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Army explanation 'simply impossible'
Published Sunday 21/03/2010 (updated) 23/03/2010 08:50
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In this photo released by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, an
X-ray of Useid Qadus`s head, taken by the Israeli human rights group
B`Tselem`s Nablus field worker, appears to show a live bullet lodged in his
skull, 20 March 2010. [MaanImages/Salma Ad-Deb`i, HO]
Bethlehem - Ma'an - Live ammunition killed two 16-year-old Palestinian boys in the northern West Bank over the weekend, despite the Israeli military's denials, medical officials and human rights advocates said Sunday.

Medics at Nablus' Rafidiya Hospital told Ma'an that Useid Qadus died of a gunshot wound to the head after a military incursion into his village. Muhammad Qadus died of chest wounds sustained in the same incident.

According to eyewitnesses, Qadus was shot with live ammunition as soldiers invaded Iraq Burin, a village south of Nablus, after residents demonstrated to protest settler harassment and restriction of access to their lands.

Israel's military has maintained that its forces used rubber-coated bullets to disperse a violent riot, following a Ma'an inquiry into allegations that both boys sustained injuries consistent with live ammunition.

"Contrary to what was published, live fire was not used. The Palestinians were hurt by rubber bullets used during the incident," an army spokesman said Saturday and reiterated Sunday, citing an initial inquiry.

But medical findings appeared to corroborate testimony by witnesses, a senior Palestinian Authority official, and emergency responders that, regardless of the circumstances, rubber-coated bullets could not have caused the injuries in question.

An X-ray of Useid's head, taken as doctors in Nablus prepared for what would be a futile emergency surgery at Rafidiya Hospital, appears to show a live bullet lodged in his skull rather than the roundish rubber-coated bullets used by the army.

"It's very clear this isn't a rubber bullet," said Jonathan Pollak, an Israeli rights advocate who co-founded Anarchists Against the Wall.

"The IDF uses two types of rubber bullets; one is shaped like a ball and the other is cylindrical," Pollak told Ma'an. "The object lodged in Useid's skull is shaped like a prism, pointed at the end. It's a bullet."

In any case, Pollak said postmortem photographs of Muhammad offered even more damning evidence of the use of live ammunition.

He said the body had an entry wound in the chest and an exit wound in the back. Such an injury could not have been caused by anything but live fire, he said.

"Less lethal ammunition, rubber-coated bullets included, can, under no circumstances, cause such injuries, even if shot from point blank," Pollak said. "No rubber bullet in the world would move through a 16-year-old's torso like that."

The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, which first obtained the X-ray late Saturday night, concurred.

"Rubber-coated steel bullets will not enter and exit the body in that way. It's very clear these injuries would not have been caused by any kind of crowd-control measure," said B'Tselem spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli.

"The army's explanation is simply impossible and not consistent with the evidence," Michaeli told Ma'an.

B'Tselem plans to issue a formal request that the army's military advocate general conduct a criminal investigation into the incident, both the alleged use of live fire and the apparent distribution of false information to the relevant investigative bodies.

For its part, the Israeli military has vowed to open an internal investigation. The commander of the Shomron regional brigade, Itzik Yar, will head the effort, an army spokesman said.

In the meantime, the military is sticking to its original explanation.

"IDF soldiers arrived at the scene to prevent a clash between the Palestinian rioters and Jewish civilians, and were violently attacked by the the Palestinians, who violently hurled rocks at the force," the spokesman said.

"Soldiers responded with riot-dispersal means, which included the use of rubber bullets in accordance with procedures," he added. "It should be noted that gas canisters were used prior to rubber bullets."
21/03/2010 13:03
This x ray confirms the lies told by the trigger happy Israeli Demonic Forces. The clock is turning back on Israel and try as they might their lies as we can see will be exposed, the day is not far when the almighty will make sure these criminals will reap what they sow!

2 ) Kiran / Australia
21/03/2010 17:09
Yes , the most moral army in the world again in action .

3 ) freeinsilence / USA
21/03/2010 17:32
Rubber bullets don't kill...not like that. It's beyond me how the IDF could claim something like this... do they think the public are morons? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. It's too easy... ammunition can be traced to the gun that fired it, and traced to the individual that fired the gun. I'd love to see the IDF do a real investigation, but it's too easy. I'm skeptical anything will come of it.

4 ) Daniel / UK
21/03/2010 20:24
Of course the IDF soldiers were defending themselves when shooting dead an unarmed 16 year old in the BACK of the head.

21/03/2010 23:16

6 ) MalachHaMavet / everywhere
22/03/2010 00:01
The number of tines on a pitchfork are equivalent to as many bayonets

Rubber bullets will penetrate the skull and kill, they're not made of sponge rubber
The rubber bullets that Israeli troops fire at Palestinian protesters were invented as a nonlethal alternative to standard ammunition, but at least twice in three weeks, Palestinians in West Bank riots against Israel have been killed with them.
One rubber bullet cracked open the head of its victim, a 15-year-old boy, penetrating his brain

7 ) Malach HaMavet / everywhere
22/03/2010 00:04
You really should do some research before you sound off, it's easy enough,
just GOOGLE the subject and circumstances

8 ) ja'abari / Gaza
22/03/2010 00:44
men so many cardiologist expert online today. thank god! I wish onw holywood annimation guy was on to say psst I can produce an even better lie than those naturally born liers pals

9 ) chris / usa
22/03/2010 01:26
I was there, the doctor told me that neither of the boys was shot in the back as the myth goes. The exit wounds were on the back of the head for Said and the back of Mohommed. Sometimes stories here get a life of their own and some aspects get reported incorrectly, but basically all the facts are corroborated with my interviews.

10 ) Robert Haymond / Canada
22/03/2010 03:32
Nothing unarmed about these teenage hotheads. Throw jagged stones or go after the police with pitchforks, then blame Israeli soldiers for defending themselves. Violent protests are Israel's fault, of course; it's always Israel's fault. Palestinian refrain: "Never take responsibility when you can blame the opposition."

11 ) Ariel / Israel
22/03/2010 09:18
To freeinsilence, the fact that every bullet can be traced back to the very weapon that fired it is the reason that the Arabs will not provide the evidence to Israel. The bullet would prove exactly who fired it, ala al-Dura, or at the very best that it was planted in the x-ray.....

12 ) sol...solecito / Colombia
22/03/2010 09:42
It is incredible that these people do not know which are human rights ... those are strong X-ray when an investigation ... but since the damage is done ... the children died by the intolerance of adults in a war that seems no end ...

22/03/2010 10:11
Whether it is real or rubber bullet, the real fact is that the aggressors and intruders had killed the 16-year boy.

14 ) Carlos / usa
22/03/2010 11:39
After this week of violence against unarmed Palestinians you can really see how stupid statements like the "most moral army" are. Unfortunately stupid statements are the only thing US media presents. I love Maan News! I love Link TV! I love Free speech TV. Hopefully these news agencies will bring truth to US and government will stop supporting Israeli Murder.

15 ) Malach HaMavet / everywhere
22/03/2010 16:00
Let's get it straight for a change, rocks & pitchforks are weapons when used in a threatening way

Throw a rock at your local policeman or threaten him with a pitchfork,
no need to wonder what will happen, you're a fool that will get shot

Being sixteen doesn't make him a boy, it's only a cover for his getting well deserved retribution for his murderous attemps

16 ) Ja'abari / Gaza
22/03/2010 17:33
so what are we argueing about fake stories video and lies?

17 ) Me / West Bank
23/03/2010 09:52
Ok, it's wrong to kill anyone, and I think the Palestinians have the right to protest the settler violence and the occupation, but it is wrong to put young boys (just children!) to do the nasty work! I'm sure few of them even know what they are doing when throwing stones at soldiers. They don't even know for what they are fighting! Where are their fathers? Not protesting alongside with their sons, for sure.. Stop using children as weapons.

23/03/2010 17:34
17 ) Me / West Bank

Sure it's wrong to put the kids out front, however, Mr. Fahti Hamad, the Hamas spokeman, takes pride in doing just that,

He's so proud of it he made a video bragging about it, and he also includes women and the elderly as human sacrafices

19 ) justice USA / USA
23/03/2010 20:35
The rapist has the right to defend himself against the rape victim, especially during the action
thank you civilized WORLD

20 ) ehsan fahmy / egypt
23/03/2010 22:49
one day all the world will be the victim of Israel

24/03/2010 13:37
20) ehsan fahmy / egypt

Seems to me that your memory fails you, since you neglect to mention that it was Egypt tha first attacked Israel in 1948, again in 1956, aain in 1967 and of course let's not forget the '73 Yom Kippur War

Now then, just who was the intended victim??

24/03/2010 14:14
19 ) justice USA / USA

Israel did protect herself against the Rapist, numerous times, commenciing with 1948, 1956, 1967 & 1973

Matter of fact she beat the rapist's to a pulp each and everytime

23 ) lost Palestine / Saudi Arabia
24/03/2010 16:55
Stop supporting Israeli murders against innosent palestinians they lost there country , there rights to live a decent life like any other nation , try to live in the street for one night ,how would you feel ? they are living in hell and all the world is watching with cold blood , and not only watching they are supporting the rong side ,the murderer against the victim ,where is the justice in this ??

24/03/2010 19:14
lost Palestine / Saudi Arabia

Very odd statement from someone that comes from a country that fosters worldwide terror

If you'll check the history, you will find that yours was one of the five Arab armies that invaded the Jewish homeland in 1948

25 ) Eric / Canada
26/03/2010 06:22
Israel is constantly attacked throughout history and the tiny nation defends itself. If it was a real bullet that could be tracked back to a gun, wouldnt these "Palestinians" (show me Palestine on a map!) be happy to produce the bullet and show it was israeli? Thats what happens when u attack the law

26/03/2010 18:11

Just producing the bullet by itself would prove exactly nothing, there's a matter of ballistics and matching the bullet to the gun it was fired from
Each bullet and gun are like fingerprints, with distinctive markings

Nothing is to say that the Palestinian's didn't fire one of their own guns into the back of the head, then claim that it was an Israeli bullet, and let's say it was an Israeli bullet, could have been from a stolen gun & ammo
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