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PFLP leader calls for dismantling PA
Published Wednesday 28/04/2010 (updated) 29/04/2010 13:10
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Gaza – Ma'an – Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) politburo member Laila Khaled called Tuesday for dismantling the Palestinian Authority "if that body is the cause of Palestinian division."

In Damascus, Khaled said division among Palestinians "is threatening the Palestinian national project." She said Palestinians "have not struggled throughout their history for an Authority, but for a homeland for a displaced people and people under occupation."

Khaled spoke at an event held in solidarity with prisoners of Israel affiliated with the party. The event was held in the Jermana refugee camp, and attended by leaders of the PFLP and other Palestinian factions.

"In the light of the division, no one has the right to appoint himself as an authority of the homeland and the people," Khaled explained, saying "the Authority does not represent our people, because it is the product of the Oslo Accords, and anyone behind the division is behind the occupation, which only propagates our geographic separation.

"What is obstructing the restoration of unity is sitting in Ramallah and Gaza, and both are serving the occupation and its plans," she said.

Khaled called for Palestinians in refugee camps across the region to reject division and convey their displeasure to the Palestinian leadership. "If they remain committed to their current stance, then they are not our leaders and representatives."

She dismissed Israeli gestures toward a renewal of peace talks, saying the state's stance was "crystal clear," particularly around the refusal to stop settlement construction. "The occupation does not want to resolve the conflict," she said.

The PFLP leader came to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s for her role in hijacking a TWA flight and another failed attempt on El-Al, the Israeli national carrier. Khaled was released by British authorities in a prisoner exchange.
1 ) Nour / Palestine
28/04/2010 15:26
Laila Khaled speaks sense. I've said it many times: Both Fatah and Hamas are responsible for the quagmire we find ourselves in. If they are unable to put aside their differences, either disolve the PA or step aside! While they exchahge endless rhetoric, Palestinian children in refugee camps are rotting away - it's our future we're talking about, and they are making it rotten!

2 ) Michael / usa
28/04/2010 15:43
Unilateral declaration of statehood is the only answer left. Go for it without delay !!!!

3 ) ghada / palestine
28/04/2010 15:45

4 ) Suha / Malta
28/04/2010 17:47
I agree. unilateral declaration will create a flurishing Baleztinian state. Investment from Kuwait and Iraq will float in. Baleztinians unemployment at 50% won't be bad. After all like UAE people don't need work to live well. in fact I expect BeoBle from UAE to move to Baleztina

5 ) Sahal / UK
28/04/2010 18:11
typical communist scumbags... idiots.... who think they have real political power and influence in palestinian affairs, when in reality they are nothing but a shadow of their former selves! how disasterouse would it be if the PA gets dismantled!

6 ) chil / usa
28/04/2010 18:48
nour so what should hamas do sign a reconciliation paper that the occupation has imposed its will on. is that what u want them to do, just sign it because its the only paper to sign. if the PA is working for the israelis then what good would it do for hamas to sign the paper, when they won elections the int. comm. forced hamas to form a untiy govt. with fatah or get no funds. when hamas did this it brought harm to the pals cause, why should they make the same mistake twice. plz explain

7 ) Nour / Palestine
28/04/2010 19:18
Dear Michael, you can always trust Abbas the yes-man (3ab3arss) to extuinguish any pockets of hope left in our hearts. We all remember the Goldstone scandal in which he caved in Israel's threats to withhold Wataniya's license. This time, Abbas is ALREADY voicing his opposition to the only hope left: To establish a Palestinian state on a small pocket of territory that is the West Bank, in contrast to Fayyad's implicitely declared intention to go to the UNSC and declare the state.

8 ) Dweikat / Palestine
28/04/2010 19:38
Nour, you barke to much..shut upp please....you keep critisizing everything that means unity....How can a country live without a government..even if there is a division....if we dismantle the PA than it means that we are like streetwalkers...nobody wants to talk to us..every faction choses his own agenda etc...so stop barking and come to Palestine to build instead of destroying from outside with your silly words...Always complaining.....

9 ) Elias / Palestine
28/04/2010 23:25
leila khaled always speaks sense.it's a great shame that powerjunkies of fateh leadership and the blinkered followers of hamas,don't wake up to reality.

10 ) Nour / Palestine
29/04/2010 12:54
#9 I agree Elias, as usual. Dweikat, too bad you resort to insults and name-calling, rather than challenge my ideas. This exposes you as a lazy man, probably on the payroll of the PA so you have everything to lose should they disappear. I never said we don't need a government, but if this "government" delays our freedom and real sovereignty over our lives and Probably not. Also, your criticism is selective. I'm a staunch supporter of Fayyad, who is a honest and honorable man.

11 ) Michael / usa
29/04/2010 15:00
#7 Nour,It's not up to Abbas. These dysfunctional leaders that can't even seem to get their pants on straight in the mornings, are only figureheads..Pawns, you might say. I know that it doesn't look like it right now, but good things are on the way. The Almighty has not forgotten our plight and will deliver. PA Statehood to the green line (not Swiss cheese) is coming this year but remains only a large step in the bigger picture of changing peoples attitudes which is the REAL underlying problem !

29/04/2010 17:17
Unilateral statehood for Palestine will come from UNSC, not through anything Israel or the US has to offer, keep this important FACT in mind when approaching any PA objectives for that statehood. Also remember PA has no authorized approach to UNSC itself but the Arab league does. The next move is a unilaterally declared state by the referendum vote of the people of palestine, then the Arab league will have something to take to the UNSC. Why wait another year ? June 28 this year will do it !!!!

13 ) Nour / Palestine
29/04/2010 18:27
Did any of you watch israel's channel #2 interview with Abbas? I am deeply disturbed by the way he trivializes Palestinians' suffering! I mean seriously, he called the razing of mosques and fields and settlers' provocations as merely 'insensitive' and asked israel's leadership to be 'mindful of our feelings'. EXCUSE ME? Did the Jews ask Hitler to be mindful of their feelings?!!?!? Did the native indians ask that of the conquistadors? Unbelievable! No wonder he's israel's man.

14 ) Jamal / Palestine
30/04/2010 02:35
Michael says "PA Statehood to the green line (not Swiss cheese) is coming this year".. Michael says flying pigs are also coming this year

15 ) Michael / usa
30/04/2010 13:54
Well Jamal, at least you are listening and will be well advised when PA statehood happens this year. a lot of people are going to be surprised... but not you, RIGHT ??? and by the way, anything can fly with enough push behind it !!!

16 ) Michael / usa
30/04/2010 14:11
#13 Nour...Don't worry about Abbas, he is a lame duck on his way out.
watch the new man on the block gaining support on both sides of the fence...
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