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Armed group claims shelling attack in Gaza
Published Tuesday 29/06/2010 (updated) 29/06/2010 20:51
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Gaza – Ma’an – A leftist Palestinian military group said its operatives launched two mortar shells at an Israeli target in the northern Gaza Strip early Tuesday morning.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades said its forces launched the shells at an Israeli force near the Erez crossing.

"This attack comes within our commitment to jihad and resistance and as a response to the crimes committed against us and our nation," the group said in a statement.

An Israeli military spokesman said he was not familiar with the report.

The last time a mortar shell was fired at an Israeli target was 24 hours earlier, he said.
29/06/2010 14:12
Mortars have a tendency to be inaccurate
The IAF isn't, their response will follow shortly,getting right to the point

29/06/2010 15:07
Sherezade - You deceptive Cretin
This is the 2nd chapter from the Hamas Covenant

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory). "

No mention of Zionism, note that it say's "ISRAEL"

Before you sound off next time, displaying your ignorance to one and all,
avoid embarrasment, read first, then talk

3 ) Arnold / Canada
29/06/2010 16:06
I guess little tid bit rockets launched as a "commitment to jihad" serves some sort of purpose. The picture accompaning the story indicates a very young militant. One of the many brought up in Palestinian schools that feature dressing up in combat fatigues with pretend assault rifles or mortar launchers. Eventually these guys need to get involved with the real thing to satisfy their inner "little boy" fantasies of war.

4 ) southparkbear / usa
29/06/2010 16:36
it must be nice to hit your own better than your enemy. those projectile 1 in 20 fall on dense neighborhoods

5 ) Sherezade / UK
29/06/2010 17:39
Oh Ben Jabo your insecurity of me shows in abundance fool.

Such is your stupidity that you can't tell the difference between Hamas and the PFLP why not read the article little eunuch.

What Hamas covenant are you talking about because the one i am looking at has no such words in part 2.

Is the one you mentioned made earlier with your Israeli propaganda tools?

Looks like it.

Such source of cheap entertainment at your expese!

29/06/2010 18:16
3) Arnold/Canada
I didn't realize that we had someone with Superman's x-ray eyes in these forums, that could see behind a camouflage mask to determine the age of who was behind it " a very young militant"
You mentioned a "tid bit rockets", it doesn't take more than the explosive contents of a grenade or a few grains of powder within a bullet, to kill someone
I'm betting you've never been in the army and don't have the vaguest idea of what a tid bit of shrapnel can do

29/06/2010 18:20
Most armies in this world allow the young to volunteer at about 17
Others, conscript them at 14 or thereabouts, Hamas conscripts at 16

Besides, it's the YOUNG that have the stamina and agility to hop, skip, jump and throw grenades

In your case, I'll attribute your statements to two things
1) You never did a day of military service in your life
2) You had nothing better to do than display ignorance

It seems you're the one displaying "Little boy" fantasies

29/06/2010 18:43

A very small bullet of only a few grains, will maim or kill quite adequately

Try looking up 5.56MM or 7.62 x 39 sizes,
their weights are small, their impact is devestating

Shrapnel from a rocket is even more devestating

9 ) De?r Yassin / France
29/06/2010 19:18
To the Ma'an moderators. I would appreciate if this Ben Jabo cowboy/Israeli supremacist could be banned. He is monopolizing the blog, has nothing appropriate to say concerning the articles, and he is totally disrespectful of the Palestinian people and its suffering. I propose his 'ethnic cleansing' from Ma'an News, one of the few Palestinian blogs where we could at least ask for some respect.

10 ) Sherezade / UK
29/06/2010 19:56
Don't worry about it De?r Yassin he has mulitiple personalities on this talk back because nobody pays attention to this fool he makes up friends just to have someone to talk to.

The little boy's, prepubesant Arnold talks about if he were ever to meet any of these boy's without being armed to the hilt they would run back so fast in Israels direction before you could say holy Hannukah, trust me Lebanon proved it.
Pretty hilarious if you ask me sit back and watch them make fools of themselves!

11 ) ABE / USA
29/06/2010 20:21
Ah Yassin said in the true Muslim way when you don't like what someone says SILENCE THEM!!

12 ) elias / palestine
29/06/2010 20:26
long live the resistance
and death to zionism!

13 ) Robby / USA
29/06/2010 20:39
9 ) De?r Yassin / France - is it safe to assume you are being sarcastic?

He makes more sense and employs far less name calling then Sherezade, should they ban her too?

Niether should be banned. I suggest you exercise your rights by not reading his entrys, but banning him is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

14 ) Sherezade / UK
30/06/2010 00:55
Get over yourself Robby not feeling like Jonathan today? I've told you before you are no beacon of political correctness.

The fact that BEN JABO makes sense to you sums you up and just proves what an insecurity all you Pro Zionists have of me and how much nonsense all your combined hate makes.

The truth hurts thats why you don't like hearing it because most your posts are based on nothing more than lies!

15 ) De?r Yassin / France
30/06/2010 01:23
Abe) What do you know of my religious background ? I've tried to discuss with this nut case earlier: I don't mind discussing with right-wing Zionists as long as they keep to the subject, and they have a minimum of knowledge. I left again because the intellectual level on this PALESTINIAN blog is too low due to Hasbartchik who are only spinning for the sake of avoiding serious debate. And he has been joking of killed Palestinians more than once. That's not freedom of speech, that's disrespect !

16 ) Robby / USA
30/06/2010 16:02
15 ) De?r Yassin / France - I agree with you, joking about killing someone is disrespectful and in bad taste.

The note at the bottom says "Comments will be reviewed for approprite content" - I would think the moderators would not publish death threats, etc.

But just because you and I don't like something doesn't mean it shouldn't be published.

30/06/2010 17:33
5 ) Sherezade, as usual, no facts, resorts to bluster

PFLP operates with areas under Hamas' control, therefore for all intents and purposes they're one and the same

Since you claim your copy of the Hamas Covenant is different than those I have, why not send along a link to prove your claim ? Ask Nick Clegg he'll help you out

30/06/2010 17:39
5 ) Sherezade / UK

If my copies of the Hamas Covenant are incorrect, send me yours for a look see, a link will do quite nicely

If you fail to send the link, we'll all know you're lying, as usual

Possibly your daily e-mail instructions from Nick Clegg will help you to find what doesn't eixist

No wonder you knew virtually knew nothing about the Muslim religion, you're a fake, using it as cover for your anti-semitic hatred

19 ) southparkbear / usa
30/06/2010 17:48
between executions and projectiles aimed at israel and falling on gaza, nobody kills more palestinians than the palestinians 'freedom fighters'

20 ) Mary / Ireland
30/06/2010 18:50
De?r Yassin - I agree with you re Ben Jabo. Many others have complained about his crudeness,that's putting it mildly. He is a Zionist propagandist and loves to get on this site and inflict more cruelty on the Palestinian people. My guess is that no other paper will publish his ravings. He has made horrific remarks about people who were murdered by the police and IDF knowing their relatives could read this site. He should be banned.

01/07/2010 00:12
20) Mary - I feel your pain, u don't have the answers,you're frustrated

24/06/2010 17:53
Mary / Ireland
I know no such thing, neither do you, facts prove otherwise
Jerusalem: Jewish and Muslim Claims to the Holy City
Yet given that Jerusalem isn't mentioned in the Koran, what is the uniquely Islamic connection to the site? The answer is found in the 17 Sura (chapter) of ...
Show me where Jerusalem is mentioned by NAME

22 ) Deir Yassin / France
01/07/2010 01:46
Dear Mary of Ireland. The solidarity of your people fills my heart with joy and hope :-)) I would like blogging here because it's a Palestinian blog but when I see the level of Zionist spinning - the cowboy Ben Jabo, some other Teddy bear Yankie nut case etc I just don't have the courage. Deliberate lying has nothing to do with freedom of speech. sanarjiu yawman - bis-sumuud sha'abinaa

01/07/2010 18:24
Sherezade & Deir Yassin

Can either of you point out where I ever joked about "Dead Palestinian's" or anyone else that was killed ??

I don't joke about the dead, I take them most seriously

You two, on the other hand, telling obvrious lies are dead from the neck up

Just to let you know that Mary of Ireland and Sherezade are actually
Bridey Murphy (look it up in Google)

24 ) Deir Yassin / France
01/07/2010 22:49
I don't care who's who. But you are an ASSHOLE. You should do some reading, your hasbara is zero. The Jerusalem-story:" how many times is it mentioned in the Koran is just too old and has been debunked a 1000 times. Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, have a right to al-Quds simply because they've lived there for centuries. We don't need any religious mythology to justify our right to living there. Basta cosi.

03/07/2010 16:59
24 ) Deir Yassin / France

"Debunked", well "Debunk it again", show me where it appears in the Koran
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