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After 2-year delay, clothing to enter Gaza
Published Monday 29/03/2010 (updated) 30/03/2010 19:01
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A Palestinian vendor sells food supplies in a market during the Muslim holy month
of Ramadan in Rafah, sourthern Gaza Strip, on 31 August 2009.
[MaanImages/Hatem Omar]
Gaza – Ma'an – For the first time in two years, Israel will allow clothes and shoes into the besieged Gaza Strip, an official said Monday.

"Ten truckloads of clothes and shoes will be shipped into the Gaza Strip every day," said Nasser As-Sarraj, assistant undersecretary in the de facto Ministry of National Economy.

As-Sarraj told Ma'an that the Palestinian side had tried for over two weeks to convince the Israelis to allow 30 truckloads into the coastal enclave per day, yet they insisted on 10.

He explained that the Gaza coordination committee would begin receiving applications from suppliers starting Monday. Priority will be given to goods that have been distrained at Israeli ports since 2007, As-Sarraj said.

All of Gaza's crossings were closed on Monday and Tuesday due to the Jewish holiday of Passover.
1 ) Maureen / Australia
29/03/2010 11:56
For the first time in two years, clothes and shoes allowed into Gaza???? What a humane gesture by Israel, the only 'democracy' in the Middle East!

2 ) Naive Person / Palestine
29/03/2010 14:03
To Thank Israel for doing this please go to: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=374860762679

3 ) Sherezade / UK
29/03/2010 16:48
Israel needs to defend itself against a pair of trousers a skirt, shirt, socks, a baby grow maybe a babies bib.? Sounds pathetic doesn't it?? But that is just how pathetic Israel really is and the international community appeases Israels childish tantrums.

29/03/2010 22:41
Clothing hasn't been a problem, they've been smuggling it in, along with toys & candy, AFTER they smuggled their quota of explosives and weapons

Seems in the past, among the innocent devices being trucked in, part of the load was concealed weaponry

Maureen said a while back that she was coming over to help out,

You'll have a better chance of hitting the lottery than of Maureen presenting herself as promised

29/03/2010 22:45
3 ) Sherezade / UK

No you fool, it isn't the pants & shoes that worry Israel, it's the death dealing devices they tried to smuggle in previous loads

Let's not forget, those are the same people that put an apparently pregnant women in an ambulances, and it's not a baby bumps, it's weapons under their dresses

They're short of almost nothing in Gaza, it comes through the tunnels

Girl, you're really out of touch with what's going on

29/03/2010 23:06
Did anybody bother taking a look at the date shown under the picture in this article?

It was "31 August 2009", less than a year ago, and the shop looked like it was stocked to the rafters, overflowing onto the sidewalk

So, stop your pissing and moaning, there's plenty of stuff around & the shopkeeper looked like business was real good

7 ) John Hynde / Canada
30/03/2010 01:17
I bet even Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto didn`t have to wait 2 years for cloths.

8 ) arthur / France
30/03/2010 02:06
mmm... that store on the picture above sure looks empty to me...

9 ) Sherezade / UK
30/03/2010 11:17
John Hynde / Canada I totally agree. Today the very people who endured or whose families endured the horrors of the holocaust are justifying commiting the same onto the Palestinian people. The holocast lasted for 4 years the Palestinian people have been suffering for over 61 years at the hands of Israel. Jabo /Israel /USA you are out of touch with your own senses by justifying Israels pathetic policies & by doing so you do a good job of showing us exactly what a dellusional fool you really are.

10 ) Maureen / Australia
30/03/2010 14:12
The financial crisis in the U.S. has caused many to become unemployed. Interesting to see who has found employment with the Zionist Hasbara (propaganda) Department. Ben is such a gallant little soldier.

11 ) Elisabeth / NL
30/03/2010 15:54
The store is full, but the price of these foodstuffs is exorbitant as most of it is smuggled through the tunnels. Out of reach for most people.

12 ) Ja'abari / Gaza
30/03/2010 15:58
Yeah, new shaheed clothing, still the kings of terror in gaza are naked morraly, the now are robbing their own banks. If anybody wanted hints what a Baleztinian ztate may look like, it is Somali times 2. stealing from the world and stealing from their own

13 ) Maureen / Australia
30/03/2010 21:42
#12 Ja'abari/Gaza? See the news today? A Mossad agent caught with a stolen passport in Algeria. What a den of thieves you support. It's not enough for political Zionists to steal Palestinian land and lives, now they are stealing the ID of Israel's own citizens and 'spitting in the eye' of the sovereignty of Israel's allies. I would also like to remind you, Israel is emptying the pockets of American taxpayers.

14 ) Lak-17a / Texas
31/03/2010 01:30
Ben Jabo's got real skills. Ought to join one of the axis of evil: Either AIPAC, ZOA or the ADL.

31/03/2010 18:18
8 ) "arthur / France30/03/2010 02:06mmm... that store on the picture above sure looks empty to me."

If that's the case, then see an eye doctor, you're blind as a bat, which goes rather well with the bats in your belfry

Getting a seeing eye dog and a cane, you shouldn't be allowed out alone

16 ) James Lawson / USA
01/04/2010 03:56
Only someone whose parents raised them in a moral cesspool could utter the flimsy defenses of Israel. Can a society stoop any lower? What cruelty, crime or torture attributable to Hitler hasn't the state of the Jews committed against the Palestinian people & with the same flimsy rationale? Israel & its people are rotten to the core, operating without an iota of humanity. To think these are the world's whiners demanding tears for what happened to them in Germany 60 years ago.

01/04/2010 17:27
16) James Lawson / USA

Gee Jimmy, why do you see fit to ignore the fact the 10,000 rockets and mortar shells that Hamas fired into Israel, just might be the reason that Israel initiated the siege

Remember how indignant you got when the blew up the WTC and Pentagon, those types of incidents happened on a virtual daily basis in Israel, matter of fact people couldn't ride a bus or eat a slice of pizza without fear of being killed
Palestinians ignored the Partition plan, not Israel
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