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Abbas: We don't want guarantees
Published Sunday 31/01/2010 (updated) 02/02/2010 09:13
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Bethlehem – Ma'an – President Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in London on Friday that his government was not interested in US guarantees and denied reports that Arab ministers exerted pressure on him in Washington to resume negotiations with Israel.

"The US continued to contact us and the Israelis, and they intended to give what they call 'guarantees,' but we said frankly that we didn’t want guarantees," Abbas added.

Abbas said US President Barack Obama proposed a freeze to settlement construction, yet failed to convince Israel to halt settlement activity completely. Obama's suggestion, he said, was a moratorium which is unacceptable, being only a partial standstill for 10 months, excluding Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank.

The PA, according to Abbas, gave to suggestions on how to restart negotiations with Israel. The first suggestion necessitated a decisive moratorium for a given period, including East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and all Palestinian territories. Additionally, Israel must recognize the 1967 borders, he said. The second suggestion was to discuss all issues, including final status issues, which was undertaken with the former Israeli government, but nothing followed such talks, Abbas added.

Abbas also highlighted that the US suggested "proximity talks" but "we, the Palestinian side, didn’t give an official reply, which will be given in 10 days after consulting with Arab and ally countries," he said.

Meanwhile, Abbas added, Obama gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu five steps to be taken in order to rebuild trust with the Palestinians. Firstly, all military incursions into the West Bank must be brought to halt, as they can no longer be justified while security measures are imposed solely by the PA. Secondly, all military checkpoints erected during the second Intifida must be dismantled, as there is neither an uprising nor security chaos, he said.

The third step includes the release of Palestinian prisoners. Abbas highlighted that Hamas is currently negotiating the release of one Israeli prisoner for potentially hundreds of Palestinian detainees, while the PA transfers all Israeli citizens illegally in the West Bank back to Israeli military officials.

Israel must allow the transfer of construction material into the Gaza Strip for reconstruction, and finally, Israel is to redefine the Palestinian areas A, B and C in order to allow Palestinians to move freely.

Abbas further told reporters in London that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia supported the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to sign the Egyptian-backed reconciliation agreement in any place other than Egypt.

"I support your stance that you can’t ignore Egypt because that would be immoral," King Abdullah told Abbas.

Abbas confirmed his support for popular resistance, however, he said he is against the launching of a third Palestinian Intifada. "I don’t want to destroy the country again."

1 ) Nour / Palestine
31/01/2010 10:24
As much as I agree with the notion that a third intifada would compound our suffering, I don't trust Abbas to uphold our interests in the long run. I would argue that Palestinian morale is at an all-time low. Let's not forget who instilled the division among us. The status quo can't be maintained, and no amount of economic prosperity can compensate for the lack of freedom and daily humiliation imposed by Israel - the apartheid entity. The 2-state solution is a myth, time to move on Abbas.

2 ) John / USA
31/01/2010 10:26
Concession after concession after concession by the Israeli government. Palestine doesnt remember that Israel gave them the Gaza strip?

3 ) Nour / Palestine
31/01/2010 10:30
Any regime that credits or aligns itself with the Mubarak regime shows its colors as CIA Mossad collaborators. Read Angry Arab blog about the Gulf Arab / Zionist secret alliance. Jerusalem is being traded for Gulf fiefdoms' hold on power.

4 ) noor / Plaestin
31/01/2010 10:45
I hope everything is demanded by our president will soonley achieved since the people are very upset
And they need to see all the checkpoints removed
It is my dream

5 ) Nour / Palestine
31/01/2010 11:48
#2 You did not "give" it back, you were forced out, expelled, because you were holding the territory in illegal occupation. You got exactly what you deserved, and the West Bank is next. The brutal and ugly occupation must end.

6 ) Solange / Canada
31/01/2010 13:06
Dont you forget John that Israel stole their land. Israel isnt offering concessions, they are offering crumbs!

7 ) christian palestinian / usa
31/01/2010 16:58
the apartheid state of israel would next exist on earth if it wasn't for the massive corruption in the arab world and the so-called "arab leaders" being totally unorganized and uninterested.

lets be honest here. the problem is that the arab world is weak, not that israel is strong. israel is nothing without america and everyone knows it, but the arab world is weak and unorganized. this is the heart of the problem.

8 ) Fred / UK
31/01/2010 17:21
Again Abbas running around like headless chicken ,too late now for two state solution,dissolve the PA ,asked the world the UN to take over the occupied Palestinian land and work for one state solution arab and jews living together with equal rights.That is the only feasible solution.

31/01/2010 18:21
Israel left Gaza, and as yet, the Palestinian's still can't along with one another

It's easy to place the blame on others when the stench is from your own armpits

Palestine isn't the only problem Muslim's have, look at the almost daily bombings in Iraq & Afghanistan, brother against brother

As a matter of fact, if you'll take a bit of effort and look at the following website you can obtain a running account of Muslim terrorism on a world wide basis

31/01/2010 18:26
Solange, you have your facts bassackwards

Palestinian's along with five Arab armies tried to steal Israel, when they waged war against Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 & 1973

Israel foiled those attacks, Palestinian's lost the land in open combat

You, on the other hand should feel guilty, Canada was taken from it's original owners by the French & English

You in fact, unless you're a native Indian, are living on stolen land, so get the heck out and go where you came from

31/01/2010 18:33
Dear Christian Palestinian

Since you mentioned "Apartheid", can you tell me where I can find a single Church in all of Saudi Arabia

Ever hear of your fellow Christian Copt that are afraid to go to Church in Egypt, or about the Churches being burned down in Iraq?

Meanwhile, most of your fellow Christian's have been forced to vacate Bethlehem since the Muslims wanted the lucrative tourist trade

You need some education, try

31/01/2010 18:33
Noor/Palestine, surely you've heard the latest news
Hamas isn't allowing anyone out of their homes in Gaza without permssion from Hamas

I've heard about being "Your brothers keeper", but this carries it to an extreme

31/01/2010 18:36
Abbas will contine to make demands, it gives him the opportunity to accumulate a large sum of money for his personal use, place it in foreign bank accounts, and to retire to Europe, enabling him to live in the lap of luxury

He's only following Arafat's example

14 ) Deborah / USA
31/01/2010 20:58
Ben Jabo, please see a psychiatrist dealing in narcissistic personality of the disorder of the political kind. It might help.

15 ) Paul / Canada
01/02/2010 01:34
Ben Jabo...who's paying you?

shin bet?

You are a Zionist mouthpiece. Lying thought your teeth. Jews who came from London, Moscow and New York to Palestine do not have the right to kick people out of their homes. Colonialism is from a by-gone era.

You people are morally bankrupt in the extreme.

16 ) Mahmoud "The Dude" Lebowski / USA
01/02/2010 02:18
Oh Ben Jabo, you're so cute with your ultra-Zionist history. Israel unilaterally disengaged from Gaza. it was a dumb move not to coordinate with the PA, but what else can we expect from the Butcher??

01/02/2010 06:33
Paul, Mahmoud & Deborah

It seems I struck dirt, truth hurts, live with it!!!

Tell me where I can find a single Ancient Palestinian Coi, Tel, or manuscript that pre-dates the Roman invasion?

Mahmoud, whether Israel left unilaterly is inconsequential, how could she let Fatah know that she was leaving while Fath still hadn't fullfilled her obligations under Oslo to remove the chapter calling for Israel's destruction
from the PLO Charter, Israel tolerated 10,000 rockets

01/02/2010 06:35
I'm strictly a volunteer, both here and in the IDF

You still haven't said when you're deprarting Canada, your ancestors most certainly didn't originate there

Deborah, if that's the best you can come up with, get some help, you sure need it, you're loco in the coco

01/02/2010 06:39
Eborah, Mahmoud, Paul, you all need some education, shooting from teh hip and hitting yourselves in your respective feet

Try this for starters, it will fill in the void in your skulls


Instead of inane commments, how about coming up with some verifiable facts, the same way I can up with the above link?

Hollow drums make a lot of noise, and you're giving me a headache

20 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
01/02/2010 09:23
Ben Jabo & John (post 2) would have the results of the Nuremberg trials thrown out as precedent and Geneva IV repealed. Or they think there is a big "Israel Excepted" in both. A word to both: Israel signed on to the Geneva Conventions and there is no "Israel Excepted" clause. Maybe Israel should withdraw from the Geneva Conventions, but too many Israelis believe in them. And since the US helped write both the Conventions and helped frame the Nuremberg precedents, we won't be rewriting them.

01/02/2010 18:10
As you may recall, Jews weren't able to resist the Nazi's, they didn't h ave the weapons or manpower to do so

Arafat signed on to the Oslo Accords, and didn't fulfill his end
Therefore, your comparison to Nuremberg is null and void

01/02/2010 18:16
Mark of Lewiston

I see you're still driving from the back seat

When's the last time you were to the land in question, to observe first hand what's going on?

I'm fairly certain you wouldn't use a Doctor or Dentist that didn't have some actual experierience, therefore, all of your posts are based on second hand knowledge at the very best

To put it simply, you're merely a member of the audience, not a participant

I guess it's cheaper than attending a movie or renting a Netflix CD

23 ) Filipe / Portugal
01/02/2010 20:57
Deborah/USA, Is there something that Ben Jabo posted that is not factual ?? Please explain how posting facts---- however opposed to your personal view--- can qualify someone as having a narcissistic personality !!! Do you have a problem with accepting the truth when it is presented ??

02/02/2010 02:22
Despite your vituperative chatter, you still haven't come up with any facts to counter what I posted

By all means, if you can refute my facts, do so, or otherwise button up and don't display your stupidity so publicly

02/02/2010 02:25

Mark of Lewiston

Surely, an expert as your pretend to be, should know that for any contract to
be valid, there must be a mutual agreement between the participants

Israel may have signed on to the Geneva Conventions, it seems the Palestinian's didn't

Therefore, there is no obligation incument upon Israel, since that would be one sided, just like your bias against Israel

You could consult an attorney that's familiar with contract law, you sure need the advice

02/02/2010 02:27

I've seen the "Silence of the Lamps", you should follow suit, since you don't have the foggiest idea about what you're talking about
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