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'Dead' Gaza boy returns home alive and well
Published Friday 02/04/2010 (updated) 04/04/2010 08:55
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Gaza – Ma'an – A Palestinian teenager reportedly killed by Israeli forces has returned home alive and well, his family said Friday.

The Health Ministry in Gaza reported Tuesday that Muhammad Zen Ismail Al-Farmawi, 15, was killed when Israeli forces opened fire on a Land Day rally near the defunct Yasser Arafat International Airport in Rafah.

At the time, Israel's military repeatedly denied involvement.

It turns out Al-Farmawi was among 17 Palestinians detained by Egyptian forces shortly after the infiltrated the Egyptian side of Rafah via one of Gaza's numerous underground smuggling tunnels. The detainees, among them 12 minors, were returned to security forces at the border on Friday. They had been questioned about tunnel locations, leading to at least three closures, Egyptian security sources said.

Relatives expressed "overwhelming happiness" that their son was unharmed during the violence, our correspondent reported from Rafah.

Muawiya Hassanein, Health Ministry director of ambulance and emergency services in Gaza, told Ma'an that after "huge efforts and contacts" to return the boy's body, officials found him among those who were detained. He was assumed to have died in the clashes Tuesday after a Palestinian ambulance crew was refused permission to access to the area following reports of deadly fire, Hassanein explained at the time.

In what would turn out to be a second erroneous explanation that day, local residents also told Ma'an at the time that while the boy was indeed killed, the Israeli military was not involved. The purported death was an "internal matter," locals said, insisting on anonymity.

Meanwhile, Palestinian medics found the body of another young Palestinian who had been declared dead eight days earlier. The corpse, discovered in Khuza'a, east of Khan Younis, was identified as Jihad Ei'tah Ad-Dughmah, 23, by medics at An-Nasser Hospital. It was found near the site of recent clashes along the Israeli border fence in southern Gaza that left three Palestinians and two Israelis dead.

Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades had reported that Ad-Dughmah was one of its operatives. He reportedly went missing during the battle.

Last Sunday, Israeli forces told Ma'an they had discovered the body of Suleiman Abu Arafat, another Islamic Jihad-aligned fighter who was killed in the incident, which also left two Israeli soldiers and 10 Palestinians injured. Abu Arafat's body was handed over to Palestinian medics, the Health Ministry confirmed.

1 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
03/04/2010 00:46
Hallelujah. Thank God the boy is alive. My best wishes to his family.

2 ) Sherezade / UK
03/04/2010 01:03
Mothers in Gaza have had to endure such loss at the hands of Israel. This is wonderful news. I can only imagine the joy that would have filled this mothers heart. GOD bless and protect Gaza.

3 ) Ariel / Israel
03/04/2010 10:24
How many of the the other victims of "Israeli aggression" are all still walking around alive and well in Gaza?? I wouldn't be in the least surprised if some of the "casualties" of Operation Cast Lead are still very much alive and well!! The Arabs are the best liars in the world regarding their casualties in any incident whether Israel was involved or not. Shows you how much their eyewitnesses can be believed.....

4 ) Sherezade / UK
03/04/2010 14:59
Ariel / Israel. I hope that there were more miracles like this but sadly that is not the case. To clarify your stupendous presumption of "Arab lies" there were international agencies on the ground in Gaza to varify the number of civilian casualties, women & children killed by Israels massacre of Gaza. The coverage on TV showed the world the true ugly face of Israel & the fact that Israel has no understanding of human emotion and as your comment has confirmed that is just the case!

5 ) Carlos / USA
03/04/2010 15:34
Israel is a criminal country. It ranks up there with Nazi Germany. I am glad the reports of this boy being dead is wrong. Unfortunately the Goldstone report which was very thorough confirms most of the Palestinians killed were civilians.

6 ) ZioN / Israel
03/04/2010 17:57
to #4 - miracles??? come on... By the way - do you know that the Unicef - the UN agencey is occupied by Hamas pepole, and the money the world donate to Gaza children is going to buy bombs and rockets? Don't let them fool you!!!

7 ) Sherezade / UK
03/04/2010 20:33
ZioN / Israel your countries propaganda knows no boundaries. All this from a state like Israel that is armed to hilt with nuclear weapons that can blow the world up twice over and refuses to sign up to the nuclear non proliferation treaty, that act in itself speaks volumes of the so called peace Israel wishes to acheive .

8 ) DontKnowAnything / Hell
03/04/2010 21:39
Sherezade, you represent the typical i-dont-know-anything britian. the case about the kid wasnt a mistake, it was a direct attempt to blame the israeli army for killing the kid. israel has never acknowledged it's nuclear capabilities, yet you blame it for having it. calling operation cast lead a massacare is like calling the british army murderers for what they do in a-stan (wait, but they cant be!) you have to differ between OPINION and FACT, otherwise you spread anti-someone propaganda.

9 ) ronen / isrel
03/04/2010 23:04
7) haha the uk has more nukes than israel. so who are these nukes for? maybe you need to be quiet

10 ) Sherezade / UK
04/04/2010 00:10
DontKnowAnything / Hell Firstly if this was a ploy to accuse Israel of a crime (not that, that would be difficult) then the fact that this boy was found would not be have been reported. Common sense really. As for Israels nuclear capabilities why don't you check out Dimona nuclear base. Come to think of it your right Britian does not know anything because we were the fools that help create the monster called Israel.

11 ) Carl von Clausewitz / Berlin, Prussia
04/04/2010 01:44
Typical Pallywood stories. Remember the Al-Dura case that according to Abu Rahmeh, endured 45 mn of israeli fire, like he nerver saw he said on various interviews. Then the picture show 7 holes on the wall behind the boy. Seven holes, after 45 mn of heavy fire ! My god, would Israeli soldiers be so bad at firing. Or Abu Rahmeh is so bad at lying. Just propaganda that the world is wanting to buy.

12 ) Muahamad Barza / France
04/04/2010 04:12
As an Arab, I think it's about time we denounce terror and start talk to the Israelis, instead of killing innocent civilian, twist the truth and blame everyone else. Peace

13 ) Charles / United States
04/04/2010 05:11
No surprise here. Jumping to conclusions is a Palestinian pastime. Get the facts before you start moaning, screaming , complaining and pointing fingers at Israel.

14 ) Sherezade / UK
04/04/2010 10:07
It is Israel that twists facts. It's very foundations have been built on lies and the blood of the Palestinian people that is why it uses an iron fist approach towards Palestinian Christian and Muslim because of it's own fear. It knows at some point it's lies will catch up with it. The world is fast seeing Israels Gemini appearence. That is why when Israel regularly points it's finger there are 5 pointing back at it. Israel is well versed in fiction not fact

15 ) Sherezade / UK
04/04/2010 15:38
Muahamad Barza / France As an Arab? what you should be writing is as a Zionist. The length you guys will go to prove a point where you Intelligence fails you amuses me. Here let me give you a clue an Arab would know how to spell the most holiest name in Islam, as is obvious a Zionist posing as an Arab wouldn't.

16 ) StillDontKnowAnything / Heaven
04/04/2010 17:13
Sherezade, everything is being reported in the middle east. if its not for the palestinian media then the israeli media would have find this out sooner or later. no disrespect to any innocent victim of war ofc, but one can only wonder how many palestinian dead innocents are still walking around. about the nuclear reactor, have you been there (dont answer, i guess you havent)? you cant know that there are nukes there. sherezade, you are rediciolousy brainwashed and id bet you are a muslim.

17 ) Sherezade / UK
04/04/2010 17:39
StillDontKnowAnything / Heaven? Your name say's it all. Your misguided perceptions are evident as are your stupendous judgements based on religion. Now if a Muslim or Christian had the same attitude you would be the first to cry "Anti Semitism". A war is fought between equals, you barbaric people kill innocent civilians in the false name of self defence. The only people you need defending against is yourselves.

18 ) SomeRandomName / Hell
05/04/2010 21:17
my name was referring to you. judgements based on religion? i dont care if you are jew or muslim, you can be an alien for that matter. is a war fought between equals? usa and japan werent equal in ww2, lets blame the usa for war crimes! oh wait... "you barbaric people"? who is "you"? how do you know who i am? "false name of self defence"? hamas is a terror organization, just like el qaida. was attacking a-stan disproportionate? or attacking japan for pearl harbor in ww2?

19 ) laila / france
06/04/2010 13:01
Sherezade / UK
speaking of common sense: Israel has nuclear capability for years now... has it ever used it?
You speak of the massacre in Gaza, have you ever realised that thousand of israeli bruttaly murdered in suicide attacks contitute also the victims of a massacre. And don't tell me that the palestinians have no other way to fight for their country... there is always another way

20 ) Meri / Spain
07/04/2010 10:50
Al-Farmawi belongs to a growing list of Arabs - like Mohammed al Dura - supposedly killed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

21 ) Grady / USA
07/04/2010 19:30
@ 5) Carlos / USA - You state that the "very thorough" Goldstone report claims that most of the Palestinians killed were civilians - yet how is one to tell when un-uniformed Hamas operatives hide in schools, mosques, private homes, and even UN enclaves? Of course, you forgot to mention that the Goldstone report relied very heavily on "facts" from the very same people that claimed that this young man - Al Farmawi - was killed. OOPS!

22 ) Sherezade / UK
10/04/2010 02:25
laila / france If Israel has nothing to fear or hide it would allow the IAEA to inspect it. Israels massacre of Gaza lasted 22 days and killed over 1400 civilians mainly children. According to official Israeli govt statistics the number of Israelis killed from suicide attacks from 2000 till 2007 is 542 in seven years. Do the math laila maybe then you might be able to differentiate between sense and nonsense!

23 ) Sherezade2 / United Sensom
11/04/2010 00:14
Sherezade, just drop it. wars arent statistics, israel didnt kill 1400 civilians and you dont know what the hell you are talking about.
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