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Knesset revokes MK's privileges over flotilla support
Published Wednesday 14/07/2010 (updated) 15/07/2010 09:57
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Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - Israel's parliament revoked the privileges of Palestinian Knesset member Haneen Zoabi on Tuesday for her participation in May's Gaza-bound aid flotilla attempting to break Israel's blockade.

Following the announcement, Zoabi told Ma'an radio that she was expecting the majority of her peers to vote in favor of invalidating her diplomatic passport and revoking her right to receive funding for legal expenses.

"Israel began to incriminate Arab citizens and accuse them of treason, and what I am facing is part of a collective procedure which started with Azmi Bishara, who was accused of treason and espionage, then Sheikh Raed Salah who was sentenced to five months in jail," she said.

Bishara was accused of spying for Syria after he visited the state for a funeral. In response, Israel stripped the MK of his privileges and passed the so-called Bishara law, allowing for the revocation of diplomatic privileges for parliament members who visit enemy states.

After 34 MKs voted in favor, a violent brawl was nearly started between Arab and Jewish MKs after the hearing, the Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonoth reported. Zoabi clapped when the Knesset's decision was announced, and MK Yoel Hasson drew close to her and said "You will soon be a former MK."

Hasson also joined MK Carmel Shama in answering Arab MKs, who were shouting cries of "fascists" towards the Jewish members.

"It is no wonder that a state which denies a million Arab citizens their basic rights is also revoking the rights of an MK who faithfully represents her voters," Zoabi said after hearing the decision, the daily reported.

"This is a dangerous precedent for the Arab public, and a hostile message. Anyway the Knesset imposes limits on our parliamentary and public activity through racial legislation, and privileges would not have lessened these limitations."

The MK added she would appeal to legal and international organizations "in order to curb the vengeful impulses of the automatic majority in the Knesset."

Zoabi was on board the Mavi Marmara, one of six aid boats heading for Gaza, which was raided by Israeli forces on 31 May, killing nine passengers in international waters.

Shortly after, MK Anastassia Michaeli of Yisrael Beiteinu, handed Zoabi an Iranian passport with her picture, Yedioth Aharonoth reported. She was thereafter removed from the plenum.

Before she left Michaeli told Zoabi, "Most of the Arabs in Israel are smart enough and faithful enough to the state to open their eyes after your incitement. You do not represent them."

Earlier Tuesday, Zoabi was present at Salah's final ruling, where she told Ma'an that the five-month conviction for spitting on a border guard was "unjustified punishment."

"This is an exaggeration, and not an objective ruling ... Israel treats Palestinians not as citizens but as enemies. This hostile dealing comes across all institutions, not just politically or in the Knesset, but also the court system, which is supposed to protect the rights of its citizens," Zoabi said.

1 ) Outsider / EU
14/07/2010 11:06
Earth to Tel Aviv, come in Tel Aviv. It's actually painful watching how low Israel is sinking into paranoia and the abuse of legal procedures.

14/07/2010 14:35
1 ) Outsider / EU

Reality to Outsider

Sedition and collobaration with the enemy is still a legal offense in most countires on this planet

She abused legal procedures when she violated her oath of office, fiedlity to the State of Israel, not to an terror entity

I'm sure you'll feel better now that the facts of life have been explained

Before there was an EU, wan't there a Lord Haw Haw, Marshal Petain &
Vidkun Quisling ??

3 ) Joop / Netherlands
14/07/2010 15:04
Israel. the only democratic constitutional state where there is no place for real differences of opinion and no constitution.

4 ) Anna Morel / USA
14/07/2010 15:05
It may not be fair, but what she did was NOT "CIVIL disobedience".

Zoabi participated in provoking & fighting the military of her state!!
All residence of Israel should be punished for such an act, not just government officials!

P.S. the Knesset meets is in Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv.

14/07/2010 16:04
3 ) Joop / Netherlands

How about naming a couple of Arab countries that have Constituions and allow their people to demonstrate against the Government ??
Just a couple will do

A lot of countries don't have Constitutions, no big deal
As an an Example, England doesn't have one either

But, most countries won't allow their members of Parliament to participate in actions against the Government, without taking measure to prevent it

She knew what she was doing, now she has to pay the pipe

14/07/2010 16:28
Joop, I would like your input
1) Who was the last Ruler of your Ancient Palestine ?
2) Can you tell me what it's form of Government was ?
3) Where was it's Capitol located ?
4) What form of currency was used, where can I find some examples ?
5) The flag, can you describe it or tell me where I can see an example ?

I know it may be difficult to answer all these questions, answering two will suffice

In anticipation of your prompt response, allow me to express my Shukran in advance

7 ) Lou Izu / South Africa
14/07/2010 21:46
Send her to join other terrorists in Iran.

8 ) unjust laws are illegal / USA
15/07/2010 07:02
"most countries won't allow their members of Parliament to participate in actions against the Government," Here in the US, dissention against the government is often welcome, and if we didnt have people like Martin Luther King Jr or Susan B. Anthony, along with a host of their elected officials, breaking unjust laws, we would never have moved forward as a society. So please, dont use that kind of legal argument, like Hamas and the PLO do with collaborators. Get on the bandwagon, free Gaza.

9 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
15/07/2010 07:18
Good old BEN JABO and Anna Morel, bless them for portraying a sadistic paranoid psychopathic terrorist country as a modern democracy. It really takes frozen brains to get hooked by sadistic paranoid murderers.

15/07/2010 23:46
Poor Old Jerrold, stuck in a time warp
Never having an original thought of his own, your output is copied from the works of others, plagarism at it's worst

Jerrold’s “Experience"
“Since the year 2000, mainly since 2002, I have spent my time studying Israel online. From 2000 to 2002 my attention was first sporadic, and then intensive, but after 2002 I gave Israel my full time seven days a week” http://www.allexperts.com/user.cgi?m=4&expID=113167&catID=352

16/07/2010 18:32
Jerrold Cohen
You once as me If I had been to Gaza, I said "NO"

I backed-up my belief with my presence, volunttering and serving in the IDF, all you've done is spout anti-semitism

Tell me, have you ever been to Palestine/Israel, or are you just playing pretend from behind your keyboard in the good old USA
You boasted about your accomplishemnts, which wound up being anything you could beg borrow or steal from anyone that posted anything on the Internet
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