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Fayyad: Tulkarem killing endangers peace
Published Friday 17/09/2010 (updated) 19/09/2010 10:38
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad strongly denounced Israel's assassination of a Tulkarem man from the Nur Shams refugee camp on Friday.

The assassination was a "dangerous escalation that weakened the credibility of the already fragile political process," Fayyad said in a statement.

On Friday morning, 38-year-old Iyad As'ad Shelbaya was killed by three gunshot wounds to the neck and chest. Witnesses said forces detonated the door to his home, entered and shot him, while Israeli military officials said the man ran toward Israeli soldiers who shot at him because they felt threatened.

Fayyad said by entering Palestinian areas - the Nur Shams refugee camp is located in Area A under the Oslo Accords - Israel had again "turned back on what is required, the top of which is a total and comprehensive halt to settlement building, military invasions in Palestinian areas."

The PA prime minister said Israel's actions would place the "international efforts being made to proceed with the political process at real risks."

He demanded that the "international community intervene," and "practice its active responsibilities by enforcing the law, and making Israel stop all of the violations of in-place agreements."

Assassinating a Palestinian inside the West Bank was a step against the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the people's demand for self-determination, Fayyad said.
1 ) southparkbear / usa
17/09/2010 13:20
why? because Fatah did not get to him first?

2 ) Mohammed / Pali-USA
17/09/2010 13:33
If you are that much of a man and care for your people then step down and call off the talks. Or are you afraid you will lose out in millions, like you and ur piece of *&$%$% Abbas and his croonies.

3 ) Someone NOT from / Fantasyland
17/09/2010 14:14
The PA more "endangers peace" by allowing such terrorist leaders to have freedom of movement, than Israel endangers peace by killing people who have murdered in the recent past AND will murder again in the future!!

4 ) Outsider / EU
17/09/2010 14:43
@Someone. I'm impressed. You can tell they killed people before they were brought to court - and you can also read tea leaves and know they will kill again. But Israel carrying out political assassinations in the dead of night while preparing to build settlements isn't endangering a peace process? Of course not, it's Israel after all.

5 ) michael / usa
17/09/2010 14:49
this along with the lifting of the building freeze should push all moderates PLO like fayyad into the militants resistance camp for a 3ed intifada that will wind up on the desk of the UNSC, let see.

6 ) someone / USA
17/09/2010 18:00
Outsider 4),
You seem to live in Fantasyland, NOT the EU!

Hamas fire rockets/mortars every day!
They say they will never give-up Armed resistance,
until Israel returns ALL Arab land!
But you think their leaders are peaceful.

Maybe he should've gotten due process & legal rights.
But, we don't live with the dayto day violence.
It changes you!!

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/09/2010 00:06
'...weakened the peace process.' I imagine that was the intention. Israel's feeling a bit cornered these days. If she doesn't do SOMETHING, peace might break out. It has to be understood that continuing conflict is essential to Israel's identity. Without it, there isn't enough there to make a nation.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/09/2010 00:10
Re someone #6 'But, we don't live with the dayto day violence. It changes you!!' Sure -- and with nearly one Israelis killed within Israel proper in the last year by terror, who can blame them for reacting to this tidal wave of violence? After all, that's why London leveled Dublin and Spain razed Bilbao. All that IRA and ETA terrorism. Terror makes it impossible to continue to conform to civilized norms. Not that at any point Israel has. LOOK AT WHAT YOU SUPPORT.

9 ) John / USA
18/09/2010 00:58
Dear President Abbas, How can you sip coffee at Netanyahu's house while Israel is raiding Palestinians cities, kidnapping some and murdering others in cold blood. Its time to have a little self respect. You must say NO to talks while Israel is raiding Palestinian towns and building settlements. Otherwise you will lose any credibility you have and the respect of your own people. Do you think that an agreement signed by a President who's term has expired will be respected? Its time for Elections!

10 ) Deir Yassin / France/palestine
18/09/2010 01:14
# Mr Nobody) Bulls;.... Every Zionist has his own view of what HAMAS says and thinks, but you've probably picked up your info on some Hasbara-site. Here is a interview with Khaled Meshaal in Damas from just before the parody started in Washington: www.huffingtonpost.com/sharmine-narwani-/hamas-chief-interview_b_700324.html Under the piscture he speaks of a Palestinian state on the '67 borders.

11 ) Valerie / Gaza
18/09/2010 03:40
Oh really? it changes you? so you make thousands of people lose their homes, live as refugees, than you occupy the country, make them live under a constent threat, under curfews und violence, demolish their houses and land, shut them down in a prison, bomb the place down with phosphor bombs, while none of them has a place to hide, and expect that it doesn't change them? You wonder why a few of them fire rocktes? I wonder every day why most of them are still peaceful, warm, and welcomming people.

12 ) michael / usa
18/09/2010 04:44

With settlement freeze lifting scheduled to proceed on time 9/26 and Abbas now cornered,
the UN General Assembly is scheduled to review and open for debate the Palestinian/Israel issue this next week. the question is, will the Arab League step up to the plate as they promised to do, once the peace talks failed, and take the the PA state issue to the UN or will it take Abbas declaring unilateral statehood to generate the momentum of both. Something to watch over the next few days.

13 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
18/09/2010 06:53
While the PA traitors bend over to crap zionazis, Hamas fight! Killing is the zions jews politics. How got a peace with these euro-trash? Resistence continous being the unique solutions. No evil last forever. See the 1000 years german nazi kingdom!! Zions gonna have the same destiny and I'm proud to see that!!!

14 ) Michael / usa
18/09/2010 14:41
settlement freeze is to be lifted 9/26 not 9/30, as being assumed by PA, leaves nice 5 day advantage to Jews. Ahh..how much building could occur in 5 days, you might say. Not much, but a whole lot of trouble getting the avalanche stopped that will start with that unfrozen snow ball. All BiBi needs to stay in office is a shot in the arm, of violence that will put the majority behind him before 9/30. To be left at the starting gate 5 days late gives an opponent a great advantage wouldn't you say

15 ) southparkbear / usa
18/09/2010 17:54
John, I heard he took the coffee with nutrasweet.
Niva glad to see you on the board, that's the only time street kids are safe in brazil

16 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
18/09/2010 23:57
Welcoming, Valerie? Just ask Haaretz journalist Amira Haas who constantly writes sugarcoated pieces about the people of Gaza how she was summarily escorted out of the Strip by her Hamas associates. These terrorists who run Hamas are lovely people, Valerie? This is typical of the bubbleheaded faux liberalism one expects to find in the international community. I take it by your name, "Valerie", that you are neither Arab nor do you reside in Gaza but are trying to show your alliance from afar.

17 ) southparkbear / usa
19/09/2010 04:05
let's have another intifada ok? look how much you have achieved with the first and second intifada. a third one cannot hurt much.

18 ) Valerie / Gaza
19/09/2010 20:42
Dear Robert, you got it right that I am not Arab at all, but right now, and for quite a while now, I am in the middle of Gaza city, whereas you, as I read it, are taking alliance from as far as Canada? And yes, I am on a daily basis astonished by the warmth and hospitality people maintained hear, even though I most of the time can't even stand listening to what they lived through. And, I am not Jewish myself, but my Jewish friends were welcommed here with the same warmth as I was.

19 ) Valerie / Gaza
19/09/2010 20:52
and, how come you are so full of hatred from so far away, and judge people who grew up with nothing but violence around them becomming aggressive at one point too? I won't dare to judge them, having had my comfortable European childhood. I just admire the people whom I had the pleasure to get to know here, who despite everything stayed so amazingly peaceful. I heartily invite you to come here, get to know the reality and the people here, and then there's still time enough for you to judge.
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