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Israel jails father of child filmed protesting arrest
Published Wednesday 18/08/2010 (updated) 19/08/2010 22:20
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- The father of a recently spotlighted child who was filmed begging Israeli forces to release his dad from detention has been sentenced to three months in prison plus a fine, relatives said Wednesday.

Footage of Fadil Al-Jabari's four-year-old son Khalid sobbing at the sight of his father being dragged away sparked outrage. "You dog, give me my dad. I want daddy. I want daddy. Give me my dad," Khalid cried.

Fadil was charged with obstructing an arrest and striking an officer, both charges that he denied. Khalid's uncle was sentenced along with his father, also for three months, family members told Ma'an.

According to his grandmother, Khalid still asks when his father is coming home and has become agitated, fighting with his younger sister.

According to witnesses, the arrest came as Israel's Civil Administration began destroying what it described as an illegal water irrigation network in the Al-Baq'a village east of Hebron. Family members said they saw bulldozers overturning land.

Israeli officials say they did not destroy land. A spokesman for Israel's Civil Administration said inspectors destroyed pipes that were illegally set up and stealing water from other sources. The Civil Administration said the child was coached for the cameras.
1 ) Maureen / Australia
18/08/2010 22:04
"Stealing water from other sources." More likely it would be Israel and Israeli settler thugs who steal Palestinian water in the first instance.

2 ) Terry / Sweden
18/08/2010 23:08
These atrocities seem worse than South Africa during Apartheid.

3 ) carine / UK
19/08/2010 02:45
How dare a 4-yr old child call us dogs for arresting his father!! Right, we'll show him, we'll send his father to jail for 3 months, that'll teach him!!
So the poor child is not only deprived of his god-given right to water, he is now deprived of the breadwinner of the family.
Israel - the pariah state of the Middle East.

4 ) southparkbear / usa
19/08/2010 05:00
do i see eharmony here? let's see
1 - you are both full of hate
2 - you are always correct in your mind
3 - you support wrong cause
4 - your blood pressure is high
come on give me more points match up

5 ) Julie / USA
19/08/2010 07:28
that child was NOT coached for the cameras, what a pathetic, sick lie...israeli thugs do nothing but lie. Khalid was genuinely traumatized, he didn't need any coaching for the barbaric detention of his father. israel, YOU are solely responsible for why the world hates your non-stop crimes. "coached for the cameras"...what fools you are to think the world is that stupid, ignorant and blind. YOU retards are the lowest, sickest thugs on earth. NOTHING is as ugly, sick and evil as you zionazis

6 ) John / New Zealand
19/08/2010 07:56
Always there are two stories. The true ones stare back at us outsiders and what do we do? Less than nothing, we fund this disgrace and have for 43 or more years. Shame shame shame on us.

7 ) Anjuska / Switzerland
19/08/2010 08:54
stealing stolen water?!?!?

8 ) Ariel / Israel
19/08/2010 09:27
To Maureen / Australia, seems like you are assuming that Israel acts like you Aussies did against the Aborigines!! If one steals water from infrastructure that has been provided, you need to pay the consequences. Cannot steal from "Palestinians" as they are not a people group but a rag-tag bunch of nomadic arabs... But you are a self-proclaimed expert perched in your easy chair sitting in Perth, I guess. Come and visit and I will show you around....

9 ) Alex / England
19/08/2010 09:32
Is the Israeli goverment providing alternative water sources for this village then? Removing the only source of clean water for a village gives them the choice of leaving or staying and dying. If events like this continue then only ethinc groups considered 'acceptable' by the goverment will have places to live, and it's getting to a point where anyone who dares to speak out is arrested.

This isn't an isolated incident, I could provide at least half a dozen other similar cases.

10 ) Moira / Palestine
19/08/2010 10:57
They are worse than South Africa.....worse than what was ever done to the "Jews" with the Holocost & the Exoduse out of Egypt. The phase that comes to mind "Do unto other's as you would have done unto them."

11 ) southparkbear / usa
19/08/2010 17:23
yawn, yawn yawn

12 ) Malone / Hfx
19/08/2010 17:25
More propaganda....funny how there's always a crying child and cameras around for the bleedinghearts to bleat about.

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/08/2010 19:58
To southparkusa #4. The sad fact of the matter -- and there's no point in sugar-coating it -- is that Israel is a profoundly evil state, and most of those who support her do so because some aspect of that evil appeals to them. Those concerned with making progress in rectifying this evil may find it necessary to avoid pointing this out. There's no reason for those of us on the sidelines to avoid admitting this fact -- and I call it a 'fact' after due consideration.

14 ) yara. / palestine
19/08/2010 21:48
malone, it's not funny at all, it's sad....what would a 5 year old do if he saw soldiers who he has seen beat people up in the past, shoot people in the head before..take his father??? what's the normal reaction??? he's a five year old kid, needs absolutely no coaching, it's a natural response of any normal human being, even if he was 10 years old!!! read what u said, think about it for a minute, then spit on urself...

15 ) carine / UK
19/08/2010 23:11
#12 Malone
Typical Zionist response....
Talking of hearts, yours is black and shrivelled.

16 ) Malone / Hfx
19/08/2010 23:31
I am not a zionist nor Jewish.
I'm an Irishman from Nova Scotia that is fed up with you naive,terrorist supporting bleeding hearts that swallow all the garbage propaganda as if it was gospel.
And my heart is fine,black or not...works for me.
I don't cry myself to sleep every night worrying about the pals,smarten up.

17 ) John / USA
20/08/2010 01:06
8) Ariel: How dare you call Palestinians a "rag-tag bunch of nomadic arabs". Palestinians have been living on this land for hundreds and thousands of years in stone homes of magnificent architecture. You Ariel are an ignorant imbecile using demeaning terms against Palestinians similar to the way the Nazis demonized Jews before the final solution. I guess it makes you feel better about your pathetic self if you degrade the people from whom you stole an entire nation.

18 ) Malone / Hfx
20/08/2010 02:24
Do you even know what a zionist is,or you just regurgitating slogans that you've been force fed?

20/08/2010 03:53
3 ) carine / UK

You're shooting blanks again, you read without understanding what you've read

The father wasn't jailed because of what the kid said

Daddy went to the jug for stealing water !!!

20 ) carine / UK
20/08/2010 15:22
You're only pretending to be thick, right Ben?
My post was tinged with sarcasm -but you knew that, didn't you, Ben - you just like to play the smart-arse on these posts.
BTW, your pun made me grimace...

21 ) carine / UK
20/08/2010 17:50
#16 Malone
You may not be a Zionist, but you have the heart of one - empty of compassion for fellow human beings.
Just because I disagree with your views, does not make me a terrorist supporter. I happen to have normal human feelings for the oppressed people of Palestine.

22 ) Malone / Hfx
20/08/2010 20:38
Well,good for you.
But it's obviously ok with you that the "oppressed" people of so called palestine fired 8000 rockets down on the heads of the people in Sderot over a period of about 10 years.
So much for your normal human feelings....you're a hypocrite.

23 ) carine / UK
20/08/2010 22:22
It was not the ordinary people of PALESTINE firing rockets, it was the terrorists and I am no supporter of terrorism, be it Arab or Israeli.
Even though the rockets have largely stopped, the Israeli govt. continues to impose it's disgusting oppression on the innocent people as collective punishment for the actions of a few. That in itself is terrorism!!

24 ) Maureen / Australia
21/08/2010 01:06
8) Ariel Jews make up a portion of the population of Australia, and have been in Australia since the First Fleet (White settlers) arrived in this country. You sound like one of the whining Zionists who want to continue the colonialist racist doctrine of the 18th Century. Political Zionists are the nomads, arriving from every point of globe to squat in Palestine.
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