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Israel army says investigating dancing soldiers
Published Monday 05/07/2010 (updated) 10/07/2010 09:00
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Bethlehem - Ma'an - Palestinians in Hebron who complain that the Israeli soldiers patrolling the southern West Bank city rarely intervene to stop settler violence may now know why.

Israel's army says it is investigating the source of a video showing soldiers breaking into choreographed dance on a road in Hebron. The video, which appeared online over the weekend and on Israeli TV, depicts the six soldiers performing in sync to US pop singer Ke$ha's "Tick Tock" hit.

In response to a Ma'an inquiry, the military said in a statement that "The item in question was a joke carried out by soldiers. The matter is currently being examined by the battalion commander."
1 ) Joseph Sayegh / Beyrouth, Lebanon
05/07/2010 22:43
So the IDF forces have a sense of humour. For goodness sake lighten up. They are normal people just like us Arabs, and if we both tried to defuse a volatile situation by dancing, then that's good. No doubt Persia and Syria will condemn it because it is a bit of light hearted fun. And we all know how Persia/Syria/Hamas absolutely hate anyone enjoying themselves. Rather have all Arabs live in absolute poverty in Gaza so they can make a political point.

2 ) Johnny Ghee / UK
05/07/2010 23:29
They rock!
End the occupation - Arabs out!

3 ) sabashimon / planet earth
05/07/2010 23:58
boys will be boys........BFD

4 ) Malone / Hfx
06/07/2010 01:28
Lol..lighten up..

06/07/2010 02:23
Some people are nevery content, it the IDF fellows were performing riot control, they would complain about that too

Sounds like a bunch of mother-in-laws who are never happy with the partner their child married

6 ) Djinn / Australia
06/07/2010 03:34
When you can not walk down half the streets in the town your family have lived in for generations because they are blocked to Arabs, when you need to pass 3 checkpoints with all their abuse and humiliation just to enter the mosque to pray, when there are more than 100 roadblocks & checkpoints in and around your town, when you're facing constant threats and violence from settlers it may be a little harder to see the funny side of this

7 ) american / USA
06/07/2010 03:44
the ignorance of israel is all over Palestine! You right Johnny Ghee zionist out of palestine!!

8 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
06/07/2010 06:22
They rock! End the occupation - Jews out!

9 ) Joe Fattal / USA
06/07/2010 08:13
I always said they can't make good foot soldiers. but they sure can dance in the right steps.

10 ) Eman / Palestine
06/07/2010 08:46
Hilarious, I think it is great that the Israeli soldiers have a sense of humor and a little bit of groove. If they showed their personalities more often maybe we would get along better!

11 ) Scidbox / Ireland
06/07/2010 11:35
Nice moves. Johnny - They do rock indeed. I see you are in the UK. If i wander around the UK saying "JEWS OUT" that is antisemetic but no more abhorrant than you calling for Arabs out. Anti(x) is Anti(x) no matter what the(x) it all comes from intolerance and ignorance.

12 ) adel / Kentucky, USA
06/07/2010 15:01
lol, Funny as hell! dlinn, i strongly agree!! But it is funny, and they are kids in a bad situation!! i do believe in coexistence, and this proves that we all want to just live! That being said, the rest of you making a big deal about these young men,,, They are still occupiers who uphold the criminal policies of their state! Just because these guys are funny does not make what they stand for and do o.k.... stop patting yourself on the back!!!!

13 ) Tim Oweida / UK of course!
06/07/2010 16:36
Very funny, loved it! End the occupation - Zionist out of Palestine NOW!

14 ) Robby / USA
06/07/2010 17:35
10 ) Eman / Palestine - Well said.

15 ) Sadie / USA
06/07/2010 17:38

16 ) Mary / US
06/07/2010 18:10
THEY ARE STARS!! EGO LAID BARE! Why not? The world is their oyster - the US supports them!

17 ) Robert Haymond / Canada/Israel
06/07/2010 19:03
In fact, Eman, while it rarely hits the news, Jews and Arabs actually have good social relationships when the political circumstances do not prohibit it. This is especially true with respect to Sephardic Jews whose ancestory is from Arab lands. My son-in-law's parents came from Tunisia. He speaks Arabic. He resides in a village (settlement) across the Green Line. One of his closest friends and business partner is a Palestinian who resides just a short way from the settlement.

18 ) Joseph Sayegh / Beyrouth, Lebanon
06/07/2010 20:11
Eman, who actually lives in Palestine, is absolutely correct. If the IDF showed their human side a bit more, and their agressive side a bit less, then you could all get along. What Iran/Syria/Hamas completely ignore is that if Jordan had heeded the statements from Israel before the 1967 war, then the West Bank would still be under Jordanian/Palestinian control, and I suspect now totally under Palestinian control, and a state. Jordan has done the Palestinians no favours at all dont forget.

19 ) Issidore Jacob / Romania
06/07/2010 21:16
johnny-boy...would you like they dance in your country after kiling your mother,your kids,your wife...would you like that,johnny-boy????

20 ) Asma'a / Palestine
06/07/2010 21:51
Actually, i've been at checkpoints during this kind of "joking." It's only funny to them. Try waiting for their attention while they play, joke and show off (drawing penises to show passers by), playing tag...ha ha. The smiles and good humor somehow don't last long enough to allow passage, to show mercy or kindness to OTHERS. It's not funny, and if you lived here and know what its like to be at these kids' mercy you would all know that. "Lighten up!" Walk a day with us first.

21 ) southparkbear / usa
07/07/2010 01:52
for crying out loud these are 18-19 years old doing a positive thing to ease tension. As for the scholar #6, road blocks are much more convenient then just being murdered. Jews were murdered in Hebron in 1919, 1921,1929 just for being jews. I will take justified raod blocks that lower sucicide homicide attacks to zero everyday anywhere.

07/07/2010 14:38
20 ) Asma'a / Palestine

Checkpoints annoy you, do they?
Well so does my having to check under the bus seats and having to look on the package shelves to make sure you or your brothers didn't leave a bomb behind for my benefit.

Sort of makes me wonder, why in hot weather, one of you is walking around with a heavy jacket, while the rest of us are sweating in shirt sleeves

Yes, it's not funny, learn that you mustn't teach your kids hatred while they're just started kindergarten

23 ) Maureen / Australia
08/07/2010 22:04
Why "Tick-Tock" and what's with the indiscriminate gun pointing, seen in the video? What will time bring - more Zionist take-over and land theft?

09/07/2010 02:27
It's in today's news

Most of the dancing soldiers were to be discharged from active service in about two weeks

It's no wonder they were happy

25 ) Maureen / Australia
09/07/2010 22:21
#24 Ben Jabo You mean they weren't happy in active service, enforcing Israel's occupation of Palestine?
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