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Arab League refuses to recognize Israel as Jewish state
Published Friday 17/09/2010 (updated) 18/09/2010 14:31
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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo on Thursday decided to reject a demand made by Israel, asking Palestinian negotiators recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the Arab League supported President Mahmoud Abbas' refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Palestinian negotiators have recognized Israel’s right to exist, but not as a Jewish state, which officials say would prejudice the right of return for refugees and violate the rights of Israel's non-Jewish residents.

Following the meeting of the Arab League, Secretary General Amr Moussa said Israeli-Palestinian peace talks could not continue if Israel did not stop building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Palestinian negotiators have said they would walk out of talks if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not extend a ban restricting settlement construction, due to expire later at the end of September.

1 ) Someone NOT from / Fantasyland
17/09/2010 16:12
If the Palestinian negotiators keep their promise & "walk out of talks" when Israel resumes settlement construction, nothing will improve for their people:
- Arab construction will continue to be demolished, while
- Jewish settlements continue to expand!!

Every day that passes reduces the potential size of a future Palestine,
until eventually only Areas A & B will remain a possibility!!

Arabs need to realize & accept today's reality:
- a terrible deal now, or
- a worse deal later!!

2 ) Nour / One-State
17/09/2010 16:14
Calling "Israel" a Jewish State fundamentally annuls 1,700 years of Christian, islamic, and Arab rule in historical Palestine. Today's "Israel" is a product of modern Zionism, an essentially colonial experiment based on the sudden influx of Jews whether fake (Khazar) or authentic. It's about time the useless Arab League stood up for the truth and declare that the holy land was never an exclusively "Jewish", "Islamic", or "Christian" area. Claiming otherwise is absolute hogwash.

3 ) Carlos / USA
17/09/2010 17:06
Nour has the correct analysis. It doesn't matter if everyone agrees Israel is a Jewish state. Israel will continue policies of ethnic cleansing, murder in either case. I don't believe any other country in the world has ever asked its neighbors to recognize them as a religious or ethnic country. It is asking people to decide for Israel what is Israel. Is Israel giving up its independence by doing this? Unreasonable request by an unreasonable government!!!

4 ) Fivish / UK
17/09/2010 17:14
Israel is a Jewish State according to International Law and Treaty. Recognition has also been given to the RE-constitution of the state.
Even the Koran testifies in Sura 5:20-21.
The Arab League should be relocating the 'refugees' back to where they came from in the 1920's.

5 ) Nure / US
17/09/2010 17:57
The infamous Arab League strikes again, against statehood for Arab Palestinians and progress from the cesspools of welfare and terrorism. Shame on them, their supporters and backers. When will they enter this century and quit with the hate and negativity. They are not all powerful except to the people they oppress.

6 ) John Tourian / US
17/09/2010 19:19
Since 1,900, except for JFK, ALL US Presidents were converts from Judaism (Bushes) or had Jew blood, including the Clintons & Mr Obama. Shame on Arab leaders for permitting the daily humiliation of Moslems, Christians, Arabs and Easterners by Zionist Israel and its use of WMD-S and banned weapons supplied free by US, such as white phosphorous in Gaza and cluster bombs in Lebanon just recently! It is not Arabs from Europe who usurped Israeli land but Jews. We need to tell US 'that's enough'!

7 ) asad @ Fivish / UK / USA
17/09/2010 21:55
There is nothing else to say about your claim that "Israel is a Jewish State according to International Law and Treaty". Put your money where your mouth is and prove it. Produce a link, otherwise, you're flat out wrong. As for your incorrect interpretation of the Quran, I would suggest you continue reading 5:21-26 and reconsider your previous statement. I swear, proving pro-zionists wrong is like beating up a 3-year-old.

8 ) southparkbear / usa
17/09/2010 23:42
AssAd #7 non convincing lie.

9 ) Robby / USA
18/09/2010 01:44
Does the Arab League recognize Iran and reject the "Islamic Republic"? What about Saudia Arabia being an "Islamic Country"? Are they going to demand Israel remove the Star of David from their flag too? Ask to change the words to the National Anthem, which sings of the Jewish spirit. Who gives a hoot what they think on the subject? Personally I'm getting a little tired of all these threats to walk out of the peace talks, if Abbas wants to walk then quit threatening and just do it.

10 ) Robby / USA
18/09/2010 01:48
3 ) Carlos / USA - "I don't believe any other country in the world has ever asked its neighbors to recognize them as a religious or ethnic country." How about the "Islamic Republic of Iran" and Saudi Arabia?

11 ) Deir Yassin / France/Palestine
18/09/2010 02:04
It's incredible to see Jews living outside Israel, being citizens wherever they live with eqaul right in all matters, in the same time being in favor of an ethnocratic state where Jews are the masters. Well, take away the rights from Abe Foxman, Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams. Send the whole fucking AIPAC to Israel. Without these scumbags lobbying, the US will change their foreign politics in a short time.

12 ) Alfred / USA
18/09/2010 03:02
There will never be a two-state solution that is separate and unequal like Apartheid South Africa. The Palestinians will never accept an inferior status to Zionist Jews. The Palestinians will become again a majority in Palestine. Ethnic cleansing and Apartheid are no longer acceptable.

13 ) Alfred / USA
18/09/2010 03:07
Do Zionist supporters in the US support America as a "christian" state or a "white" state. What a bunch of hypocrats!

14 ) Deborah / USA
18/09/2010 06:28
Israel is not a Jewish state according to international law. And the refugees are indigenous to Palestinian. This IS like beating up a 3 yr old

15 ) Jean Estiphan / Lubnan
18/09/2010 09:20
Of course it makes no difference what the Arab League says - it is one sovereign area from Gaza to Golan, from Jericho to Nazareth - the Government of the Sovereign is in Jerusalem. And rights are distributed on a Class 1,2,3,4,5,6 system depending on your ethnic community, where you live and so on. The key thing is for those with lower rights by law to continue to seek non violent means of gaining rights - justice always wins in the end over darkness -look at America which once legally enslaved

16 ) Nour / One-State
18/09/2010 12:07
The UN Partition Plan was a hoax. It is illegal, and immoral to declare a "Jewish" state over any inch of historical Palestine, for the reason I mentioned above. The UN in 1947 was a club of colonial masters. As such all its decisions and recommendations are baloney. The only solution that makes sense is the one-state solution, and deportation of racists/ equality-resistant elements.

17 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
18/09/2010 13:36
All mideastern Arab states except Lebanon are run by Muslims for Muslims yet Posters decry the fact that Israel, tiny little Israel, is run as a Jewish state. In Arab lands, non-Muslims are considered dhimmis (second class citizens) and since the advent of the Prophet, that's the way it's always been. And now radical Muslims (not a small minority, incidentally) want to take over western Europe and the Americas as well. But now the West is beginning to understand who and what you are.

18 ) asad @ robby / USA
18/09/2010 13:48
People's interpretation of international law and their lack of knowledge about it is is quite astounding. Please listen again and listen clearly -- THERE IS NOT a A SINGLE STATE THAT IS RECOGNIZED IN THE WORLD TO BE THE HOMELAND FOR ANY RELIGIOUS MAJORITY. Please, I am begging anyone who can refute what I just said, do so! But again, I will not be surprised if you can't find anything, because there is simply NOTHING. cont...

19 ) asad / USA
18/09/2010 13:54
The Islamic Republic of Iran is nothing more than a name as far as international law is concerned. There are no clauses to recognize it has a homeland for Shia Muslims, same with Saudi Arabia. Hell, the Vatican City is not even recognized as "Catholic" country, it is just recognized to be what it is. This demand from Israel is nothing new, and has again and again been laughed off by the international community. Imagine what kind of precedents that would open if Palestine was forced to do that?

20 ) Michael / use
18/09/2010 14:18
"ban restricting settlement construction, due to expire later at the end of September"
a vague term... nothing like leaving the goal line uncertain to through your opponent off track. have you ever heard the story of the tortoise and the hare ? something Pals should think about at this most crucial time of make or break would you think?

21 ) Robby / USA
18/09/2010 16:46
18 ) asad @ robby / USA - Please go back and read my posts. One was a response to Carlos that states no other country "asked its neighbors to recognize them as a religious or ethnic country." - clearly Iran and Saudi Arabia do. In the other post I was asking if the Arab League rejects Iran and Saudi Arabia as Islamic states. I made no other claims. Personally I think what the Arab League thinks on this subject is irrelevant.

22 ) Robby / USA
18/09/2010 16:58
19 ) asad / USA - Iran is an Islamic state. Candidates are approved, laws and legal decisions are made by Islamic entities. Most secular political parties are is banned. There are Parliament seats for minorities, but they are powerless. Doesn't get much more Islamic than that. The laws of Saudi Arabia are based on Sharia. No churches or synagogues allowed. Essentially the Quran is the constitution. Both countries have some form of "religious police" to enforce Islamic laws.

23 ) momar / india
18/09/2010 21:17
the entire world knows who god gave israel to . the hebrew nation will outlive all other nations because god loves his chosen people ..

24 ) gabby / uk
18/09/2010 21:19
israel is the land of god and god is jewish

25 ) southparkbear / usa
18/09/2010 23:37
AssAd, could you explain to jeane #15 that israel is not lebanon, with suni, shia, druz, amal, hizbullah and more. thank you AssAd

26 ) asad @ robby / USA
19/09/2010 05:44
Please go back and read MY posts. When did Iran or Saudi Arabia ask their neighbors to recognize them as an Islamic state? Please, facts Robby, facts. That is another fallacy you are purporting. And even acknowledged how completely wrong you were when you said "Israel is a Jewish State according to International Law and Treaty." What the hell do the judicial and political situations have to do what we are talking about? We are talking about other states recognizing other states as the cont...

27 ) asad @ robby / USA
19/09/2010 05:48
as a homeland for the religious majority. There is not a single example of that kind of thing exisiting in this world currently, so why are Palestinians being expected to make history by doing something else any country in their right mind wouldn't do (including Israel)? So what I am waiting for now from you is a) treaty or international law recognizing Israel as a Jewish state b) an example or point in time of Saudi Arabia or Iran asking other countries to recognize them as an Islamic state...

28 ) Robby / USA
19/09/2010 17:49
Asad - I didn't say the Arab League should recognize Israel as a Jewish State. I think it is irrelevant and hypercritical. You say Iran is an Islamic state in name only, not true. Go to the UN website, they are often called the Islamic Republic of Iran. If something hasn't occurred does it mean it shouldn't happen. How many times in history have populations forced refugee status down to descendants like Arab countries do to the Palestinians? Should the Arab countries stop this practice too?

29 ) Robby / USA
19/09/2010 17:57
Asad - again: Your previous post says "That is another fallacy you are purporting. And even acknowledged how completely wrong you were when you said "Israel is a Jewish State according to International Law and Treaty." - I did not say that, that was someone elses post. I'm curious, are you saying it is ok for Israel to change their name to "The Jewish Republic of Israel" even though there are other religions within the population?"

30 ) asad @ robby / USA
20/09/2010 04:30
Sorry, that was my misread, you did not say that "Israel is a Jewish State according to International Law and Treaty". I still don't think you get my point. To the world, Iran is only in Islamic state in NAME ONLY. The Israelis aren't proposing changing their name to the Jewish State of Israel -- they are demanding that Palestinians accept that they are a Jewish state as a basis of any peace deal. Iran has never demanding that anybody accept them as an Islamic state -- can you not understand?

31 ) Robby / USA
20/09/2010 16:12
30 ) asad @ robby / USA - I think I do get your point, but don't agree with what you are saying about Iran and Saudi Arabia. When doing business with these countries you better recognize they are Islamic. IMO - this is as ironic as people too scared to say "Israel", instead use "Zionist Entity". The irony is saying "Zionist Entity" is recognizing the Jewish State, isn't it? Childish and silly. I haven't read what Israel is demanding, other then in name only, have you?

32 ) asad @ robby / USA
20/09/2010 17:25
This will be my last comment in this article, as you have now clearly stated haven't even read about what Israel is demanding, so what are we exactly debating about? The only thing I can intake from all your comments is that you believe Saudi Arabia and Iran are Islamic countries -- that is true up until you reach their borders in which case the world and surrounding states see them as just a country without any religious affiliation beside the the name. Israel is demanding that it's future cont

33 ) asad @ robby / USA
20/09/2010 17:26
neighbor recognize them as a Jewish State. So essentially, they are demaning that their 'Jewishness' be recognized even outside of their borders, something that Iran and Saudi Arabia have never even done. There is no way I can make that more clear for you my friend.

34 ) [email protected] / fiji
24/09/2010 03:59
arabs must make peace with ISRAEL

35 ) wejami / United States
28/09/2010 01:15
all this crap about peace talks! People just need to move on and accept the fact that we are all different; no body can be molded to fit other people's standards! We are who we are- and that's not going to change. I think the Palestinians are having a little temper tantrum simply for the sake of publicity. They need to stop and GROW UP!!!

36 ) MedicineSkyFeathers / USA
27/02/2014 21:40
I've seen both sides, or what I've been told, But I've compared what the Palestinians went through, to something like the European colonization of North America, and what they did to the Native American Tribes of the land. They're situations are somewhat similar if you see it the way I do, The Europeans and Jews both basically colonized lands that weren't theirs. Even though some Jewish settlements previously existed in the old Palestine. But in the end, the Palestinians just like the Native

37 ) MedicineSkyFeathers / USA
27/02/2014 21:42
....(continuing from my last comment,) Americans were put onto reservations, and in a similar context, so were the Palestinians, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank. You can go off at me all you want, but this is what I see as a Native American.
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