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Gazans raise money for Haiti
Published Monday 18/01/2010 (updated) 21/01/2010 09:13
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Gaza – Ma’an – Palestinians in Gaza set off for the Red Cross headquarters on Monday to offer donations and financial support for the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake on Tuesday.

Relatives of Palestinian prisoners also participated in the drive, with many offering financial donations and goods including blankets and covers, as well as food and milk for children.

Head of the Committee to Break the Siege Jamal Al-Khudary said "people may be astonished at our ability to collect donations from our people [in Gaza]; we tell them that this is a humanitarian campaign and our people love life and peace …"

"We are here today supporting the victims of Haiti … we feel for them the most because we were exposed to our own earthquake during Israel’s war on Gaza."

The Red Cross director was only able to accept financial donations as transferring goods out of the Strip is near impossible, Al-Khudary added.

1 ) mimi haddad / United Kingdom
18/01/2010 15:46
My heart goes out to Gaza and it's suffering people and I feel such enormous pride in the people of Palestine for their humanity to others that are suffering,the world should be told of the humanity and generocity of the wonderful Gazans and Israel if it had any idea of shame should take a lesson on humanity from the couragous decent palestinians. Viva Palestine VIVA GAZA I light candles everyday for all of Palestine

2 ) Asim Alavi / Sri Lanka
18/01/2010 16:04
God Almighty bless the Gazans; You will be victorious.....

3 ) Israeliguy / Israel
18/01/2010 19:28
So this crap about starving Gazans is what? isn't Gaza a huge ghetto? and Israelis are just like nazis? You're revealing your lies through cheap propaganda.

4 ) Pal / USA
18/01/2010 20:07
MashaAllah Ya Ahil Gaza. May ALLAH (SWT) reward you. You are giving up the little you have in order to save lives of others. This is the true spirit of Islam.

Shame on those who have deprived the Gaza People of food and medicine and other basic needs. Allah (SWT) will not forget what you are doing.

5 ) Fannette / France
18/01/2010 21:29
thats what amazes me about Palestinian everyday!! these people are simply amazing!

6 ) Julie / USA
18/01/2010 23:48
The Light of Gazans is eternal, it is legendary, it is historical and can never be put out because..it is Truth which can not be destroyed even if the flesh is. only those who suffer most fully understand this inredible strength of holy truth which keeps their spirit's flame alive and allows their hearts to have deep compassion for others. Gaza, you will live on eternally, your truth has already been victorious, as it always was and forever shall be..Truth is the power of Allah, it can not die.

7 ) Zeuz / Mexico
19/01/2010 00:06
It is incredible how People who almost have nothing because of the lame israelis can afford donations of things that they lack. Allah please bless this people and make israelies pays for the attrocities they have done

8 ) James Murray / USA
19/01/2010 00:36
Haaretz displays a front page picture for this story. Bt when I click on it, the message is: "This page cannot be found."
Israel shames herself with such childish tactics. But thank God Ma'an publishes the story! My prayers are for the people of Haiti, the people of
Gaza, and the people of Palestine.

9 ) Christian Palestinian / USA
19/01/2010 04:20
Even though the Palestinian people are suffering under a brutal and illegal israeli military occupation funded by the US, they still have the strength and dignity to raise money to help their fellow human beings in far away Haiti.

The Palestinian people have proven themselves to be some of the strongest, most peaceful, and most generous people in the world!

Israel can never defeat the spirit of the Palestinian people!

God Bless the people of Palestine and God Bless the people of Haiti !

10 ) Jo Ann / USA
19/01/2010 06:12
Even in a news story about death and desperate suffering in Haiti, Palestinians focus on their grievances against Israel. Why don't you people grow up?

11 ) Manuela / 12d31943
19/01/2010 11:11
Israel s? que esta prestando una verdadera ayuda Hit? !!Se puede comprovar!! Parece que al mundo les cuesta reconocerlo,Pero el judeo ama la vida ,y para el judeo el salvar una vida es como salvar a un mundo

12 ) Yasmin Palestine / UK
19/01/2010 15:38
The travel writer, Dervla Murphy, came across many poverty stricken families , who shared what little food they had with her and her daughter. on her travels as described in ; ''WHERE THE INDUS IS YOUNG.'' It's usually the poorest on this planet that are the most generous. God bless the Palestinians, the Haitians ,and all others who are suffering.

13 ) Mohammad\Land Of Poverty\Gaza / Palestine
19/01/2010 16:19

14 ) Jo Ann / USA
20/01/2010 08:13
Palestinians are "some of the most peaceful people in the world?" They hijack planes and kill children. That's not peaceful. Mohammad, I know you're still alive in Gaza. I don't care. Palestinians glorify violence. Stop the violence and people will care about your suffering. 60 years of violence brings Palestinians only misery. Ghandi freed his people in less than 30 years -- and he didn't kill anyone. Grow a brain.

15 ) ehab / jordan
20/01/2010 10:59
This is the free palestenian spirit , generosity without limits , although Gaza suffers from the hateful siege from Israelis and Gazans barely find their daily life requirements , they insist to be helpful for doomed people because they strongly know how it feels when you wake up morning and you dont have a single piece of bread in your house (in case there is a house)

16 ) christian palestinian / usa
20/01/2010 14:27
Jo Ann, you have a lot to learn about Palestine, its great people, and its great history. I hope that you wake up from your trance and read some books to educate yourself before you speak in public and embarass yourself.

Unfortunately, there are millions of "blind" people in america who are misinformed and brainwashed like you and who speak out without knowing the facts. I wish you well in your search for knowledge and information.

You are missing a lot of information.

17 ) khalida ahmed baba / sahara occidental
20/01/2010 17:38
salut a tous les palestiniens,
nous sommes avec vous

18 ) Human rights supporter / Canada
20/01/2010 20:15
Jo Ann and reviewers of this blog: f Jo Ann had said this about Jews her commentary would have been removed as hate speech. 60 years of violence? Jewish gangs blew up and shot at Palestinian civilians in order to cause mass migration from Palestinian land in order to make room for a Zionist state that would spread the myth of a 'land without a people for a people without a land'. Before you ask people to grow a brain, may be you should acquire one.

19 ) Mohammad\Land Of Poverty\ Gaza / Palestine
20/01/2010 20:17
Jo Ann,Did you see the war? who began it? who killed more than 1500 person ?who injured more than 45.000 ? Israli killed the children and the pregnant women.You must open your eyes and see who is the victim ,and who is the criminal.I understand why you do not know these things , your media, they show a lot of information wrong and cheat the americans people.Another thing who kills the people in Iraq and Afghanistan,which its far from America thousand miles

20 ) Onthebuzz / United Kingdom
20/01/2010 21:45
Peace and Blessings to the Gazans. More Power them all..

21 ) Julie / USA
21/01/2010 05:56
Jo Ann...of all the comments, YOU are the only one inciting hate (against an entire people). hate is easily found in the categories of violence and racism. some brains are sadly limited to their own dogmatic, erroneous thinking, and even worse these said brains do not..i repeat, do not..have the capacity to hold knowledge nor understanding by their very nature which snuffs out any hope of true enlightenment & awareness as well as the maturity needed for peace & genuine compassion..you have none.

22 ) Walter / USA
21/01/2010 07:53
#3 Israeli guy... Are you joking? Gazans have nothing, but still they give, quietly. Israel has given a lot, but it spends more money telling people how much it is giving, then it spends on giving. Even Jewish blogs are making fun of Israel. http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2010/01/cnn-only-israel-has-a-fully-functioning-field-hospital-in-haiti-234.html http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1143313.html

23 ) Jo Ann / USA
21/01/2010 09:26
Speaking the truth is not hate speech. I said Palestinians hijacked planes and killed children. That's true. I did not see who began the war. But I am not blind nor uneducated. I know about the Irgun, the Deir Yassin massacre, and Israeli jets firing missiles into Gaza. I know about the Avivim schoolbus massacre, Palestinians dancing with joy after 9-11, and rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. Do palestinians want sympathy and support? Or do they want to kill? Killers don't deserve sympathy.

24 ) gaza.tumblr.com / UK
21/01/2010 13:53
Jo Ann, if you are aware of the cycle of violence that is perpetuated on both sides of the conflict, why do you seek to paint all the Palestinians as hijackers and terrorists that glorify violence? This is a racist attitude. The vast majority of Palestinians want peace, justice, and the adherence of Israel to international law. You say killers don't deserve sympathy, there are numerous cases of the IDF killing unarmed men women and children, is that OK?

25 ) gaza.tumblr.com / UK
21/01/2010 14:13
Jo Ann, I have yet to see confirmed proof that Palestinians danced with joy on 9/11, I'm willing to concede that some extremists did, but did they all? But why so hypocritical? You concede that 'killers don't deserve sympathy'. The US provides unconditional money and weapons to Israel, does it not? There are well documented and confirmed reports of 5 dancing Israelis actually in New York who were arrested by police and later found to be Mossad agents: http://tinyurl.com/6348

26 ) Mohammad\Land Of Poverty\Gaza / Palestine
21/01/2010 14:33
9-11 is a result for Americans Acts .The arms in the israli army is from America .America sustains all the palestinian suffering .America is supporting to kill the Palestinian people.SO America and Israli are Killers.

27 ) Jo Ann / USA
22/01/2010 03:45
It's NOT OK for the IDF to kill civilians. It's NOT OK for Israel to fire missiles into Gaza. These are war crimes. But I can't stop them. Mohammad, check your facts. Israel makes its own weapon too -- ever hear of an UZI? The US started an illegal and senseless illegal war in Iraq. The US commits war crimes. I can't stop my government. Does that mean it's OK to kill me? Was it OK to kill the school children on one of the 9-11 planes? I say it's wrong to kill and it's wrong to love killing.

28 ) gaza.tumblr.com / UK
22/01/2010 13:02
Jo Ann, you project an awareness of the geo-politics surrounding the Israel/Palestine issue, and yet seem to place the blame wholly on the Palestinians. Why? You separate your actions from those of your government, but do not afford this distinction to Palestinians. Why? Israel admits that Hamas did not fire missiles into Israel during the "lull" before the 2009 assault, but that it was other non-government extremist groups. Are you really implying that Palestinians "love killing"

29 ) Mohammad\Land Of Poverty\Gaza / Palestine
22/01/2010 22:18
You are saying that we love to Kill , we are not a killers, we defend to protect ourselves,You said an important thing " The US commits war crimes. I can't stop my government. Does that mean it's OK to kill me? Was it OK to kill the school children on one of the 9-11 planes? " Ok. Befor,9-11.Lets back to the history, 1991 America wants to defeat Sadam ,she put Iraq under the siege to 2003 , 1 million child were killed , why? if America wants Sadam,thats mean to killed 1 million.

30 ) Maha Thaher / Palestine
23/01/2010 00:08
I just want to say that the report itself wormed my heart. But what I liked the most is the very healthy discussion I see in the comments. I'm glad that there are so many open minded people who are able to talk reason rather than fire back at opinions they don't like. This is something I'm not used to seeing on the different news discussion. Makes me very very proud to be a Palestinian :)

31 ) Jo Ann / USA
23/01/2010 08:03
I came to this site for heartwarming news about people in Gaza helping Haitians. I read about the families of Palestinian prisoners, the Committee to Break the Seige, and "we feel for them the most because we were exposed to our own earthquake..." Your own earthquake that killed 140,000 at once? And the comments! The whole page is about good Palestinians, evil Israel, suffering Palistinians. Once I commented, then it's about the evil US too.

32 ) Jo Ann / USA
23/01/2010 08:40
Israeli officials have said on TV that Israel has done bad things. I have never heard any Palestinian say that Palestinians do anything wrong. The problem is always someone else's fault. Gaza.tumblr, I said Israel commits WAR CRIMES. That is not blaming wholly the Palestinians. Mohammad, Britain set up Palestine's problems under the Mandate. China sells weapons to Israel. But the US is to blame for Palestine's problems. To me, that's strange thinking. Can you please blame Lithuania for awhile?

33 ) Mohammad\Land Of Pverty\Gaza / Palestine
23/01/2010 13:30
America is the biggest country supports Israli weapons .This weapons kill us, and you are saying why the palestinian people blame America? who sends reinforcement to Israli during the war? I can not understand why do think that we are a criminal ,Jo Ann. We are the victimes of Israli massacares.

34 ) Jo Ann / USA
24/01/2010 03:59
Mohammad, I answered your question. This site did not post my comment. Americans see Palestinians shouting "Death to America!" http://www.truthtube.tv/play.php?vid=3085 Americans don't think Palestinians are sending us love letters. We think Palestinians want to kill us.

35 ) Mhammad \Land Of Poverty\Gaza / Palestine
24/01/2010 19:20
we do not hate the American people,there are a lot of American people work here in Gaza to help us .we hate the policy of the United States against Palestine.The blind support for Israli is the reason to hate America.Again we do not hate the American people ,we hate the blind policy of America.ITS AWRONG THOUGHT.

36 ) Jo Ann / USA
25/01/2010 07:00
Mohammad, I'm happy Americans help in Gaza. You say Palestinians don't hate Americans and that's wonderful. I don't hate Palestinians. I was once an ESOL teacher and liked my Arab students. I know some history, but maybe I'll never understand the situation. I agree, blind support for Israel is wrong. I hope you find a way to have peace. I hope we all do.

37 ) Mohammad\Land Of Poverty\Gaza / Palestine
25/01/2010 22:17
Jo Ann, thanks for your good spirit,I really appreciate this mind. I am inviting you to come here to Gaza to see that we do not hate Americans. I hope to continue contact with you on my email "[email protected] " If yoy do not mind.

38 ) Amir / Canada
27/01/2010 11:00
Jo Ann said: "Even in a news story about death and desperate suffering in Haiti, Palestinians focus on their grievances against Israel." Not necessarily. The person simply pointed out that they suffered through a disaster and knows how it feels. Unlike the Quake in Haiti, theirs lasted over 3 weeks. And unlike Haiti, any aid sent to Gaza is rejected by Israel whereas aid sent by Gazans to Haiti will be sent there. You've misread the article, I'm afraid.
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