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Israel locks down West Bank for Yom Kippur
Published Thursday 16/09/2010 (updated) 18/09/2010 09:24
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Border police stand near Palestinian women at the Qalandiya terminal outside
the West Bank city of Ramallah, 26 Sept. 2008, as they try to reach Jerusalem's
Al-Aqsa Mosque on the last Friday of Ramadan. [MaanImages/Rami Swidan]
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's military announced a total closure of the West Bank starting before midnight Thursday to midnight Sunday for the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday.

"Security crossings into Israel will be temporarily closed," a statement from the military said, "in accordance with security assessments adopted by the defense establishment."

The streets of Jerusalem are expected to be closed as of sunset Friday, as religious Jews observe Shabbat for the Day of Atonement.

Non-religious Jews and non-Jewish residents of the city are prohibited from driving on most city streets.

West Bank residents in need of medical attention will be permitted passage, the statement said, while "the passage of humanitarian aid as well as doctors, medical personnel, NGO members, attorneys, and additional professionals will be coordinated by the Civil Administration."

A spokesman for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories office said tourists and those holding international passports would be unaffected by the crossings closure, but he advised foreign nationals with vehicles, that the Jerusalem roads would be closed for the holiday.

Passage for journalists with Israeli Government Press Office certification can pass in and out of the area, but they are "encouraged to coordinate their passage in advance with the IDF," the statement said.

(This version UPDATES comment from COGAT spokesman concerning foreign nationals.)
1 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/09/2010 19:57
I suppose it's not as funny if you're actually there... Israel solves so many problems for the Jews. For example, with Yom Kippur, it is now the Palestinians who perform the atonement. It's getting to be an annual tradition. 'Oh Lord, we repent of our sins. Here, we'll make the Palestinians suffer to express our contrition...'

2 ) southparkbear / usa
16/09/2010 20:46
let's hope we have a nice holiday

16/09/2010 21:39
Yom Kippur & Pearl Harbor sneak attacks remain in memory

4 ) Arnold / Canada
16/09/2010 22:59
Banning cars is an unconvenience. Only necessary services are to be allowed. In Montreal there are a couple of days during the year that the city closes streets to cars. Again an inconvenience but strolling along these streets during this time gives you a taste of quiet and peacefulness. It is quite nice.

5 ) Carol / UK
17/09/2010 00:09
Southparkbear - I just wonder how one day is long enough for you to atone for your sins!

6 ) Joe Fattal / USA
17/09/2010 05:01
Even a non-Jew can't drive. Oh well, in Saudi Arabia women can't drive anytime. I guess you have to be a Jew to live in Israel. But I know for a fact a Muslim Country will not pressure their Jewish population to celebrate Ramadan with them, neither the Christians.

7 ) Marie / OPT/USA
17/09/2010 05:49
Do Jews really believe they make atonment when they are holding the entire population of Palestine under Occupation? And to add insult to injury they take the international city of Jerusalem away from Christians and Muslims who also like to observe their holy days in churches and mosques in the old city.
So, does this mean there won't be any illlegal arrests or detentions of Palestinians this weekend, there won't be violent assaults on peaceful demonstrations against Zionism. No bombs on Gaza?

8 ) Ameer / Palestine/ West Bank
17/09/2010 09:32
May peace and prosperity prevail in the whole region I have not traveled to Jerusalem for years although i am a West Banker May peace prevail so that i will be allowed entry to the Holy Mosque

9 ) Joe Fattal / USA
17/09/2010 12:16
Now they making non-Jews not to be driving on a Jewsish Holiday. The day is coming where you have to a Jew to live in Israel. But now the question is, how far Israel is allow to expand to complete their Jewish expansion?. Probably enough to let all non-Jews to leave the area. Even a Muslim State wont pressure their Jewish or Christian population to celebrate their Muslim holidays. Israel is getting worse and worse since that ease on Gaza, and the effort by the international community.

10 ) Maureen / Australia
17/09/2010 20:03
3) Ben Jabo Pearl Harbour? You mean like, 9/11 and Netanyahu saying "it was good for Israel," and the five dancing Mossad agents in New York?

11 ) Reality 101 / USA
17/09/2010 20:46

Jews can NOT even visit, much less live, in Saudi Arabia, and
Jews can NOT own land (by Law) in Jordan!!

So why not have some pro-Jewish laws in the Jewish state of Israel, like:
- Only Jews can be citizens & vote,
- Only citizens can own land (something common in the EU),

It seems extreme, but Joe (9) may be correct, that "the day is coming where you have to a Jew to live in Israel". If so, settlements are NOT an issue.

12 ) southparkbear / usa
17/09/2010 23:39
better prevent terrorists from coming in then be sorry. maureen you can have all those HamAss baleztinian terrorists. hey you may find a partner or multiple

13 ) Terry / Sweden
18/09/2010 00:30
Maybe you can answer which Jews really want to live in Saudi Arabia or Jordan?

18/09/2010 01:22
10 ) Maureen / Australia

I thought that I got the facts through your noggin about the "Five Dancing Israeli's", I'll try again, there was no such thing
It was always somebody who heard it from somebody who heard it from someone else, nobody witnessed it in person

1) The Saudi's would have had to tell the Israeli's that the event was to take place, which is beyond impossible

IF Saudi "Intelligence" (something which you lack) had known in advance, the camera's would be Saudi

15 ) Deir Yassin / France/Palestine
18/09/2010 01:50
Reality Blabla has to go on to his Hasbara-course no. 2. The 'Jews can't own land in Jordan' has been debunked so many times. It's nearly as ridicoulous as the "A land without people for a people without land". And if Reality wanst Israel to be for Jews only, what the fuck is he doing in the States. So equal right for everybody in the State, but Israel only for the Jews. You call smell a fascist from afar when you see one - even through the internet !

20/09/2010 03:10
13 ) Terry / Sweden

Jews were in Arabia before Islam came into being
"Saudi" Arabia didn't come into existence until 1937

It's real easy to find out, just GOOGLE "jEWS OF ARABIA"

15) Deir Yassin

'"Jews can't own land in Jordan"


Using course language only proves that you're vainly grasping for attention

Why not list some of the places that Jews own Jordanian Land ??
Name Country
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