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Gaza: Police ban lingerie displays in stores
Published Wednesday 28/07/2010 (updated) 29/07/2010 17:29
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Gaza – Ma'an – Gaza police announced Wednesday restrictions on women's lingerie and dress stores across the Strip.

Among the prohibitions include displaying lingerie or pajamas in store windows, having fitting rooms or cubicles inside shops, and using tinted glass for store windows. Security cameras inside women's stores will also be banned.

Gaza police spokesman Brigadier Ayman Al-Batniji said the new restrictions will "protect morals and allow people to feel comfortable as they walk down the street."

The announcement follows a wave of new regulations aimed at women.

On 18 July, the Gaza Interior Ministry issued a ban on women smoking water pipes (arghileh) in public places, with Batneiji telling Ma'an that the practice "contradicts" Palestinian traditions and values.

Other bans include a prohibition on women from riding motorcycles and attending wedding parties extending over midnight.

On Saturday, Gaza government police seized inventory from several shops and vendors, which a police report said displayed "immoral words." The clothing, manufactured in Gaza City, was mostly cotton shirts with the words "Porn Man Clothing" written on them in bold letters.
1 ) Joe Fattal / USA
28/07/2010 19:01
Come on now. When someone walk down the street and see a sexy lingerie outfit in a store, it does arouse the person and he or she would usually wait until they get home and have some good whoopie. It does help your sexual life, especially if your partner is ugly.

2 ) chil / usa
28/07/2010 19:19
if the ppl in gaza had a real problem with hamas they would stand up to them just as they do to israel which has more deadly ways of responding to the palestinians so i know the palestinians arent afraid of hamas. i wonder how many families have relatives in the resistance armed wings. my guess is everyone in gaza except the spies are 100% behind the resistance.

3 ) Maerican back to the Indian / USA
28/07/2010 19:59
#2 chil If Hamas could defeat Fatah what chance do you think the people of Gaza have?

28/07/2010 21:40
1) Joe Fattal,
I thought you were so old that you didn't think of those things anymore
Now's your chance to take a trip, shop in the newest Mega Mall in Gaza,
and get some great buys on lady's skivvies, maybe there's a Victoria's Secret, watch out for bedbugs

Next will be designer Burkhas, in two exquisite colors, blue or black

Chil - If peiple would say they're against Hamas, they'd be given flying lessons off rooftops, without parachutes, or else shot or kneecapped in the stree

5 ) Maureen / Australia
29/07/2010 09:34
Like a moth to a light, Ben Jabo, were drawn to the headline; "Gaza: Police ban lingerie displays in stores." What's the problem - nothing left to the Western male imagination? When shopping for female skivvies, what do say to the sales assistant - "you should see my in my military uniform"?

6 ) Betty / England
29/07/2010 10:19
Ben Jabo, what exactly do you do with your life apart from post fascist, racist comments at every opportunity. Quite frankly im bored of your repetitive comments please find something more constructive to do with your time we have all established your zionist stance so now you can move on.

29/07/2010 13:43
#5 Like a jackass to hay, and still continues to bray to conceal her cowardice

Quite willing to chime in just as long as it's from the safety of a great distance

#6 Betty/England
As the saying goes, "Take it or lump it"
You're quite free to depart at anytime, nobody is holding you, maybe that's your problem

29/07/2010 21:51
The youth in Gaza are rebelling against the Sharia that Hamas is imposing


The youth are the majority of the population, they don't want to be smothered by Islamic fundamentalism

A young man doesn't want to be forced to wear a beard, or a young land to wear a face veil or Burkha

The way Hamas is imposing it's rules that seems to be in the immediate offing

What's next, every home has to be Halal compliant ?

9 ) Maureen / Australia
30/07/2010 05:32
7) A "her" donkey is a jenny. I'd rather be a donkey attracted to hay than a moth in a Zionist military uniform.

10 ) southparkbear / usa
30/07/2010 17:10
first ban on women smoking because it may in some mind mimic b jobs, now this, what's next a ban on kentucky because it may give some ideas that women like sex?

11 ) Maureen / Australia
30/07/2010 19:55
8) Ben Jabo in Israel, "There is no civil marriage in Israel, forcing couples to either go through a local Rabbinate or marry abroad. The Chief Rabbinate recently enacted new guidelines automatically sending marriage candidates whose parents did not wed in Israel to a local rabbinical court to determine whether they are really Jewish." http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/sokolow-s-niece-not-jewish-enough-to-marry-here-1.304882

12 ) Terry / Sweden
30/07/2010 21:14
Ben Jabo is a retired old school Zionist fart who have too much time on his hands.

30/07/2010 23:25
12 ) Terry / Sweden

Poor old Terry, he can't come up with any answers to my questions, so in his ineptness he resorts to calling names

Just what I would expect from a nitwit

14 ) southparkbear / usa
31/07/2010 05:05
no lingerie, no smoking, no drinks, no freedom, no sex. no wonder they buy those craps about 70 virgins and try to bypass waiting list

15 ) Terry / Sweden
31/07/2010 16:18
Ben Jabo's favorite sites are jihadwatch.com by the notorious islamophobe, bigot and self proclaimed scholar par excellence Robert Spencer. Another favorite site is palestinefacts.org of the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America). A site full of unsubstantiated lies and myths compiled by a bunch of extremists who oppose the two state solution. Ben Jabo is bleating about him being exposed as a retired propagandist with too much time on his hands.

31/07/2010 17:34
Better stick to trying to find the answers to my questions
I do use Jihad watch on occasion, if you can point out any particular item that they post are in error, by all means do so

One thing you must understand you devious creture, is that if you want to counteract a post, do it with facts, not mere verbiage
Your problem is that when you're asked for facts, you just can't come up with them
Thus you resort to personal insults, which diminishes you, not me
Understand U nitwit ?

31/07/2010 18:32
#15 Terry,
A rather piss poor effort on your part to distract attention from the simple fact that you couldn't come up with answers to my easy questions

Rather that vainly try to detract from what either Jihadwatch or Palestine facts had to say, come up with a viable retort AND some facts to go along with them

You're name calling diminishes you, not me

Though, in your case, it would really be quite an effort to diminish yourself more than you have already have, you robot

18 ) Maureen / Australia
01/08/2010 00:27
15 Terry, Ben Jabo says his name derives from Vladimir Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky formed the Revionist Zionist right-wing (pro-fascist) group that originally supported Hitler and Mussolini. Israel's prime minister BENjamen Netanyahu's father was Vladimir Jabotinsky's personal secretary.

01/08/2010 19:40
18 ) Maureen / Australia

Right wing doesn't equate to facist, though Maureen does eqate to coward

And your proof that the revisionists supported Hitler & Mussolini, came from WHERE ???

We know who Netanyahu's father was, do you know who yours was ??

Post the required link, we both know your word isn't worth a plugged nickel

01/08/2010 19:58
Maureen Ann

Your name derives from a worthy Aussie, look at what a cowardly crud you turned out to be

01/08/2010 21:26
Maureen, one more fact, aside from that you're a coward
Family names we assigned by the authorities in most countires, as device to identify people for taxation purposes
There were too many people in town that had the same name, life was quite simple in the old days
So, Joe the son of Charlie had his name modified according to his occupation and to where he lived
Joe became Joe Carpenter
His father, Charlie became Charlie Woodruff (he lived in the woods)

22 ) MALIKA / Filasteen
05/08/2010 23:50
well , i am female , Muslim and i wholeheartedly agree with the above report, this has nothing to do with oppression and everything to do with respect and protection of females of all ages in our society.
what right does anyone have to condemn morality?
some participants on this site need to learn some manners , the comments are abrasive and offensive!

23 ) Amarein / Palestine
06/08/2010 00:38
on the subject of names
my family name , like our village dates 3,500 B.C
we inherit our name from patrilinal heritage , and it remains unchanged despite our own diaspora,
even married women retain their fathers name
our name is our identity and honour,

24 ) Malika / Filasteen
07/08/2010 21:15
maybe some of the regulars on here could learn something from our value system and traditions
for example.... respect for themselves and others.
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