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Signs of anger at Abbas spread in Gaza
Published Wednesday 07/10/2009 (updated) 09/10/2009 09:40
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A defaced poster of President Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza
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Gaza – Ma’an – Expressions of anger at the Palestinian Authority reached a new level in Gaza on Wednesday as hundreds of posters of President Mahmoud Abbas with a black “X” through his face appeared in public locations.

The text on one poster under an Abbas photo reads: ''To the trash heap of history, you traitor, Mahmoud Abbas.''

Abbas and his circle of advisors have come under heavy public criticism after they withdrew a resolution from the United Nations Human Rights Council to demand further action on a report on alleged war crimes during Israel’s war on Gaza last winter. Judge Richard Goldstone’s UN-backed investigation called for prosecutions of Israeli officials over the war, which left more than 1,400 Palestinians dead.

A crew dressed in civilian clothes was seen putting up the posters on Wednesday morning, though it was not immediately clear who was behind the campaign. The posters were signed ''Intellectuals and university professors.”

Later, three university professors (Hussam Edwan of Al-Aqsa University, Kamal Abu Nada, and Asad Abu Sharkh of Al-Azhar University) held a news conference claiming responsibility for the posters. They said their aim was to demand Abbas’ resignation.

“The public opinion is against sitting with those who withdrew the Goldstone report,” Hamas leader Ismail Radwan told Ma’an, commenting on the possibility of renewed talks with Abbas’ Fatah party.

“There is much anger in the Palestinian community at all levels. This is a reaction and a result of the anger,” he said of the posters.

At another demonstration in Gaza City’s Palestine Square, members of the families of the victims from the winter offensive threw shoes at posters of Abbas, a reference to the shoes thrown at US President George W Bush by an Iraqi journalist last winter.
1 ) Nour / Palestine
07/10/2009 16:27
Can we ask a very simple question: Why are you still referring to him as the, or a "President". First, he has no real powers except concessions which are illegal anyway. Second, his term as prescribed by the defunct Oslo processes expired last January. For heaven's sake, stop spreading a myth.

2 ) Hussam / Palestine
07/10/2009 16:53
An inexperienced US presidency along with the zionist lobby and Arab collaborators have totally used Abbas as a scapegoat. Obama refused to be seen as biased after his Cairo speech and no Arab leaders had the courage to admit guilt, so they put Abbas on the cannon's head (He accepted moronically).

3 ) Assad / USA
07/10/2009 17:03
Nour is of course right...abbas has no mandate nor did he have the rigth to fire the democratically elected PLC and install his own PA gov...much like the emir of kuwait but the emir called for emmediate elections...does abbas think he is emir of palestine? Vicroy of the occupation is more like it

4 ) Mathilde / France
07/10/2009 17:40
I totally agree with Nour. Calling Abbas "President" equals desinformation and it gives him a legitimity he does not have any longer.

5 ) Hussam / Palestine
07/10/2009 17:58
I wish I were there, would have brought with me my oldest, worn-out and dirtiest shoes to throw at Abbas' tired, appologetic and defeatest face. I don't know how you will get away with it this time.

6 ) Hussam / Palestine
07/10/2009 18:00
Ever since you rose to your rank, you've brought nothing on us Palestinians except shame, division, greed and corruption. You bet your neck on Obama, and now you've seen first hand who runs the show in Washington. It starts within, unity and steadfastness Mr.Abbas.

7 ) Hussam / Palestine
07/10/2009 18:00
By tossing the UN Goldstone report aside you've declared your allegiance is to the violent occupation and settlement enterprise. Resign at once because you can't stop the popular fireball. May God have mercy on your soul.

8 ) Assad / USA
07/10/2009 18:26
Abbas still in Italy to afraid to come home! :)

9 ) Leila / Sweden
07/10/2009 18:36
Here's a photo showing Abbas kissing and hugging an Israeli general. If this happens in front of cameras I really don't want to think what goes on behind closed doors! http://www.palestine-info.info/ar/DataFiles\Cache\TempImgs\2009\2\Images2009_News_2009_OCTOBER_jqddvowrkrzhcvo4jn4_200_15

10 ) Tracy / Canada
07/10/2009 18:49
Mr. "Preisdent",

Enough with looting resources of the Palestinian people,stop lies we have totally lost Jerusalem Gaza and Palestine, Resign and stay at home.

11 ) American Friend Of Palestine / USA
07/10/2009 19:16
Palestinians SHOULD Show Anger/Draw A Line!


They should NOT forget/NOR let others MANIPULATE them out of (for THEIR POLITICAL benefit)...the CURRENT Opportunity that Obama represents. He's the ONLY one that can make things happen FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS!
ABBAS...was trying NOT to waste it!

12 ) American Friend Of Palestine / USA
07/10/2009 19:54
PALESTINIANS should pay attention to USA politics/OBAMA...they are the BEST indicators of WHY Abbas (any leader/party)...do things. Obama was FORCED to ask too much. Abbas/NO leader could risk BURNING this opportunity!!! It would mean 3-7 years MORE of HELL/NOTHING. STILL: A line MUST be drawn HERE!

13 ) Andre' / Germany
07/10/2009 19:55
Sorry, but i think, Mr. President Mahmud Abbas is a very big mistake and the palestinien people pay the price for this mistake.
What has Mr. Abbas done for his own people in Gaza and for a State Palestine in Gaza and Westbank- NOTHING!

14 ) Dweikat / Palestine
07/10/2009 21:18
Put what you think of President Abbas aside.I would like to know why people now are very angry? Did they forget Hamas was against the goldstone report? Did people forget the previous masacres in the westbank. This is only a reason to attack the PA. This attack has nothing to do with President Abbas

15 ) Dweikat / Palestine
07/10/2009 21:22
This is a political strategy of hamas and others to have a reason to show that they are right and the others wrong...Stop heating up for things like this and put your feelings in the people who don't got something to eat, or to wear or the prisoners or the education or the healthcare.

16 ) Assad / USA
07/10/2009 21:44
Dweikat: i notice abbas and dahlan and fayyad all fat from the good life living off the outsourced occupation....they have never done anything for the starving in gaza...remember hamas is first a charity and second a reistence movement and finally a political part...bet you fat too Dweikat.

17 ) Maureen / Australia
07/10/2009 21:51
Israel knows Abbas is a push-over. That is why land is being stolen from under his feet. Soon there will be nothing left for him to be 'president' of.

18 ) Dweikat / Palestine
07/10/2009 22:09
haha funny Assad...again you only talk about President Abbas...talk about real things instead of acting like a stupid sheap..I forgot who financed the palastinians in the past(Fatah) and still is..or Fought in a lot of countries also in palestine(Fatah) and is also a political part..read more books

19 ) David / Palestine
07/10/2009 22:21
It is correct to be angry at Abbas. But let us not forget his path is the only oportunity for peace and a measure of Justice, even though it does not seem like it now.

20 ) Amin / The Netherlands
07/10/2009 22:24

21 ) Assad / USA
07/10/2009 22:33
all my zakat goes to gaza NOT the PA....i suggest others do the same and not support the fat cats in in Fateh who support the occupation, at least a real charity and resistence group

22 ) Nour / Palestine
07/10/2009 22:36
Dweikat, you seam determined to defend the perverted actions of your beloved "President". Stop blaming Hamas for everyhthing, the ennemy is Israel, it's not Hamas, Jihad, or Fatah (the joke). Our ennemy is clear. It's people like you who want to diffuse an embarassment to the traitor Abbas.

23 ) Maria / Spain
08/10/2009 02:11
Palestinian politics are just for Palestinians, I wouldn't mix up in it. But please, don't say that Mr. Abbas is President, since there were fair elections and he did not win. And besides all, the fatalities in Gaza were not made by Hamas... it was Israel, occupation in the W.B. too!!!

24 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
08/10/2009 02:23
Dweikat, you don't get it. Your hero, Abbas, is a traitor and a tool used by the US and Israel to destroy the Palestinian people. What part of the Goldstone report is Hamas against? The part that says that Gaza fighters defending their homeland committed war crimes.

25 ) Abu Panda / al-Manfa
08/10/2009 07:57
To sign a statement condemning 'Abbas for the Goldstone fiasco, go to http://lettertoabbas.wordpress.com.

26 ) IJ / UK
08/10/2009 09:38
Israel does it every time: divides the Palestinians! And you fall for it! Any chance to believe the worst of each other and it isn't missed. All jump down each other's throats and believe the worst. Far more damage caused than postponing a report which the US etc will ignore anyway!

27 ) Dweikat / Palestine
08/10/2009 22:40
President Abbas had won the election maria..A question for all you people.Who of you lives in palestine? I read..spain..USA, UK, Australia..and you are the ones who know everything? We in Palestine know nothing...very funny...Long live Fatah and to the trash with the enemy hamas, leaders of disunity

28 ) Nour / Palestine
09/10/2009 08:00
#27 I really doubt you're Palestinian. If this is your attitude, namely continuing to incite against Palestinain refugees abroad (and imply we have no right to demand transparent and loyal leadership) then you're wasting your time. We won't rest until people like you are removed from any aurhority
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