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Hebron: Firm plans pink women-only taxis
Published Tuesday 16/02/2010 (updated) 20/02/2010 12:23
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Hebron – Ma'an – A Palestinian company is planning to bring women-only taxis – a phenomenon already popular in Beirut and elsewhere – to the conservative West Bank city of Hebron.

Hazem At-Takrawi, the director of the Ishraqat training and development firm, said on Monday that his company is already training women to drive the female-only cabs. As in Beirut, the cars would be pink, he told anchor Adel Eghraieb on the television show “On the Table.”

Asked whether Hebron and Palestinians in general would accept the idea, At-Takrawi said the company already commissioned a survey that found that 95% of Palestinians would accept the new cabs.

In addition, he said the program will create jobs, claiming that more than 100 women, mainly university graduates, already applied for positions as cabbies. At-Takrawi said that if the idea succeeds in Hebron, he will expand the business to other West Bank cities.

Women-only taxis are already on the streets in Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, and Tehran.
1 ) Concerned Palestinian Female! / Palestine
16/02/2010 09:19
what is going on now... we ( Palestinians) are going to become like Dubai, Cairo and Tehran!! this is ridiculous!! LOVE the idea of women driving Taxis BUT segregation of taxis is NEVER a good idea, soon we are going to have women only restaurants, buses, and God knows what?!! ! LORD have MERCY!

2 ) Ali / Amman
16/02/2010 12:09
What a really great idea! I hope they spread it to other parts of Palestine.

3 ) Aurora / Italy
16/02/2010 12:46
I think it's a good idea women drive and use taxis without men. think about the bad smell of the man and their bad behaviour, or think about women's security: everybody knows that inside are there only women (also low control at check point?). About the future with all public services only for women... it's an awful perspective. In Europe the girls fight a lot to have such amount of rights... think about it!

4 ) M.K / Sweden
16/02/2010 13:16
Great idea! What's wrong with Tehran?

5 ) Khader / Palestine
16/02/2010 13:35
Thank you Hamas! Now Palestine is a better place to live... for talibans!

6 ) Ahmed / US
16/02/2010 14:49
This is not a great idea .....so if I am travelling with my family I can't ride in the taxi since a women will be driving regardless if i have other women or men with me.

7 ) Whitney Rogers / U.S
16/02/2010 16:12
It would be an astonishing exitcement plan.

8 ) Nour / Palestine
16/02/2010 16:37
The Company in question is private, meaning the issue has nothing to do with any political party but a certain target group. I really don't understand why the discussion went off on a tangent like this...Teheran or Dubai is not the issue, but the rise of Muslim conservatives in the West Bank/Palestine which has been a sustained trend since the 1970s.

9 ) Sanaa / USA
17/02/2010 04:59
I actually think this is a great idea. If you have been to the west bank, you would undertand what discomfort females go throught when riding a taxi full of men. Taxi's in the west bank are not like taxi's in new york. You actually share a taxi with 10 other people. And the men riding them are not always that nice. This idea would lessen harrassment and many other problems. Can;t wait to try this system out next time I am there.

10 ) Rami / Aus
18/02/2010 09:48
Very sad what is happening the palestine what next women only cities??
this is wrong move.

11 ) kikki / Norway
18/02/2010 13:39
Great idea and would be great also in European cities, so nothing to do with Hamas or anyone else. Sorry guys,this is culture and as long as those few of you that are not respecting women continue not to do so, then I am all for it. In Palestine, if you could collect your legs, stop spitting around and smoking in our faces and possibly sit too close to us, then I am all for Pink taxis ;-) If you start behaving then we do not need this service any longer.

12 ) Lubna / Hebron
22/02/2010 00:48
Thank God!!! i mean i know people have concerns about this kind of segregation but i think its good because women face a lot of problems with Taxi drivers and passengers. There are a lot of perverts in taxis!!!

13 ) Steph / USA
23/02/2010 02:59
Having traveled in West Bank taxis, I can totally understand the inclination to opt out of that system. I do wonder, though, about the long term effects of separating men's and women's space even further. And what of women who choose not to use pink taxis? Will they face even further harassment because they're seen as agreeing to any sexist treatment by virtue of riding in a regular taxi?

14 ) Pink taxis is NOT a fix. / USA
18/03/2010 10:16
Wow! What is this world coming too? Is this for real? What's up with this? Shamefully many women from all over the world especially in the middle east bow their heads and take garbage from men. Women All over the world must stand tall and NEVER EVER let any rude loser dictate your next move. Wether we like it or not we all must share this planet and there's no getting around it; so why not make the best of it. Ladies we must restore confidence and raise stronger women for a brighter future.

15 ) a lady from hebron / hebron
03/04/2010 20:55
what a great idea my sister lives in ramallah was thinking of making this idea but u made it before i think it will be a gteat idea and will succeed because men in hebron will be sure that their precious ladies will be in safe hands

16 ) abeer / hebron
05/04/2010 09:28
i am trying to contact u but i dont have an adress i wish to work with u in the office but not a driver i have BA IN BUSINESS FROM BETHLEHEM UNIVERSITY i need a job as soon as possible and i nees ur address please on the internet so i can contact u

17 ) Sangita / Nepal
21/04/2010 11:33
i am very happy. actually i am also driver in Nepal my plan also women taxi service lauched in nepal.i was looking at a programme that would combine a livelihood for disadvantaged girls with the idea of having women cab-drivers who will provide safe transport to working wonen and supporting. please if you are intested contact me at [email protected]
thank you

18 ) dana / palestine
01/05/2010 21:35
Can anyone provide me with info ( name and phone number ) of any of the female taxi drivers already in service in hebron plz
Thank you

19 ) Sangita Pun / Nepal
11/08/2010 12:02
woo..... it is relly nice idea i am so happy.
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