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Haniyeh calls for West Bank uprising
Published Tuesday 23/02/2010 (updated) 24/02/2010 21:33
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Ismail Haniyeh speaks at a visit to the civil defense headquarters in
southern Gaza City on 12 October 2009. [MaanImages/Wissam Nassar]
Gaza – Ma'an – De facto Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Tuesday called on Palestinians in the West Bank to launch an uprising against Israeli forces, in response to the inclusion of the Ibrahimi Mosque and Rachel's Tomb on a list of Israeli heritage sites.

Haniyeh's comments came during a session of the Palestinian Legislative Council, where he stated that Arab and Muslim countries should respond by supporting Palestinian resistance, and not by offering a political cover for the resumption of negotiations.

"The Israeli decision to include the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and the Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque [Rachel's Tomb] in Bethlehem on a list of Israeli heritage sites comes at a time when discussions around the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the news," Haniyeh said.

"Israel's policy is to cover old crimes with new ones," he added.

Commenting on other issues, Haniyeh called for the release of detainees from Palestinian Authority prisons, an end to discussing the resumption of peace talks, and a halt to security coordination with Israel. Palestinian reconciliation should be achieved on the basis of Palestinian constants and the right to resist Israel, he added.

The de facto prime minister also called for the undertaking of practical efforts to end the siege on Gaza and to open all crossings into and out of the besieged Strip.
1 ) Saladin / Croatia
23/02/2010 16:19
Good speach Haniyeh,but wrong answer.The batlle for free Palestine first must start by trowing away PA colaboration regime!Untill this discusting and corucpt people are "ruling" the W.B.there is nothing to be done in positive way.I said it like this because PA is israel,there are no diferences betwen them.The people from PA are all israelis pupets and agents.When will people finaly relize this?People from W.B.pull yourself together and fight for your future,if not everything will be over soon!!

2 ) Nour / Palestine
23/02/2010 17:14
Hanniyeh's response to Israel's apartheid practices? Violence and throwing rocks. In other words, more of the same, Israel abuses, the world sympathizes with Palestinians, then holds back from helping them because they appear as blood-thirsty savages. A more sensible approach would be erecting a diplomatic, civil, and economic siege on Israel using initiatives such as BDS, etc. Hamas has never had a solution, and probably never will, besides being a thorn in Israel's side.

3 ) Robert Haymond / Canada
23/02/2010 20:50
Rachel's Tomb and The Cave of the Patriarchs are ancient Jewish heritage sites. Maintaining the latter would in no way interfere with the mosque. Furthermore, the aforementioned patriarchs also includes the site of Abraham's burial place and he, I understand, is revered by Muslims as well as Jews. So wht is the reason for Haniyeh to threaten an uprising? It appears that he is becoming increasingly irrelevant. He ought to expend energy for increasing the economic life of his people.

4 ) M.K / Sweden
24/02/2010 01:33
Long live the resistance! The P.A is traitors to the palestinian cause. The latest killing of Mabhouh proves this.

24/02/2010 04:33
Haniyeh should set the example, lead the protest IN PERSON

Be assured, he'll be nice and safe elsewhere, far removed from any chance of being injured

6 ) Haithem El-Zabri / USA
24/02/2010 05:30
Yes, the intifada needs to be revived, against all enemies of the Palestinian struggle for freedom. I agree with Saladin that first and foremost its high time to dump the collaborationist Palestinian Authority, set up for the purpose of serving Israel. These collaborators need to be tried for treason. Only after deposing them can we effectively struggle for freedom.

7 ) Niva dos santos / Brasil
24/02/2010 07:18
The unique problem im ME is the zions. These thugs use all artifices, just like this mumble jumble of "heritage", to continous doing their best - steal lands! I don't know other people, country, etc., all over the world acting in the same way! What these thugs dare say Iran is terrorist? They are! But, the EU/USA servants close their blind eyes to the reality. Nour, I like what you have beem said in your texts but, talks will not defeat these evil people.

8 ) Mark / US
24/02/2010 08:51
@3 - Robert How can you possibly point the finger here? The illegal, Israeli military siege of Gaza is responsible for the devastating economic collapse, not Haniyeh. Furthermore, when Israel appropriates Palestinian land for any reason, be it control of Jewish religious heritage or colonial settlement, the Palestinian people have both the duty, and the right, to resist. This isn't a bill to clean up a historical site - it's ethnic cleansing and erosion of Palestinian self-determination.

9 ) Iron_wofle / Norway
24/02/2010 16:45
It is regrettable that representatives of the PA encourages violent resistance. Violent resistance in itself has its own set of issues, but the worst part about this is the signal that is sent to the rest of the world. If Palestine is to have the support of the rest of the world, its leaders need to promote peace, not encourage throwing rocks.

10 ) Saladin / Croatia
24/02/2010 17:27
The israelis are kiling,torturing,imprison,demolishing houses,grabing palestinian land,cuting olive trees,ethnicly cleaning the palestinain people for 62 years and will do this in the future!They violated hundreds of UN rules,they have nuclear weapons,they starve pal.,steal pal.water suplies.They killed hundreds of lebanon civilians,ocupie lebanon still as well as syria!The rest of the world keeps mouths shout!And you talk to me about promoting peace TOWARD ISR.IRON?HOW PATHETIC PERSON YOU ARE!

11 ) Saladin / Croatia
24/02/2010 17:37
So in your mind the palestinians need to put up with israeli horor every day,dont do nothing,let the israelis to kill all of them,dont defend them selfs,so that the rest of the world,you and your "democratic"state of norway dont think they are violent people,while israelis can kill palestinians every day and have a mark of a democratic state on them??You my friend are either insane or dumb.You dont know what you are talking about IRON.You should be ashame of yourself!!

12 ) Chris / USA
13/08/2010 03:21

What you fail to realize is that the free world, and especially the forces for peace in the world accept the need for force against people you call Palestinian BECAUSE everywhere one looks, within any population or group, there is always an agitator who ensures that even when a given leader offers peace, he can not deliver it.

This is why Israel aggression is seen as necessary.

Whatever you claim their agenda is, the fact will remain that you serve the interests death only.
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