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Lieberman plan to strip Palestinians of citizenship - Jonathan Cook
Published Monday 28/06/2010 (updated) 30/06/2010 13:01
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Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s far-right foreign minister, set out last week what he called a “blueprint for a resolution to the conflict” with the Palestinians that demands most of the country’s large Palestinian minority be stripped of citizenship and relocated outside Israel’s future borders.

Lieberman warned that Israel faces growing diplomatic pressure for a full withdrawal to the Green Line, the pre-1967 border. Lieberman said that, if such a partition were implemented, “the conflict will inevitably pass beyond those borders and into Israel.”

He accused many of Israel’s 1.3 million Palestinian citizens of acting against Israel while their leaders “actively assist those who want to destroy the Jewish state.”

Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party campaigned in last year’s elections on a platform of “No loyalty, no citizenship” and has proposed a raft of loyalty laws over the past year targeted at the Palestinian minority.

True peace, the foreign minister claimed, would come only with land swaps, or “an exchange of populated territories to create two largely homogeneous states, one Jewish Israeli and the other Arab Palestinian.” He added that under his plan “those Arabs who were in Israel will now receive Palestinian citizenship.”

Unusually, Lieberman, who is also deputy prime minister, offered his plan in a commentary for the English-language Israeli daily newspaper Jerusalem Post, apparently in an attempt to make maximum impact on the international community.

He has spoken repeatedly in the past about drawing the borders in a way to forcibly exchange Palestinian communities in Israel for the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

But under orders from Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, he has kept a relatively low profile on the conflict’s larger issues since his controversial appointment to head the foreign ministry more than a year ago.

In early 2009, Lieberman, who lives in the West Bank settlement of Noqedim, upset his own supporters by advocating the creation of “a viable Palestinian state,” though he has remained unclear about what it would require in practice.

Lieberman’s revival of his “population transfer” plan - an idea he unveiled six years ago - comes as the Israeli leadership has understood that it is “isolated like never before,” according to Michael Warschawski, an Israeli analyst.

Netanyahu’s government has all but stopped paying lip service to US-sponsored “proximity talks” with the Palestinians after outraging global public opinion with attacks on Gaza 18 months ago and on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla four weeks ago in which nine civilians were killed.

Israel’s relations with the international community are likely to deteriorate further in late summer when a 10-month partial freeze on settlement expansion in the West Bank expires. Last week, Netanyahu refused to answer questions about the freeze, after a vote by his Likud party’s central committee to support renewed settlement building from late September.

Other looming diplomatic headaches for Israel are the return of the Goldstone Report, which suggested Israel committed war crimes in its attack on Gaza, to the United Nations General Assembly in late July, and Turkey’s adoption of the rotating presidency of the Security Council in September.

Warschawski, a founder of the Alternative Information Centre, a joint Israeli-Palestinian advocacy group, said that, faced with these crises, Israel’s political elite had split into two camps.

Most, including Lieberman, believed Israel should “push ahead” with its unilateral policies towards the Palestinians and refuse to engage in a peace process regardless of the likely international repercussions.

“Israel’s ruling elite knows that the only solution to the conflict acceptable to the international community is an end to the occupation along the lines of the Clinton parameters,” he said, referring to the two-state solution promoted by former US president Bill Clinton in late 2000.

“None of them, not even Ehud Barak [the defence minister and head of the centrist Labour Party], are ready to accept this as the basis for negotiations.”

On the other hand, Tzipi Livni, the head of the center-right opposition Kadima party, Warschawski said, wanted to damp down the international backlash by engaging in direct negotiations with the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank under President Mahmoud Abbas.

Lieberman’s commentary came a day after he told Livni that she could join the government only if she accepted “the principle of trading territory and population as the solution to the Palestinian issue, and give up the principle of land for peace.”

Lieberman is reportedly concerned that Netanyahu might seek to bring Livni into a national unity government to placate the US and prop up the legitimacy of his coalition.

The Labor Party has threatened to quit the government if Kadima does not join by the end of September, and Livni is reported to want the foreign ministry.

Lieberman’s position is further threatened by a series of corruption investigations.

However, he also appears keen to take the initiative from both Washington and Livni with his own “peace plan.” An unnamed aide to Lieberman told the Jerusalem Post that, with a vacuum in the diplomatic process, the foreign minister “thinks he can convince the government to adopt the plan.”

However, Warschawski said there were few indications that Netanyahu wanted to be involved in any peace process, even Lieberman’s.

Last week Uzi Arad, the government’s shadowy national security adviser and a long-time confidant of Netanyahu, made a rare public statement at a meeting of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem to attack Livni for “political adventurism” and believing in the “magic” of a two-state solution.

Apparently reflecting Netanyahu’s own thinking, he said: “The more you market Palestinian legitimacy, the more you bring about a detraction of Israel’s legitimacy in certain circles. [The Palestinians] are accumulating legitimacy, and we are being delegitimized.”

Warschawski doubted that Lieberman believed his blueprint for population exchanges could be implemented but was promoting it chiefly to further damage the standing of Israel’s Palestinian citizens and advance his own political ambitions.

In his commentary, Lieberman said the international community’s peace plan would lead to “the one-and-a-half to half state solution”: “a homogeneous, pure Palestinian state,” from which Jewish settlers were expelled, and “a bi-national state in Israel,” which included many Palestinian citizens.

Palestinians, in both the territories and inside Israel, he said, could not “continue to incite against Israel, glorify murder, stigmatize Israel in international forums, boycott Israeli goods and mount legal offensives against Israeli officials.”

International law, he added, sanctioned the partition of territory in which ethnic communities were broken up into different states, including in the case of the former Yugoslavia. “In most cases there is no physical population transfer or the demolition of houses, but creating a border where none existed, according to demographics,” he wrote.

Surveys have shown that Palestinian citizens are overwhelming opposed to “population transfer” schemes like Lieberman’s.

Critics note that Lieberman has failed to show how the many Palestinian communities inside Israel that are located far from the Green Line could be incorporated into a Palestinian state without expulsions.

Legal experts also point out that, even if Israel managed to trade territory as part of a peace agreement, stripping Palestinians of their Israeli citizenship as a result of such a deal would violate international law.

Jonathan Cook is a writer and journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. A version of this article appeared in The National published in Abu Dhabi. It is reprinted here with the author's permission.

1 ) Robert Haymond / Canada/Israel
28/06/2010 17:22
All Lieberman proposed was that in order to define a two-state solution, some transfer of territory would be appropriate. In that way, some settlements east of the Green Line could continue to be governed by Israel. In return, a large geographical portion in what is known as the "triangle area", mostly populated by Arabs, be transferred to the control of the new government of the Palestinian state. the journalist must be having a "slow news day"; he could be accused of "incitement".

28/06/2010 18:48
In view of the Arrest of Seven Israeli Arabs, operating a terror cell within Israel, having killed a Taxi driver, it is best to implement the Apratheid the Arabs have been complaining about

This will give them a real reason to complain

What we have is a murderous fifth column, allied with AlQuaeda & Hamas

3 ) Terry / Sweden
28/06/2010 19:40
It is well known by several sources that Lieberman wants to deport all Arab citizens with a two state solution. Tzipi Livni has indicated the same thin. In reality all current leaders in the Israeli government are fascists. They have different roles and some try to conceal their criminality. Criminals who try to come across as moderates are Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres and Tzipi Livni.

4 ) Anna Morel / USA
28/06/2010 19:44
"Palestinian" citizenship is a failed experiment!

Lebanon was far smarter than Israel on this issue!
Egypt too! You can't force them to accept Gaza back!
Even "progresive" Jordan is having second thoughts!

Most "Palestinians" still do NOT serve in the army!
Many still "stone" passing cars when they don't like national decisions!

A threat to revoke disloyal Arab citizenships,
might be exactly what is needed to get them
back to direct talks & compromise for peace!!

5 ) Maureen / Australia
29/06/2010 00:12
#1 Robert Haymond. The journalist will not be accused of "incitement." Obviously you haven't kept up with the fascist, racist Mr Lieberman. READ: "World silent as fascists join Israel government" Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 24 October 2006. http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article5874.shtml Anti War.com 28 October 2006 "A Jewish Hitler?" by Justin Raimondo. http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2006/10/27/a-jewish-hitler/

6 ) ?Carol Scheller / Switzerland
29/06/2010 00:52
The two-state solution is the death knell of any viable Palestinian state. The state of Israel has been pursuing "some transfer of territory" in ever so many creative ways for 62 years, in the spirit of the Allon Plan (1967)squeezing the largest number of Palestinian citizens of Israel onto the smallest possible areas of land. If you like having the wool pulled over your eyes, fine - the journalist prefers not.

7 ) Palestinian / Palestine
29/06/2010 01:13
Robert; why do a transfer when settlers are living illegally on stolen Palestinian land. Israel have been planning this since the 70s so that they would have more to bargain with. Palestinians in Israel, in comparison, live their legaly and have been doing so for centuries. I?m sure they?d rather stay in Israel so that they won?t be terrorised by the IDF in a future Palestinian state.

8 ) Sherezade / UK
29/06/2010 04:42
This corrupt money laundering, racist, ex bouncers words are never lost in translation because he has not the brain to think before he spews hate. Accusing a collective population of disloyalty shows the extent of his Anti Arab sentiments. I wonder how he would measure loyalty differences between Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis with a measuring cup or tape measure? because without any hard factual evidence his stupendous comments are just pure racism against many of Israel’s (Continued)

9 ) Sherezade / UK
29/06/2010 04:44
Part 2:

1.3 million Palestinian citizens. Proposing a raft of loyalty laws specifically targeted at the Palestinian minority confirm his true agenda.
Funny how European Ashkanazi immigants like Lieberman with no affiliation to the land try and strip Palestinians of their Israeli citizenship but one thing he can never strip them of is their legitimate identity of being the native people of the land. A simple genetics test Zionists like him that have worked so hard to stifle will prove it !

10 ) Joe Fattal / USA
29/06/2010 06:20
Mr. Lieberman shouldn't worry about taking any-one's citizenship. When the Palestinians get their own state they will leave voluntarily. One thing at a time Mr. Lieberman.

11 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
29/06/2010 07:51
A Nazi plan done by a nazy man. Hitler must be proud in hell!

12 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
29/06/2010 07:52
There will not be a 2-state solution. It will end up as a 1-state, and after 50 years, there will be equal rights in that 1-state, because it can't be otherwise in the long run.

13 ) Robert Haymond / Canada/Israel
29/06/2010 14:25
Why do you Posters object to tranferring nationalities as Mr. Lieberman made clear early on and can be found in the principles of the political party he leads, Yisrael Beiteinu? He advocates the transfer of the Arab population in the "triangle" area live under the new state of Palestine (two-state solution). The people stay where they are. Of course, some would object because, while they hate Israel, they love all the benefits they receive, like teenagers under the rule of their parents.

29/06/2010 14:32
12 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA

You haven't been right yet, your record will continue to be perfect

Be certain of one thing, you won't live to see it

29/06/2010 15:46
10 ) Joe Fattal / USA

Palestinian's had their own state, as provided by the UN Partition Plan,
problem was they didn't want it, preferring to attack Israel instead

You really should brush up on the "TIMELINES ISRAEL ARAB CONFLICT"
it seems you lacking a good deal of the facts

Anyway, not to worry, Palestinian's have a state, it's called 'JORDAN",
which the British stole and gave to Emir Abdullah as payoff for his services in World War One

16 ) Terry / Sweden
29/06/2010 16:22
The Askhenazi Jews have their own states in Europe and the US. They have no connection to Palestine. Since when were Middle Eastern citizens white as Europeans? Fact is that the land was stolen from the Palestinians by an extremist enclave of Zionist terrorists. Its a grave crime against humanity.

17 ) Joe Fattal / USA
29/06/2010 16:32
@ 15/Ben Jabo/Israel/USA What you have in Israel a corrupt Israeli government that can't make heads or tail about their own political system. It is the worse democracy in the world, and with that I don't expect without even looking at facts that Israel is not about to give anything back to the Palestinians. Netanyahu come to the US talk about a peace process, when after you said Jordan is the Palestinian state, he should be talking to the Jordanians instead not the US.

18 ) Anna Morel / USA
29/06/2010 16:34
No one said it is fair, & neither side is trying to be fair!
It is just what happens everywhere (N & S Americas, Australia, etc.): largest number of "natives" pushed into the smallest possible areas.

Jews are native to the Land also & more "native" than Arabs biblically.
Now about 70% of Israeli Jews are born in Israel, & as time passes ...

Joe, you are already a majority of Jordan - Go There!

Jerry, It will NOT happen!
In this Region, "the Strong eat the Weak!"

29/06/2010 16:35
16) Terry, when you state that something is a "Fact", it makes me very suspicious, since you're unable to differentiate between fact & fiction
I send you this while ago, where's the answer?

"Occupied Palestinian Territory"

Mind telling me where the Capital City of ancient Palestine was?
Name of the King or Ruler?
Type of Government?
Where can I find some coins (not from the Mandate)
And while you're at, where can I view a map of Palestine,prior to the Roman Conquest?

Times up!!!

20 ) Joe Fattal / USA
29/06/2010 16:40
@ Jerrold Cohen/USA I can't see a two state solution either. I don't expect the Israelis going to give back to the Palestinians all that real estate that Israel develop between Gaza and the West bank. I can see that Israel worked hard to seperate both cities and divided a future Palestinian if that is about to happened in 2012 or not. As far as I read an Israeli official said that no chance for a Pelestinian state by 2012.

29/06/2010 16:56
16 ) Terry / Sweden

There you go, shooting yourself in the foot again, with ridiculous statements and claims

"The Askhenazi Jews have their own states in Europe and the US"

---> Name them !!!! <--, name just ONE

Show me any map of the pre-Roman conquest that even mentions a Palestine, which the Roman's created

You've been reading too many comic books, they warp the thinking of rational people, then again, who ever said you were, certainly not me

22 ) southparkbear / usa
29/06/2010 17:01
i long to see those terrorists from aum al fahem, bakaa al jarabia and other villages join their 'achwan' in the west bank. we are willing to pay you extra just to see that day coming and it will come. the joke is how those terrorists fear that day, their mooth speak 1 way their heart and mind the other

23 ) Joe Fattal / USA
30/06/2010 02:33
Anna Morel / USA Can't go to Jordan, I am not a Jordanian. Can't go to Gaza or the West Bank, I am not a Palestinian. I am just frustrated like anyone in the world that Israel is doing its out most to start a major conflict, instead to facilitate its own survival. Believe me Israel got more to lose than the Palestinians have.

24 ) Anna Morel / USA
30/06/2010 05:20
Our connection to the Land of Israel (Jacob) is the Torah (Bible)
Our history is inter-twined with every stone, tree, valley, river, mountain, tomb, mosaic floor, etc.
We are connected to Europe, far less than “Palestinians” are connected to Arabia or Iraq.
Defending what is yours is NOT “a grave crime against humanity”!

Israel may not have the best government, but even the worst democracy is better than every Arab government, NOT ONE ARAB DEMOCRACY!

25 ) Terry / Sweden
30/06/2010 12:06
Funny that you equate God with being a real estate agent for European Jews with no connection to the Palestinian soil. So according to your logic, Palestinians who lived in multiple generations successively should be expelled for Europeans that have had no forefathers living there. So it is justified that Avigdor Lieberman can come and live there for a few years and throw out Palestinians who had generations living there...Nice.

30/06/2010 16:51
Explain why it is that anytime you're confronted with a request for proof to back up one of your ridiculous statements, all we hear is vast silence,
and then another statement comes out, just as silly as the prior one ??
"The Askhenazi Jews have their own states in Europe and the US"

There you go, shooting yourself in the foot again, with ridiculous statements

"The Askhenazi Jews have their own states in Europe and the US"

---> Name them !!!! <--, name just ONE

27 ) southparkbear / usa
30/06/2010 16:53
Terry, how's life in Malm??
I hope you enjoy riots in Rinkeby. And if you don't follow let me spell it out for you, in 50 years from now you will be the occupier in Sweden. Unless of course you keep the path of surrender

28 ) Anna Morel / USA
30/06/2010 17:39
Terry, do you know what the Torah (bible) is?

The BOOK has existed for 1000s of years.
2000 year old fragments were found in Israel, along the Dead Sea.
Several copies are 1000 years old.
And, the books that the "Europeans" patterned their lives around,
for centuries, are identical to the ancient copies, that they never knew!

The BOOK says the Land was given to his Jacob & his "seed" forever!
Our History & Heritage are there!

"Nice" would be fairness to both peoples!!

30/06/2010 18:14
Boker Tov,
Time to wake up and respond to my #21 this forum

You made a couple of really ridiculous claims, time to prove them

30 ) Anna Morel / USA
30/06/2010 18:16
Terry, just one more thought:

Maybe cowardly countries,
that were neutral during the Nazi genocide,
should be neutral during trivial matters, like real estate.

31 ) Phil / UK
30/06/2010 18:29
#25: Terry, you unfortunately show ignorance of the history of the land. It belonged to Israel. The Romans kicked most of them out, scattering them around Europe and re-named it Palestine. A remnant of Jews remained their to this day maintaining it as Jewish land. Arabs moved in and settled some parts, but never under the name of Palestine. God is now bringing his people back into the land, and they will never again be removed from Israel. You may not like it but thems the facts !

32 ) Terry / Sweden
30/06/2010 20:57
Now, I hit a weak nerve obviously. You know that you are wrong and desperately cling to your inculcated patterns of propaganda. You cannot claim land since 2500 years ago. How would the world look like if everybody did that? The Palestinians lived there for successive generations. 3 or 4 generations. That you think somebody as Avigdor Lieberman, a new immigrant, has the right to expell people who have connections to the land at least since the Ottoman Empire is extremely sad. Shame on you.

33 ) Sherezade / UK
01/07/2010 00:01
The indigenous people of the land are the Palestinian, Muslim,Christian & Jews who are the decendants of the Canaanites & Jews of past. The Non Semetic Ashkanazi Jews find their hertiage & genetic make up belonging to Europe & have no affiliation to the land.Palestine which was Cannaan existed before the Israelite invasion & does today. It is not Jewish land even the bible confirms this.Israel is illegal according to the bible because only the Messiah should establish it,So where is the Messiah?

34 ) Maureen / Australia
01/07/2010 01:16
#25 Terry. Isn't it amazing how the Zionist comments on this subject are from the USA and UK. Take no notice of them, they have Zionist delusions of grandeur. BTW, note how not one of these Zionists ever admits to their Bolshevik past. Not one word from them of the Ukrainian Holocaust... Bolsheviks plotted and planned the starvation of 5 million Christian Ukrainians. Nowadays the remnants of the Jewish Bolsheviks endeavor to plot and plan the starvation/Holocaust of the population in Gaza.

35 ) Steve / USA
01/07/2010 04:28
Anna Morel It is very sad to see someone so distant from reality that they believe in fairy tales, like the Torah AKA Bible. These are nothing but a silly collection of made up stories reprised from earlier cultures theology and myths. So fools like yourself believe these stories to be originals, only they were pieced together from stolen ideas of extinct cultures. Hence the problem we face today, Jews think they are the chosen ones and Arabs think everyone else is an infidel. Great comedy.

36 ) Phil / UK
01/07/2010 14:20
#32: you missed the point obout the Jewish remnant that remained, maintaining ownership of the land. If you owned a large house and someone squated in one of its rooms without your permission, would that give them rights of ownership? #33: Your claim has no support, either in scripture or anywhere else. #35: A fairy tale! That would be something like 'once upon a time there was nothing, then nothing exploded forming something, and when it came together a genetic code was formed. Oh really?

37 ) Terry / Sweden
01/07/2010 17:34
That was one of the most ignoble comments I have heard in a while Phil/UK. When most of the Zionist terrorists arrived after the second World War, they were the ones stealing land, raping and killing Palestinians. The ownership of the land was at least 90 percent owned by Palestinians. Comments as yours are indeed lies that are bordering to being criminal.

01/07/2010 18:41
37 ) Terry / Sweden
The so-called "Zionist Terrorists" didn't come into existence until after the first wave of Arab attacks against the Jewish settlements
The first defenders were the "Shomrim" formed in the early 1900's
Then the HAGANA was formed, after the Arab riots of 1929, when Hebron was attacked, jews killed & women raped
Additional Arab attacks resulte in the IRGUN ZVAI LEUMI, then the ETZEL
Your comments come from IGNORANCE

39 ) Terry / Sweden
01/07/2010 20:32
Ben Jabo, your comments reflect nothing of historical reality. Nice try, but I am afraid that you are being exposed as a liar. Nothing of a surprise though, when considering all of your other posts on this site reminds readers of something that could come from Disney World.

40 ) Phil / UK
01/07/2010 21:27
#37: Ben has answered your garbage claim. Just don't come back with more garbage about Zionists telling the Arabs that Jews had massacred an Arab village causing them to respond in kind. Because we will then know you are just another Sherezade pen name !

41 ) Terry / Sweden
02/07/2010 13:49
The dubious claims come from zealots as you, by displacing facts with beliefs. Everybody who is informed knows that the conflicts were triggered by the Zionist immigration in order to create a state based on race.

Maybe you can explain the King David Hotel incident?
Why two British officers were hanged by Israeli terrorists outside Tel Aviv?
The USS Liberty?
The ethnic cleansing of 750 000 Palestinians in 1948?
The Lavon affair?
Why Ariel Sharon was cashiered after Shabra and Shatila?

02/07/2010 18:30
Terry, it seems you like to ask questions and refuse to answer any that are posed to you-
Maybe you can explain the King David Hotel incident?
BRITISH MILITARY H.Q., For Palestine they were warned to leave, they refused
Libety was spying in dangerous waters
Cleansing, aks your leaders they told you to leave and your would return to looted Jwish land & Homes
Sharon wasn't Cashiered
What's Lavon got to do with anything ?
British Officers- Brits had hung two Jews, they were waned not to

43 ) Anna Morel / USA
02/07/2010 18:31
Steve (35),
I thought more like you once, about the Bible "story", but the archeological links below, shows there is so much "smoke", that the Bible story "TRUELY BURNED"!!


02/07/2010 18:36
Terry - Questions, Questions, never willing to give any answers

Before you get a chance to post another questions, here's something for you to digest, Hasbara from the Arabs, about Deit Yassin


02/07/2010 18:41
Terry - Sabra & Shatila
The Christian Falangists were responsible, not Sharon or the IDF

I'm not your teacher, you have to learn by yourself



You're like someone that comes to dinner, eats like a horse, never brings a gift to show his appreciation

46 ) Anna Morel / USA
02/07/2010 18:46
Israel is composed of Jews from many different races, that hardly resemble each having immigrated from India, Ethiopia, many EU states, etc.

You are Equating Zionism with Racism, just like Waldheim, (a Nazi) that used his UN position to do the same (UN Res. 3379)!!

The Zionist RE-CREATED a state, and it was based on religion!

If you have a problem with religion-based states, why start with Israel?
Go fix the Vactican (Rome), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey FIRST!!!

47 ) Anna Morel / USA
02/07/2010 18:56
Jews admit blowing up the King David Hotel AND also notifying the British soldiers they fought, so they could get out.
This makes it more of a humane battle, rather than terror!

British soldiers were hanged after Israeli "terrorists" were hanged

Arab states also did ethnic cleansing of Jews in 1948 & 1967,
AND of equal or larger numbers too!

Sharon was guilty of being neutral (like Sweden in WW2), regarding
Shabra and Shatila, and allowed Arabs to kill Arabs!!

48 ) jennie / NZ
10/07/2010 21:34
The problem is about now . Once Arabs and Jews lived respectfully together. It was the zionists who created the poison which soaks the world in blood today. Few people believe that Israelis should have to vacate Palestine. But the Palestinians must have compensation, the illegal settlements land back and a safe place to live without checkpoints humiliation and abuse. It can be done , Ireland is an example.Hopefully Jewish people from other countries will stay where they are .

49 ) Anna Morel / USA
16/07/2010 20:58
The only Zionist poison is our survival.
The Nazi tried to exterminate us in WW2, but we survived!
The Arabs tried to kill us in 1948, 1967, etc. but we survived!

If our survival "soaks the world in blood today", it is only
because Arabs target the world, when they can't hurt us!!

We were NOT the murders over Lockerbie Scotland
or in the Twin Tower NYC attacks!!

Don't be like Churchill’s famous "appeaser".
If you feed the crocodile, it will still eat you!!
(perhaps last)
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