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Palestinian woman shot and injured in Afula cleared of all charges

Oct. 28, 2015 10:16 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 29, 2015 1:33 P.M.)
NAZERETH (Ma'an) -- Israeli Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday that Israel's Justice Ministry said investigations into the shooting of Israa Abed showed she did not intend to carry out a stabbing attack before she was shot and injured.

The news channel reported that as evidence, the ministry cited a video of the incident, in which Abed was standing next to an Israeli youth before the shooting, who she could have stabbed, but did not.

Abed will reportedly not be indicted for any attack, and is expected to be released on Thursday.

Abed's father, Zeidan Abed, told Ma'an that no charges will be pressed against his daughter and her file will be closed.

"Police proved what I have been saying from the beginning, Israa is an educated young woman who aims to serve the community, and who did not intend to harm anyone," he said.

Channel 2 also reported that no action will be taken against the Israeli police officers who shot the young woman.

Palestinian MK Yusif al-Jabareen said the decision not to take action against the Israeli officers allows police to shoot Palestinians indiscriminately.

Abed was shot and injured on Oct. 9.

A video of the incident shows the her surrounded by Israeli security forces at the bus station and appearing to hold an object in her hand.

Amid shouting, the security forces open fire multiple times at the woman, who drops to the ground. She appears to pose no threat to the heavily armed forces when she was shot.

c / usa
How about if she carried a knife to protect herself? Why is that not a possibility, when Jewish mobs go around looking for Arabs to attack
29/10/2015 20:37
Patel / uk
Outright killing of innocents. Yet these so called super powers are sitting on their hands and supporting this occupation
30/10/2015 12:18
Stan Squires / Canada
I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that the killing of this woman is a clear case of Israeli apartheid.The Canadian and American gov'ts should be condemned for supporting these kinds of atrocities against Palestinian People.
30/10/2015 19:16
A Simon / U.S
Unbelievable that the U.S. supports this monster. Palestinians, please stay strong. The world will eventually see the horror you are enduring. Shame on those who don't speak out to help these poor people.
31/10/2015 17:59
barry / uk
The woman was not killed you idiots, read the article. She is walking around with a big knife and the israelis did the right thing, they wounded her to bring her down. If it was the usa she would not be alive.
03/11/2015 09:05
Rami / Palestine
@A Simon - Enduring is not enough. Your country is responsible for this atrocity. Every bullet used to murder a Palestinian was paid for by U.S. Tax dollars. Every Hellfire Missile or White Phosphorous war head that eradicated entire families in Gaza was approved and delivered by USA.
03/11/2015 09:45
Colin Wright / USA
barry: 'The woman was not killed you idiots, read the article. She is walking around with a big knife...If it was the usa she would not be alive.' Lol. Yep, walk around with a kitchen knife in the US and you are DEAD. Ever hear of open carry?
03/11/2015 18:59
Brian Cohen / Israel
Hey Rami - instead of whining get rid of your leaders and find somebody who will sign a peace treaty with us? I'm willing to pull out of my settlement and hand over my house if you guys will guarantee an end to the war. Until you love life more than death, you Palestinians will suffer.
03/11/2015 21:59
Carlos / usa
Brian Cohen, you are lying. israel could make peace at any time but it wants to keep the situation the way it is. What a disgusting government israel has. It doesn't obey Geneva conventions and summarily executes people. Israel is worse than ISIS. israel also supports isis too.
04/11/2015 18:43
ian / australia (1)
To Brian. "I'm willing to pull out of my settlement and hand over my house if you guys will guarantee an end to the war." A generous offer, Brian, which you make knowing your house is quite safe. But, you know, I don't think Palestinians particularly want it. Rami, who would obviously know better than me, might disagree, but I think Palestinians generally accept
15/12/2015 21:38
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) what's gone is gone. In Gush Etzion, for example, all trace of the Palestinian past has been so utterly eradicated, there's nothing Palestinians recognise as theirs. The struggle is to keep what is STILL Palestinian, like Hebron, East Jerusalem, Silwan and the Old City including the Aqsa mosque. If something along those lines was offered,
15/12/2015 21:39
ian / australia (3)
(contd.) it would be accepted in triumph because a state without soldiers, settlers, checkpoints, evictions, demolitions and attacks by the "Skunk" would be (comparatively) paradise. So, though a few thousand deranged ferals would have to relocate, you could probably keep your house with no hard feelings (comparatively).
15/12/2015 21:40
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