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Haniyeh: Some parties too immature for unity
Published Sunday 20/06/2010 (updated) 21/06/2010 17:46
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Gaza – Ma'an – Gaza government Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told his legislative council Sunday that he was committed to national conciliation, but that "there are some parties that are still too immature to end Palestinian division."

Giving the closing comments to assembled members of the Gaza-based PLC, Haniyeh told representatives that he and other officials had "presented a practical program to [Arab League Secretary-General] Amr Moussa to move conciliation forward" during the leader's visit to Gaza one week ago, but that his opposing Fatah party had failed to accept the offer.

According to Haniyeh, the package included the creation of a Palestinian-Palestinian understanding document, which would govern the implementation of the Egyptian unity paper, and serve in lieu of the amendments to the document that Hamas had requested but Egypt and Fatah had vetoed.

Haniyeh said that the offer was given the blessing and support of both Egypt and the Arab League.

The accusation of Fatah immaturity came two days after Hamas officials announced that President Mahmoud Abbas and his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak had agreed to amend the Egyptian unity paper, a pronouncement that was neither confirmed or denied by Palestinian Authority officials in the days that followed.
1 ) Michael / usa
20/06/2010 22:28
Once PLO indicates a change of course away from status quo, Hamas will unite the government to achieve statehood and break the occupation.

2 ) Anna Morel / USA
21/06/2010 00:02
Hamas is the "party too immature for unity", and if the world stopped
"giving-in to this baby", peace would have a much better chance!!!

Hamas should clarify its position regarding peace with Israel, to the world instead of "the creation Palestinian-Palestinian understanding document".

Until Hamas clarifies its own "peace" position, the world should
End support for ALL further "Anti-blockade" actions, and
Israel should NOT clarify any changes to the Blockade!!

3 ) Sherezade / UK
21/06/2010 02:32
Immaturity is not the only problem facing NeoFatah. So used to following orders at the US's request applying & adhering to the American backed veto towards national unity NeoFatah has lost the it's sense of which people it is representing. Most definately so far it is the Israelis. If that were not the case Mahmoud Abbas would show just as much vigor & make the well over due visit to Gaza rather than attending candlelight dinners with the Jewish lobby. Honestly Abbas you really are so easy!

4 ) Mahmoud / Palestine
21/06/2010 05:56
If Haniyeh is serious about reconciliation he would work towards it, after all it was Hamas that started the division. they want people to die, just as long as the funds of Iran keep flowing they don't care what happens. I will never trust Israel's product in unity, even in unity they attempted to assassinate Abbas several times. I think he forgot when he went to Abbas's home in Gaza (at 3am more than once) to hide when he thought Israel was after him. Now he's calling Fatah immature..Hypocrite!

5 ) southparkbear / usa
21/06/2010 07:57
let's see what will come first, a unity agreement or safe clean energy?

21/06/2010 18:22
It's really all about who gets control

They'll never agree, at least not in any of our lifetimes and probably not that of your grandchildren

7 ) Maureen / Australia
21/06/2010 21:07
While ever the spoiled brat and her Uncle Sam cause havoc in the Middle East, working hand in hand to destroy all semblance of Palestinian democracy, and while ever Fatah are gullible to the apparent false promise of a 'Palestinian state' offered by their Zionist puppet master, the fabric of Palestinian unity will wear ever more thread bear, making it easier for the spoiled brat to eat more Palestinian land. Wakey, wakey Fatah!

22/06/2010 17:42
To all the deniers
Palestinian's already had a state, provided by the UN Partition Plan,
the facts are plain and simple, they refused the state, preferring to attack Israel instead
It truly amazing, that those that have never been to the Promised Land
have the nerve to tell the residents how to deport themselves
If you're really that all fired concerned, as you pretend to be, get your butts over here and pitch in physically

9 ) Rene / S Africa
23/06/2010 16:16
Hamas has shifted significantly from its historical radicalism indicating a deeply rooted and genuine commitment to peace. Let's not be dismisses before testing the waters. Unity amongst Palestinians is imperative if a genuine agreement with the Israeli government is to be reached

24/06/2010 18:44
Rene / S Africa

That's news to me and probably to most others

How abut furnishing some facts to back up what you posted?

24/06/2010 22:03
One more smalll thing, Hamas's Covenant still calls for the destruction of Israel, which show no change in their position that's visible to the naked eye
I'm still waiting for you facts, be assured that I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of receiving them

Rene / S Africa

That's news to me and probably to most others

How abut furnishing some facts to back up what you posted?

12 ) Sherezade / UK
26/06/2010 02:28
Hey Benny boy how about getting a education and learning to read then you could stop lying so much. Hamas's charter calls for the elimination of the Zionist occupation, if you could read and would have read it then you would not be acting like such a dufus!

27/06/2010 03:11
Sherezade, you're more delusional than usual, if that's possible

I read the Hamas Covenant/Charter, it calls for the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL

Try reading it fo ryouself, maybe it will sink in


Take your meds, you're totally nuts !!!!

28/06/2010 19:36

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory). "


29/06/2010 15:18
Sherezade U- Cretin

Next time, before you discuss the Hamas Covenant, try reading it first

That's your problem, all bluster no substance, in plain words just plain old hot air

29/06/2010 16:49
Enjoy your vacation, when confronted with facts, off into the hills you went
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