of a genocide. This was the choice of the government of the State of Israel.

13 ) Rachel / Samaria, Israel
27/09/2010 22:30
This is the place my ancestors lived 3000 years ago until today i am with my family. You have 58 countries where you can go to, we only have one place Israel. If you want we can co-exist if not you have 58 other arab countries rich in oil with vast lands to go to.

14 ) Terry / Sweden
27/09/2010 23:25
3000 years ago? So some ancient myth justifies that you exterminate and kick out people who lived there hundred years ago, in peace with Hebrews? Get a grip, you criminal. You also live in Samaria, thus territory not even belonging to Israel. You are an illegal settler.

15 ) Deir Yassin / France/Palestine
28/09/2010 00:35
Some people should get their head out of the Torah and read some real-life stuff. According to Rachel, there are 58 Arab countries. I would sure like to see that list. # Kristine) You should take a look at the Plan of Partition voted by the UN in Nov 1947. Nothing to do with even the '67-borders. Your kind of Hasbara has been debunked 1000 of times, Taken from the "Israel Project. Global Language Dictionnary". You should move on to Hasbara course no. LL.

16 ) abadan / abadanland
28/09/2010 01:24
both parties should hold positions that cannot be negotiated for another 100 years. I recommand we elect someone from this board to revisit the israeli palestinian conflict then and see if it is still relevant

17 ) Maureen / Australia
28/09/2010 01:34
4) Kristine, Why not - because they have got all other Western Nations. That's why!

18 ) Maureen / Australia
28/09/2010 01:52
6) Ben Jabo. You fully understand, Israel disengaged the settler thugs from Gaza into the West Bank to gain a foothold on Palestinian territory! You also understand, Olmert and Bush 'allowed' Palestinian political elections, and then the Israeli junta proceeded, with the assistance of the Bush Administration, to manipulate civil unrest between Palestinians in Gaza prior to a "greater holocaust" in Gaza - Cast Lead!

28/09/2010 02:01
14 ) Terry / Sweden

Hardly a myth, it's duly recorded in both the Hebrew & Christian bibles,
plus we have the Historic Antiques to support our claim

20 ) Plain / Truth
28/09/2010 02:07
What you call myths are tales of the Bible, that are supported by countless ancient real estate facts both within Israel (Hebrew tombs & mosaic floors), and throughout the region (enemy victory steles in Jordan, the Golan, Eygpt, Iraq, etc.)!!!

You should at least try listening to Rachel objectively, instead of quickly denying things so well documented. Such statements, though NOT fitting into your world view, are more fact than myth!

21 ) decan al nabee / lubnan
28/09/2010 06:26
Maureen, among military experts around the world cast lead is studied as most precise surgical operation

22 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
28/09/2010 06:42
We need to withdraw all support from Israel and demolish every Jewish home over the Green Line, so all those BEN JABOs, southparkbears, Kristines, etc., see exactly what reality is. Right now they live in a temporary dream.

23 ) Terry / Sweden
28/09/2010 16:48
It is a myth. Because, the ancestors of those Hebrews are the Palestinians of today. So get out of your vaccuum, Plain/Lies and Ben Jabo. Even, for arguments sake, if it was true, there is no justification for the crimes you espouse.

24 ) Krysta Rob / Canada
28/09/2010 17:24
It's not Israel, it's Palestine, get it Zionists!! Go back to your countries of origin. Arabs and Jews have lived in peace for a very long time before the Nakba in 1948. Israel has so much Palestinian blood on its hand that it would take eternity to wash it off! I agree with Jerrold that we need to cut all support to Israel. All the billions sent be the US should rather be used on hungry American children. International boycott! Let's not spend one single penny on Israel!

25 ) Filipe / Protugal
28/09/2010 18:10
What these whining, crying, slobbering Palestinians fail to realize is that if they refused to work for the Jewish who are building the settlements----there would be no construction!!!!

But ---NO----- they enable and support the construction process and then cry about it after !!!!

What a bunch of idiots !!!!

26 ) Maureen / Australia
28/09/2010 18:23
21) decan al nabee Who might they be - the architects of war and destruction who invaded Iraq under false pretext, and who blow up women and children in mud houses in Afghanistan?
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