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Accused cult leader Jaerock Lee leads pro-Israel 'crusade'
Published Sunday 06/09/2009 (updated) 08/09/2009 16:58
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Lee addresses a Jerusalem news conference
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Jerusalem – Ma’an – Amidst a beaming glimmer of flashing lights stood Korean Evangelist leader Dr Jaerock Lee, at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem on Sunday night.

On Dr Lee’s self-described “crusade to Israel,” the controversial pastor brought at least 3,000 of his followers, from over 36 different countries to an international multicultural festival and mass prayer rally.

In the past, Dr Lee has made bizarre assertions that he has divine powers and can medically heal illnesses including as cancer and now swine flu.

Responding to a question from Ma’an, Dr Lee reaffirmed these claims on Sunday night, adding that he “only obeys the will of God.” In a sermon in 1998, according to the Jerusalem Post, Dr Lee also claimed to be “sinless and exempted from dying."

While his supporters describe him as being “very likeable, very humble,” Dr. Lee’s Manmin Joong-ang Church was ejected from the Christian Council of Korea in 1999 for “heretical claims.” The Korean Ministry Association has also branded him as a “cult leader.”

When asked about what he wanted to achieve on his “crusade to Jerusalem,” he said he “wants to preach about Jesus Christ, the savior, who was born in this land.”

However, Lee’s “crusade” has clear political connotations. The 3,000-person pilgrimage was publicized by the Israeli Government Press Office. In addition, Israeli Ministry of Tourism officials were on hand at Sunday’s event.

He said that neither he nor his followers will visit the supposed birthplace of Jesus, the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, home to one of the Holy Land’s largest concentrations of Christians. His followers, he said are in the region on “prearranged trips” with the help of the Israeli government.

Lee expressed his gratitude to the Israeli government for allowing the event, saying that the Jewish people are the “rightful guardians” of the Holy Land.

“[There are] so many promises in the Old Testament that our savior, Jesus Christ, will return soon. We have a lot of evidence his promises will be accomplished.”

It is estimated that Dr. Lee has a following of some 100,000 members, with 9,000 member churches throughout the world.

Approached by Ma’an, a spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said he was not aware of Lee’s visit.
1 ) john hopkins / USA
06/09/2009 21:43
good story -- I was not aware of the possible motivations other then the obvious. I have heard of this fellow and his followers - and, his following seems to be growing. thanks for your coverage of this story.

2 ) Abu Truth / rather, an occupyed terrority
06/09/2009 22:36
What a nut. It should be clear at this point how dubious the Christian Zionist-Israeli alliance is. In a bizarre way, Evangelical leaders--like Lee--seem to be actually anti Semitic. They wish for the collection of the Jews in Israel and then for their destruction so that Jesus will come back.

3 ) Gaokyo Nyglrem / United States of Asia
07/09/2009 12:00
His mission to Israel is purely political. By creating sufficient allies on earth and in the heavens, he will be able to negotiate an alternative to the Iranian uranium enrichment program such as the legislation of compulsory recreational marijuana use.

4 ) Peter Beck / USA
07/09/2009 17:35
Dr. Lee is a Korean version of "Pastor" John Hagee, founder of CUFI (Christians United For Israel). Christian Zionists have warped the true meaning of Christianity and are a real danger to a peaceful outcome in the Middle East. These people are not open to dialog and fit the definition of a cult.

5 ) Clyde Barnett / USA
08/09/2009 13:56
You give time and energy to Rev. Lee and his need to proselityze. Yet the Mormons who have a vey similar approach were able to buy land and establish educational facilities on Mt. Scopus after the Proselityzing laws came into effct in the 70's. What's the difference? Who's financially benefitting?

6 ) Examiner / Bethlehem
08/09/2009 23:09
This man is a cult leader he is not Christian at all, read about him in this site http://www.angelfire.com/space/lee_jae-rock/ at the end times as Lord Jesus tells us in Mathew 7 22 23 many false prophets will come and this dirty faced Lee is one of them

7 ) Frightened / America
10/09/2009 08:15
The Jerusalem Post: "No one belongs here more than you," said Israeli Tourism Ministry Director-General Noaz Bar Nir at the conference Sunday night. "My goal is for every evangelical from around the world to visit Jerusalem at least once in their lives."

8 ) Lois Ann Snyder / US
13/09/2009 02:22
Which claim of Rev. Lee for himself is less likely--"sinless" or "exempt from death?"

9 ) This guy is crazy / Filisine
13/09/2009 11:53
The Jpost just reported that somone has died in Israel from swine flu. This means that old Jaerock comming to Jerusaleum didn't do the trick. Big supprise.

10 ) sarang bae / korea
13/09/2009 16:49
He is a great servant of God he do great things by the power of God, he is our senior pastor he does not do any bad he just Obeys to God and pleases God.

11 ) Njiru B / Kenya
25/09/2009 20:09
Whatever names may any one call Rev. Lee, He still remains to be my HERO! Why don't you guys pray to get revelation from the Holy Spirit. God defends himself. How can this man do such things if the Living God were not with him? Because of him, I came to love Jesus Christ more... He will do even grea

12 ) Loke Chun Wei / Malaysia
28/09/2009 15:46
Hello...How are you?i want help you to me..i have problem little my eye is wear use to eye glass......i true believe to church manmin and GOD....!HELIP ME...........!u can add my msn email...!My msn is [email protected]
i am deaf..i can't talk and hear...!Thank You...1

13 ) Steve Park / USA
28/09/2009 19:22
He is a proven man of GOD. Do not be biased by the verdict of the Korean Church Council. The so-called Korea's mainstream church leaders are envious of Lee's spiritual power and leadership, so they accused Lee as a cult leader without legitimate ground.

14 ) Indra Rai / Nepal
04/10/2009 16:50
He is realy spiritually man so God chose him to preching gospel.
all christion should follow to him.

15 ) bok sun / korea
26/11/2009 17:54
his ministry is only salvation of humen by jesus christ. an international multicultural festival is providence of God. it comes to know if we see it's fruit to accomplished after he prayed for the rain and now swine flu.

16 ) David Singh Basnet / Nepal
14/05/2010 09:58
He is God chosen man for this era.

17 ) joel / india
14/05/2010 10:03
what ever let people says about Dr Lee But He Is The First one Who preached About Jesus christ boldly in centre of the jerusalem with attendance of jerusalem government ministers , no one have rights to tell that he is a cult he is a father of all evangelist

18 ) Sahir Anum / Pakistan
07/08/2010 08:04
Peace to you, We are pleased to introduce "Biblical Educational Ministry of Pakistan" This ministry is headed by Evangelist Dr. Razia Yaqoob. Her ministry is registered and approved by the government of Pakistan under Reg. # RJSC/Fsd/53 and a Church named S&Y Prayer House who are serving the Lord in the poor Muslim country Pakistan. We are not affiliated with any organization or Church, mean we are working on self-supporting basis. For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are p

19 ) Ben Shalom / Israel
19/08/2010 14:46
If Lee claims, he is without sin, there is no truth in him (1.Joh 1,8). Proof the Spirits, if they are of God, the devil is the father of every lie.

20 ) Sandra / India
30/11/2010 19:02
People are accusing Lee as a cult leader, most opinions are one sided it is important to mention that the Korean Presbyterian Churches Union has declared that Rev. Jaerock Lee is not heretical. It stated "we have clarified that Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee is ministering with faithful doctrines based on the gospel". The popularity and the enormous growth of Manmin membership and their ministry seems to have attracted people who are not very pleased with Rev. Jaerock Lee popularity.

21 ) Andrew / Fiji Island
20/04/2011 00:12
Rev.Dr.Jaerock Lee is the chosen man of God. you people still cant believe what miracles work he was doing by the work of the HolySpirit. Unforgiven SIN is to judge the work of the Holy Spirit(mathew12:31-32).

Godbless you All.

22 ) sotiris / cyprus
28/04/2011 10:10
I read his book my LIFE my FAITH, so the PASTOR can bring his followers to the CASINO, he admits that he puts the coin to the slot machine with the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT. SO the HOLY SPIRIT that he describe in his book is the same HOLY SPIRIT in the BIBLE? so HOLY SPIRIT teach as to gamble ?this is HERITICAL !!!!

23 ) Annila / India
14/10/2011 19:33
Rev. Dr Lee's Book My Life My Faith is an inspiring book liked by many christians as well as non-believers in many parts of the world. Rev. Lee is a chosen man of God. His faith is amazing and the miracles he performed through the power of God by healing many people of diseases. His good works touched the lives of millions. In fact Manmin Church has become one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

24 ) Martha / India
24/11/2012 21:09
whatever Pastor Lee is accused of it cannot be denied that he is striving hard to spread the gospel and let people know about the love of God. In fact despite many detractors he has managed with the mighty power of God to build up Manmin Church from a very small members to thousands around the world. Reading about his life motivated one to follow and love God. He is indeed a man of God

25 ) Veronica P / Panama
01/12/2013 18:19
I believe this pastor is a real man of God and he is following the word of God and therefore, he is sending the message to those who let their foolish mind obey the devil. As an example look at the U.S. a country who was the first on sending missionaries to the world, and now they rather let the doctrines of Sodom and Gomorrah guide the country than the God that George Washington gave birth to the nation. What are the pastors are teaching? Oh, the people like soft preachings not the truth!
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