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US actors back boycott of West Bank theater
Published Monday 06/09/2010 (updated) 08/09/2010 11:02
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Following the movement of Israeli theater professionals who authored a letter refusing to perform in the settlement of Ariel, American counterparts have come together with their own statement of support.

"As American actors, directors, critics and playwrights, we salute our Israeli counterparts for their courageous decision," the letter says.

Organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, a Jewish-American organization, the statement has been signed by over 150 theater and film professionals representing some influential artists in theater and film.

Among them are "Sex and the City"'s Cynthia Nixon, playwright Tony Kushner, 21-time Tony winner for productions of "The Pajama Game" to "Phantom of the Opera" Harold Prince, star of the film "Yentl," Mandy Patinkin, and Cameri co-founder Theodore Bikel.

"The response of American artists to the courageous actions of their Israeli counterparts is just phenomenal. It is especially notable that so many of the signatories are Jewish Americans with long-standing connections to Israel," Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, said in a statement.

"We hope that the strong show of solidarity by Americans in response to these brave Israelis will help spark a new conversation in both countries, one that acknowledges that the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories are illegal by every measure of international law, contribute to the daily violation of human rights of Palestinians, and are a major obstacle to a just peace in the region."

The original Israeli actors' letter was widely criticized the Israeli public and government including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who at the beginning of last week's cabinet meeting denounced the initiative.

“The State of Israel is under an attack of delegitimization by elements in the international community. This attack includes attempts to enact economic, academic and cultural boycotts. The last thing we need at this time is to be under such an attack,” The Jerusalem Post, an English-language Israeli daily, quoted him as saying.
1 ) Fankoosh / Sweden
06/09/2010 10:17
a brave and courage decision !! That's the only way to get real objectiv peace.

2 ) Nour / One-State
06/09/2010 12:06
The set is all prepared for a universal BDS movement. ACTION!

3 ) Matty Groves / Fairport
06/09/2010 13:19
May this boycott grow and grow. What next - international writers refusing to have their works translated into Hebrew?

4 ) southparkbear / usa
06/09/2010 14:37
us who? nobody gives a damn about those nobody

5 ) marie / opt/usa
06/09/2010 16:02

6 ) esh / usa
06/09/2010 16:04

7 ) Esam / US
06/09/2010 16:59
It's an honor to know Harold Prince cares for us Palestinians. As a theater student I always had the utmost respect for him. In the late 70's I went to NYC to see two of his productions "Sweeney Todd" and "Evita". The pacing, the staging, the acting left me in awe of this man. This reminds me when I went to see Vanessa Redgrave doing a monologue show to raise money for Palestinians when she said "I've got a surprise for you!" And in walked Tennesse Williams to read a few of his poems to us! Wow!

06/09/2010 21:00
Those jokers read from scripts, they don't have brains of their own
Notice the high incidence of narcotis addiction among the people in Hollywood, and that includes the stars

During the old McCarthy hearings, many actors and writers were found to be commies

It's like having your butcher be your surgeon, he can cut meat

Harold Prince is an old has been, hasn't been in anything since 2004, he's 80 and in his second childhood

9 ) carine / UK
07/09/2010 00:21
#4 and 8
Funny, innit, when things aren't to your liking, you resort to insults - as I said - SOUR GRAPES!!!!!!!!

10 ) paul / usa
07/09/2010 01:04
so a bunch of has been hollywoodites longing for relevency sing a petition; that petition is meaningless to the 95% of Americans who support Israel and loathe terrorism. Israel Lives!

11 ) Julie / USA
07/09/2010 04:06
"The last thing we need at this time is to be under such an attack,”...exactly, netanyahu...and you will fall. too bad you just can't get WHY the international community condemns you and supports global BDS. c'mon bibi, you're smart enough, you can add 1 1 and not get 3...right? you will fall and so will your murderous zionazi regime, the world is waking up and watching you now, your brutal reign of false power will soon be over

12 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
07/09/2010 06:16
paul / usa, wake up. Israeli terrorism outweighs Palestinian terrorism by 100 to 1. Read my book on the subject.

13 ) Carlos / USA
07/09/2010 11:12
Hurray for Hollywood!!! Terrorism committed by Israel needs to stop.

14 ) Joop / Netherlands
07/09/2010 14:05
Ben Jaboo mcCarthyist, go back to your Dark Ages! Being a communist is not a crime. Killing 1 mln. Vietnamese children is!!!

15 ) southparkbear / usa
08/09/2010 21:08
Joop, while israel was defending itself in 1947/9 you people felt very much under seige and that is why you had committed many war crime in west Java and other place. I am just pointing one highlight point not getting into the detail 'merciful' colonial era. so do some homework compare and save face (yours)

16 ) Hoff / US
09/09/2010 23:57
Since 1948 they have been on stolen Canaanite land while still trying to steal
all that surrounds them. It is far past time that these warring criminals be sent
before the world for judgement and punishment !

17 ) John / USA
10/09/2010 00:43
Bravo! Bravo!.....these actors deserve a standing ovation for there courage!

18 ) Maureen / Australia
11/09/2010 22:48
The real jokers are the poor idiots reading scripts from the Zionist hasbara book! They are same jokers who stem from the bad commies - the Jewish Bolsheviks!

19 ) Non Jew but lover of Jews / Switzerland
26/09/2010 19:47
The whole stupid bunch of you haven't a gram of sense between you all together. Wake up you pitiful idiots. Who cares about "stars" of Hollywood or any other country. The only stars that interest me are the God-given stars that shine brightly in the night! And these remarks do not come from me alone, rather, a whole 'bunch' of us. We just happen to know the difference!

20 ) victor de Leeuw / Netherlands
02/10/2010 17:17
Good that actors start to see that Israel is ignorant in respecting Human rights and are getting away with it. This support needs to grow further . Bravo . The Netherlands was wrong in the past and commited this and showed regrets. This is still a long way for you and the people that actually live in the country they robbed and called Israel. It is fake , like the name you use when you write this nonsense. Soutparkerbear ; who is paying you to write down this nonsense ?
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