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PA hands out blacklisted settlement goods list
Published Tuesday 18/05/2010 (updated) 23/05/2010 12:26
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Two volunteers out of an expected 3,000 take part in the launch of the House
to House anti-settlement product campaign in the West Bank city of Qalqiliya
on 18 May 2010. The t-shirts read `Don't let settlements into your home,`
referring to the long list of goods illegally produced by Israel in the West Bank.
[MaanImages/Khaleel Reash]
Bethlehem/Jenin – Ma'an – Residents received hand-delivered lists of blacklisted settlement products on Tuesday as the Palestinian Authority kicked off its door-to-door anti-settlement produce campaign throughout the West Bank, comprising the first of several pamphlets to be distributed as part of the House to House program.

The list, part of an 88-page guide on how to participate in the boycott, includes logos of well-known brand names, furnishing companies, farms, dairy produce, water, wine, household fixtures, toys as well as plastics and surgical equipment manufactured on illegal West Bank settlements.

Produced by the National Dignity Fund, the pamphlet is interspersed with guidelines on how to spot the illegal products either by the logos re-printed in the guide or by manufacturer.

Consumers are asked to carefully read the label of goods with the 729 bar-code, designating goods made in Israel, to pinpoint where the goods were made to exclude settlement manufacturers, and are reminded that goods made in Israel remain permissible.

In addition to goods, the guide reminds readers to boycott all settlement-related services and manufacturers.

The list includes: Abadi Bakery, Maya Foods, Tekoa Products, Eden Water, Tea Adenem, AHAVA products, Avgol Nonwoven Industries, Golans, Adumim Food Ingredients, Carmel Wine and Culture, Barkan, General Mills, Pillsbury, Field Produce Ltd, among others.

Readers are further reminded that in accordance with the Paris Accords, the trade deal ratified between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, that all Israeli goods sold in the occupied Palestinian territories must have Arabic labeling, without which the goods are illegal.

Residents are also asked to sign the Karama (dignity) pledge which reads: "We the people of Palestine, of all religions, affiliations, professions, and ages, have all come together to affirm our desire and determination to rise up, and shiver off the effects of settlement contamination in our Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps, first and foremost, via replacing settlement products in our local markets with those that are proudly produced in Palestine, with Palestinian Hands!"

As the PA's boycott campaign enters full swing, customs officials confiscated and destroyed over 10 tons of watermelons produced on West Bank settlements in Jenin and Bethlehem, customs director Amin Abu Aqel told Ma'an.

Prime Minister Salam Fayyad launched the National Dignity Fund in January in a bid to rid the Palestinian market of settlement produce, encourage consumers to opt for locally made produce, and encourage the international community to buy Palestinian goods instead of those manufactured by Israeli companies on land occupied by Israel in 1967.

A backlash among Israeli factory owners on illegal settlements has also entered full-throttle, with industrialists urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to refuse to take part in proximity talks, the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Factory owners told the daily that the boycott was deemed a "hate campaign" and said it was a political move that would "blow up in Salam Fayyad's face."

The website My Israel has launched a counter-campaign. "We won't let them subdue us," one campaign leader explained to the daily. "When their products are boycotted they will feel the financial damage ten times worse and come back with their tails between their legs to ask for things return to the way they were. Then the world will see who the enlightened ones are and who the warmongers are."

1 ) Nour / One-State (Palestine)
18/05/2010 19:43
For a full list of the products everyone should boycott, refer to: http://go.ynet.co.il/pic/news/mit.pdf (Thanks to our dear YNETfor providing the link!).

2 ) Sven / Sweden
18/05/2010 19:49
I love to hear this. ?ve been to the West Bank a few years ago but people back then didn?t believe in a boycott. I?m really happy that the Palestinian authority has adopted the idea. It?s about time they did.

3 ) ESH / USA
18/05/2010 20:30
I will happily add my support to this PA campaign by boycotting any of the Israeli settlement products I find as I shop in the US.

4 ) southparkbear / usa
18/05/2010 23:03
how about a counter boycott, Israel stop anything form moving to the west bank. that will bring them to their knees. think about it. every step has a counter and it's always the weak who pays dearly

19/05/2010 00:11
3 ) ESH / USA
You should be extremely careful buying Israeli condiments and food, pickles, olives, oil, products, that are sold in Arab grovery stores in the USA, they bear markings in Arabic, Hebrew & English, that they're produced in the West Bank

Enjoy the boycott and the fact that you're going to put thousands of your brothers out of work

Toss away your computer and cellphone, many of the components are also made in the W.B, along with Microsoft operating systems

6 ) Malone / Canada
19/05/2010 00:31
They're just putting their own people out of work...typical..

7 ) Robert Haymond / Canada/Israel
19/05/2010 01:24
Congratulations to the PA. This peaceful demonstration is what should occur and it beats suicide bombing by a longshot. Some sacrifices will have to be made. It will also affect the Israeli economy. Eventually, both sides may realize that the two peoples are interdependent and must come to some reasonable agreements in order to reside satisfasctorily besides one another. Destroying good watermelons was a sinful act, however. They could have been distributed to the poor.

8 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
19/05/2010 01:56
The Palestinian struggle for dignity, freedom and independence had just begun.

9 ) southparkbear / usa
19/05/2010 06:27
nickels and dimes that's the west bank to israel economy. Add also a ban on Balestinians from working in or for israel please

10 ) Jihane / France
19/05/2010 20:25
People who want to support the Palestinians should boycott all Israeli products, most of the goods produced in the West Bank are labeled 'Made in Israel'. Here in France where the boycott is developing, stores have even tried to sell Israeli products labeling them from other countries. This is totally illegal as a customer has the right to choose what to buy. In France Israeli products are labeled with the number 729. I don't know elsewhere, look it up on the internet. Please help us boycotting.

11 ) southparkbear / usa
20/05/2010 05:27
please add to the list electricity too

12 ) Marie / USA
20/05/2010 05:36
This is great. Effective non-violent resistance. JOIN THE BOYCOTT! viva palestina!

13 ) Liam Griffin / Scotland
20/05/2010 11:18
Ben Jabo and southparkbear claim USA as their "Country" The USA claims to be "the land of the free," yet these two sneer at a small nation, Palestine, that refuses to be subjugated, it's national identity and culture destroyed, it's very water stolen from the mouths of its children. Have you know hearts? that you can sneer at attempts to bring the same freedom to Palestine that is enjoyed in the USA?

14 ) Jihane / France
20/05/2010 15:24
# Liam) You're right, those sionists abroad who sympathize with the Israeli Apartheid State and who think it's okay that Palestinians living within the borders of '48 should have different rights than the colonizing Jews, try go tell them that America or Canada should make a distinction between their citizens: that a Jew could not buy property or rent a house whereever he wants.

15 ) southparkbear / usa
20/05/2010 23:34
liam you have no clue, wait 50 more years and you would too start to feel what israelis are going through every day for 100 years. Swiss are starting to get the idea, sweden, belgium and france. you allow nomeds and immigrants who are looking for better lives to come over after a while it's their way. Jihad Jihane you are mumbeling remove the burka when you write. you know its illegal in france

16 ) Sharon / Israel
21/05/2010 10:58
I do think it's about time the Palestinains learned to live by the sweat of their own brows. So Intel, ICQ, MRI, ans well as Hadassah and other Hospitals, should be off-limts to patriotic Palestinians who want to be free of israeli manuevering. Also working for jews, in building, restaurants, factories, not to mention those hospitals - all forbidden to patriotic Palestinains. Start inventing , curing cancer, do it yourself for a change. Enjoy your free lives.

17 ) Terry / Sweden
21/05/2010 17:47
Get out of the territories you are occupying and stealing resources from then, contrary to basic human decency and all international law and agreements between states in the modern world today.

18 ) Maureen / Australia
21/05/2010 23:46
#16 Sharon. "Enjoy your free lives." Do you mean just like the belligerent Israel occupation enjoys its "free life" on Palestinian land, destroying Palestinian homes, schools, factories, shops, hospitals, agricultural land etc.?

19 ) Jihane / France
22/05/2010 00:30
15) I'm a secular Marxist. You probably have no idea what those words mean. Look them up in a dictionnary. English is neither my first nor my second language, sorry for the mistakes. What's your excuse?? 16) Sharon - we all know you've been brain-dead for a couple of years. No reason showing it here on the internet !!

20 ) Elias / Palestine
24/05/2010 16:09
the P.A. should take the next step and boycott all settlement goods in all 48 borders. -p.s. boycott talks with the zionist govt also

21 ) Simon Turner / Japan
08/06/2010 04:41
Open the Palestinian borders. Every thinking person should already be boycotting Israeli products. Would you buy products from Nazi Germany or Apartheid South Africa?

22 ) Halleluiah / Australia
08/11/2010 14:32
This peaceful action is for the greater good of the world and those who want to give a peace of chance should get behind it fully. To those who are concerned over potential job loss of non-Zionist employees, you simply have your priorities upside down. People can get another job in a non-Israeli owned firm... and they should start that process now.

23 ) Sayed / Iran
08/11/2010 14:40
A boycott is a great idea, but... it is difficult to maintain and Israel can mis-label their product - you won't be able to identify it. A better solution is to hit them where it hurts - the media and the banks. Boycott watching Fox news etc and turn your attention to alternative news sources like Al Jazeera - you will get a better understanding anyway. Close your bank accounts at JP Morgan Chase etc and move them to smaller banks not connected to Zionist families.
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