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Israel declares village closed to foreigners
Published Saturday 31/07/2010 (updated) 02/08/2010 09:27
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Nablus – Ma'an – Israeli forces turned away Palestinian medical teams at a checkpoint erected at Iraq Burin on Saturday morning, telling international medical volunteers that the area was a "closed military zone."

Head of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society in Nablus Ghassan Hamdan said the volunteers tried to enter the Nablus-area village where the society had prepared to offer a free treatment day at a local clinic.

Hamdan said the team was told by Israeli soldiers at the village entrance that they must turn back because the village was a closed zone. He said that medics and society officials had made several attempts to explain the humanitarian nature of the mission, but soldiers responded saying their orders were to restrict all entry into the area.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed that the area was declared a "closed military zone for all non-Palestinians," but said that an exception was made for the doctors at 11a.m., hours after the group arrived at the checkpoint.

Officials from the society confirmed that the Palestinian and international medical workers were permitted into the area, and condemned the delay, saying it would cause a serious reduction in available medical services for villagers.

The society regularly organizes volunteer programs for doctors, nurses and medics from around the word who donate their time and perform free checkups and treatment to Palestinians without regular access to medical services.

The declaration follows one week after the detention of two young men at a checkpoint installed in the same location the previous Saturday.

Iraq Burin, cut off from Nablus by several checkpoints and roadblocks preventing access to the nearby settlement of Yizhar and Bracha, has held regular protests against continued land confiscations by the settlements and settler-only roads. The two detained were accused of having participated in protests in previous weeks.

According to a report by the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, a new Israeli military order passed in January 2010 made gatherings of more than ten people illegal, by reenacting a 1967 law. The group said the law violated the right of assembly for Palestinians, guaranteed by the fouth Geneva Convention.
1 ) About the new law / West Bank
31/07/2010 12:00
"a new Israeli military order passed in January 2010 made gatherings of more than ten people illegal" .. This law for Jews, too, or only for Palestinians (and Internationals)?

2 ) Carlos / Usa
31/07/2010 16:35
Israel is criminal. plain and simple.

3 ) Kay S / USA
31/07/2010 17:43
withholding medical treatment is against the Geneva Convention, you Israeli idiots. Also, 10 people together are illegal? We had more than that for Thanksgiving at my sister's house last year.

31/07/2010 18:38
2 ) Carlos / Usa

You really should look up your local laws in the USA
When a group of more than 10 wants assemble in public, they usally have to get a permit to do so, these people didn't, though the law required it

You're the criminal inciting to evade the law !!

Why not fly on over, you too can participate in the next illegal assembly,
put your carcass where your words are

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/07/2010 22:49
re Ben Jabo #4 'You really should look up your local laws in the USA When a group of more than 10 wants assemble in public, they usally have to get a permit to do so, these people didn't, though the law required it' Have you really convinced yourself that's true? Your post is another illustration of the principle that it is impossible to support Israel and avoid lying.

6 ) Maureen / Australia
31/07/2010 23:54
4) What bl**dy law - Zionist occupation law made on the run while stealing Palestinian land? Israel's "closed military zone" excuse is used to worm its way through international law! Zionists are the criminals inciting unrest in Palestinian villages as further excuse for IOF to demolish homes and steal land!

7 ) Anna Morel / USA
01/08/2010 00:55
Each people must pay the price for their actions!

The price of resistance is high (lost freedom of movement, etc.).

The price of the "occupation" is higher still for Israel,
but the alternatives are terror, death, & national suicide !!

01/08/2010 04:37
Kay S / USA
Since you brought up the Geneva Convention, the wars the Arabs waged against Israel, are also against Geneva
As is their refusal to allow Gilad Shalit to have his medical & living condtions ascertained by the ICRC
If you''re going to insist on using Geneva as a form of leverage, don't be moron enough to think that Geneva doesn't cut both ways

Yeah, you can have more than 10 in your house, because it's not in public,
it's within a private residence, A rather stupid anology !!

9 ) southparkbear / usa
01/08/2010 04:51
what's the big deal, there are couple of hot headed islamists who are getting an chance to cool off before a stronger measure is taken. Good policy, saves lives.

10 ) The Law / West Bank
01/08/2010 08:55
1) About the new law/West Bank In the West Bank, Palestinians are subject to military law, while Israelis and internationals fall under the jurisdiction of Israeli law. Therefore this military order, like all others, applies only to Palestinians, but not settlers or any others who hold Israeli or foreign identification documents. There may or may not be a similar law restricting the right of Israelis and internationals to assemble freely, I don't know personally, but I doubt it.

11 ) Shalida / Indonesia
01/08/2010 09:25
For all Israels aggression is terrorist action!

12 ) Anna Morel / USA
01/08/2010 15:52
The Law (10),

What laws are Israelis & Jews subject to in Saudia Arabia.
Answer: NONE, they can NOT visit!

What laws are Israelis & Jews subject to in Jordan.
Answer: They can NOT own Land!

What laws are Israelis & Jews subject to in Afghanistan.
Answer: Islamic head removal (Daniel Pearl)!

It may NOT be fair, but it is much better than Arabs treat Jews!!

01/08/2010 19:19
11 ) Shalida / Indonesia01/08/2010 09:25For all Israels aggression is terrorist action!

I'm glad you brought up the subject of terror
Isn't that exactly what the Muslim Indonesians are doing to the Christians in your land ?

You might want to view the following website and find out what's going on under your nose, if you don't already know, which is very doubtful


14 ) southparkbear / usa
01/08/2010 22:03
Hey i dont swet above that village. they can pack and go live in a welcoming arab country like iraq (where it is an open season on every palestinian), or kuwait (who can't show enough contempt to those traitors who sided with sadam), or lebanon where they need a license to pee

15 ) The Law / West Bank
02/08/2010 20:47
Anna Morel (12)-Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan both have horrible records of human rights violations against all kinds of people, including their own, so why would you want to use them as standards of comparison for Israel, a highly educated nation that is supposedly the only democracy in the Middle East (although it denies political agency to millions of those living within its borders)? These are decisions of brutal regimes, not the will of the people, and the two cannot be sensibly compared.

16 ) The Law / West Bank
02/08/2010 20:57
Anna Morel (12)- And as for Jordan, can you at least sort of see where they are coming from? After being intimately familiar with Israel's push to occupy as much of British Mandate Palestine as they can hope to defend, doesn't it make sense that they would be afraid of further expansion, aided by ownership of Jordanian land? Every country should strive to be moral, regardless of the actions of their neighbors. If people just sit around pointing out the flaws of others, we will never progress.

03/08/2010 18:42
16 ) The Law / West Bank

British Mandate Palestine also included the West Bank, which was have to have been included in Jewish Palestine, which Britain gave to Emir Abdullah as payoff for not hindering them in World War One

Britain gave away what didn't belong to her, it belonged to the Jews,
per Balfour and the League of Nations

That was the Law that Britain violated

18 ) truth / world
03/08/2010 20:37
what law was it that allows israeli's to steal land and carry out massacres,please tell me again?

19 ) The Law / West Bank
04/08/2010 09:21
17)Ben Jabo Neither the Balfour Declaration nor the League of Nations is a law. Also, if what you are trying to say is that the legal grounds for Israel belonging to the Jews are to be found in Balfour, you are claiming that it did indeed belong to Britain before, giving them authority to consign it to the Zionists. Saying Britain's transfer of power to Jews is legitimate, while any concurrent transfer to Arabs is not, is logically unsound, besides just being straight-up discriminatory.

20 ) The Law / West Bank
04/08/2010 09:57
17)Ben Jabo Furthermore, the Balfour Declaration states that Britain supports a national home for Jews, but with “it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. Ignored that bit, no? Also, the Declaration is only 67 words, none of which stipulate the borders of this national home. You can't just avoid any info that inconveniences you, or you will be spouting phrases devoid of meaning.

05/08/2010 00:01
20 ) The Law / West Bank

You really should research what Chaim Weizman did for the British War effort in World War 1 and the promises made to him as a result

05/08/2010 17:50
20 ) The Law
Anytime someone post with pretension of being a Legal Eagle I really don't take him too seriously

Let's start from scratch, just answer the following easy questions to help establish your case

1) Where was the Capitol of Palestine ?
2) Describe it's form of Government and it's last rulers name ?
3) It's flag, what did it look like ?
4) Where can I view some PALESTINIAN coins ?
5) Territorial boundaries were ?
6) Where can I see a pre-Roman map of “Palestine”

23 ) The Law / West Bank
07/08/2010 14:21
I'm actually quite familiar with Zionist history. I just don't think it's legitimate for promises made by colonial rulers like Britain to have more weight than the rights of human beings ALREADY LIVING in a place. That is my case, plain and simple. And I don't think that it's hard to establish, if you have any moral sentiments at all. I don't believe that anyone who can show maps thousands of years old or coins is entitled to deny rights and carry out a brutal occupation. It doesn't follow.
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