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Fatah wing vows response to settlement activity
Published Sunday 26/09/2010 (updated) 28/09/2010 09:44
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Fatah's armed wing vowed to respond to renewed settlement expansion in the West Bank on Sunday.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades urged the Palestinian Authority to maintain its resolve to walk out of recently relaunched peace talks if full-scale settlement expansion resumed.

As the 10-month partial moratorium on settlement construction expired on Sunday, Israeli settlers laid the foundation for a new school in the illegal Rommanim outpost in the southern Hebron district. Near Bethlehem, Israelis residing on the illegal Noqedim settlement were seen installing mobile homes on land belonging to Palestinian Khirbet Jub Ath-Theib. On Saturday, settlers installed 20 caravans on a hilltop outside the Revava settlement in the northern West Bank.

In a statement, the brigades said settler attacks against Palestinian people and their land had gone too far without intervention. The resumption of settlement expansion, which the group noted had never actually stopped, was evidence of the Israeli government's intention to deny Palestinian rights, the brigades said.

The group cited the release of a settler security guard who shot dead two Palestinians on Wednesday as further proof that the Israeli government supported extremist right-wing settler groups. The killing of Samer Abu Sarhan, a 28-year-old father of five, in Silwan was one incident in an endless cycle of attacks against Palestinians and their land, the brigades said.

The military wing of the Fatah party said its fighters would teach settler groups "unforgettable lessons."

President Mahmoud Abbas told world leaders at the UN General Assembly on Saturday that Israel would have to choose between settlement expansion and peace.

Despite pressure from the UN, the EU and the US, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has so far refused to extend the freeze on settlement construction.

26/09/2010 17:21
Settlers learned "Unforgettable Lessons" long ago, that's why they're so adamant in building to protect themselves and Israel

The groups that are threatening Israel, should very carefull that they don't receive more education than they can handle

2 ) southparkbear / usa
26/09/2010 17:26
what more of your women and children dying for your 'brave' terrorists? we took lots of pain in fighting both for peace and in war against terror. We can handle anything you can just imagine

3 ) Ann / USA
26/09/2010 17:53
I hope this doesn't happen. The world is continuing to watch while leaders meet behind the scenes. There are other, peaceful ways to get your message across. Use them!

4 ) Michael / usa
26/09/2010 18:55
Abbas with Arab League backing must make their move to UN without delay or, as can be seen from this article, 3ed Intifada is well on its way. Any hint of returning to talks without continuance of the freeze will topple the PA and put in jeopardy the current PA leadership. Abbas would be insane to return to mid-East under those conditions without international backed statehood in his pocket and the guarantee of international security forces on the ground.

5 ) chil / usa
26/09/2010 19:47
abbas' own political factions military wing is breaking away from what abbas is saying. this shows how split fatah really is. now either fatah can continue like this or clean house & come to a unified position, thats why they need a monolithic ideology coming from a historical analysis of pal culture. fatah is made up of ppl who have diff. agendas. whats going to happen is the ppl will chose resistance in all of its forms. 10 yrs ago there was no gaza govt.. that is historic and done by resistan

26/09/2010 21:38
Arab unity is simply a pipe dream

The faction's within Abbas' party can't get along witheach other, yet alone Hamas, who wants to rule the roost all by it's lonseome

7 ) elias / palestine
26/09/2010 21:49
viva the resistance

8 ) southparkbear / usa
26/09/2010 22:05
brrrrr we are scard hehehe

9 ) Outsider / EU
26/09/2010 22:32
Interesting that "settlers" think building will protect them when it's clear that only negotiations will protect them and that building more squats will lead to the unification of the Palestinian front and possibly (hopefully not) a third Intifada.

10 ) Aissatou / EU
26/09/2010 23:40
I can understand my brothers very well, but I wouldn't like to lose them, for nothing in the world, never !!!

11 ) Malone / Hfx
27/09/2010 02:20
They had 10 months to talk.
Why did they wait till the freeze expired to start yapping and whining?
Because they don't want peace,is why....that would cut off their welfare cheques,and then they might have to actually work for a living like normal people.

12 ) Michael / usa
27/09/2010 02:46
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted as saying on Sunday that even if the recently relaunched direct peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were to break down, his people would not resort to violence.
So this faction of Fatah is not part of Abbas' "people"? Have I missed something???

13 ) Christian Palestinian / USA
27/09/2010 03:50
All Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem should declare war on all jewish settlers living in these two Palestinian territories. Palestinians should not worry about attacking Israel, but instead should concentrate their military efforts directly against the jewish settlers in order to force them out. Force is what makes history!

14 ) bmp / opt/usa
27/09/2010 06:34
#8 what do you mean "we"... you aren't here! Israel had its chance to be a nation. I think it has lost its rights through its blatant human rights abuses and its lack of respect for world opinion, thumbing its nose at every UN resolution demanding it act in accordance with internatioanl law. Israel as a state should be abolished. Let the people who live in the failed state of Israel be governed by an international body. They can't govern themselves. They don't know the basics of fair play.

15 ) Laith / Palestine
27/09/2010 06:43
The question is, when will the Fatah armed wing respond to Abbas himself and his gang of puppets? Those people have shamed the Palestinian people beyond imagination, they have broken ALL their promises and borken the trust given to them by the electrorate. First was Goldstone gate, then indirect talks failure, then resumption of direct talks without terms of reference, and now this insult to proceed with "talks" in the shadow of settlement building. When will Abbas be forcebly be removed?

16 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
27/09/2010 07:02
Lets see if this Ali Abbas and his corrupt from Fatah will really stop the bulshit peace talks! Resistance groups got the right to push these euro-trash-settlers land thieves to the deepest hell! Do it now and invite Ben 10 Jabo and Southmouseparker to join the group!! Ops, they are cowards so far away from the spot!

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/09/2010 07:28
to Southparkbear #8 'brrrr we are scard hehehe.' That's okay. You're looking in the wrong direction.

18 ) Plain / Truth
27/09/2010 14:21
Fatah vowing to response to settlement activity is INCITEMENT !!

And, if they keep this promise, Israel will respond much like they did to the last Intifada, AND THE WEST BANK WILL BECOME MORE LIKE GAZA, AGAIN!!

28/09/2010 01:55
13 ) Christian Palestinian / USA

It's high time that you realzied that you're merely Dhimmi, a lesser person than your Muslim brothers

Surely you knew what happened to the Christians merchants in Bethlehem, that were chased out and the shops were appropriated by Muslim's
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