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Palestinian, 20, shot dead after alleged attack at Damascus Gate

Oct. 14, 2015 4:49 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 15, 2015 9:50 A.M.)
Israeli police stand in front of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, October 5, 2015. (AFP/File)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian man was shot dead at the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday after an alleged attack on security forces, Israeli police and media said.

Israeli police responded to the scene after the alleged attack and a suspect with a knife was shot dead, Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

Witnesses said the man was"executed in cold blood" after beingshot with 14 bullets and left to bleed on the ground. Israeli forces deployed in the area and shouted "terrorist, terrorist" at the suspect before shooting him, they added.

A Ma'an reporter identified the man as Basil Bassam Ragheb Sidr, 20. Initial reports incorrectly said he was 14.

Video footage captured by anMSNBC news crew show the man running down steps at Damascus Gate away from security forces, holding what appears to be a knife and a mobile phone.

Israeli security forces then open fire multiple times.

Israeli media reported that the man was approached after acting suspiciously and drew a knife at Israeli security forces.

The latest death brings the total number of Palestinians killed since Oct. 1 to 31, with at least 17 shot dead at demonstrations.

At least seven Israelis have been killed in the same time period.

On Tuesday, two Palestinians were shot and killed after they allegedly carried out attacks that killed three Israelis and injured up to 27 in four separate attacks across Israel and occupied East Jerusalem on Tuesday.

In the wake of the attacks, Israel's government immediately suggested punitive measures against Palestinians, including the closure of Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem and arming more Israeli citizens with guns.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israel’s security cabinet announced that Israeli police are now entitled to "impose a closure on, or to surround, centers of friction and incitement in Jerusalem, in accordance with security considerations," according to reports by Israeli news site Haaretz.

The cabinet also gave approval for the revocation of residency status for Palestinians who carry out attacks as well as the police closure of occupied East Jerusalem.

Israel's security cabinet also decided at a meeting late Tuesday that the bodies of Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces after carrying out attacks on Israeli citizens would no longer be returned to their families.

The decision, which was among a series of stringent security measures, was taken in order to stem protests that frequently accompany the funerals of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, a spokesperson for Israel's Public Security Ministry said.

Israeli media reported that Israel will bury the Palestinians' bodies in secret instead of handing them to their families.

The decision came after two Palestinians were shot dead after they killed three Israelis in attacks across Israel and occupied East Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Israeli rights group B’Tselem has called the Israeli government’s response to recent escalation in the area as "the very inverse of what ought to be done" in realistic efforts to stop current violence.

"The events of recent weeks cannot be viewed in a vacuum, isolated from the reality of the ongoing, daily oppression of 4 million people, with no hope of change in sight," the group said in a statement on Tuesday.

those crazy Jews shoot at any one / who tries to kill them
shame shame shame!!!
14/10/2015 16:58
Julie / USA
how many Palestinians have the criminal israeli thugs murdered in cold blood claiming with ZERO PROOF of any weapon that they carried out an alleged attack, stabbing, etc? oh, that's right, EVERY SINGLE ONE!
14/10/2015 17:02
Joe Fattal / USA
Don't tell me Israel going to bury Muslim attackers or not according to Muslim tradition. Muslims in general have different customs than other religion when burrying their dead. I don't expect Israel will respect that tradition.
14/10/2015 17:27
Someone / Palestine
Israel enter its last period .........
14/10/2015 18:06
Leagle Eagle / Australia
Why even bother with the pretence of a knife - the world knows there was no knife, there was a Palestinian.
14/10/2015 18:34
Outlier / USA
Okay disbelievers, explain this to me. Why does one person cause a response by Israeli security and HUNDREDS of others in the vicinity do not? Just because you do not believe does not mean the scenario is inaccurate.
14/10/2015 19:20
@ Someone / Reality
Maybe Your Grandchildren Won't Be So Delusional, And
Probably They Won't Even Be Living In Palestine !!
15/10/2015 15:03
ian / australia (1)
Israel has pushed Palestinians to breaking point. By refusing to prosecute the arson attackers who killed the Dawabsha family, by giving every indication they intend to take over the Aqsa and by murdering them, virtually at random, in the street, Israel has unleashed something possibly unexpected: an army of young men who are prepared to lunge at Jews
15/10/2015 22:25
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) with knives in the knowledge they will probably die in the act. Did Israel count on this? It's now a battle of wills. Israel has always been an arrogant, brutal oppressor demanding UTTER submission to EVERY outrage but these young men are saying we would rather die. Israel doesn't quite know what to do. If they lash out viciously punishing
15/10/2015 22:25
ian / australia (3)
(contd.) whole neighbourhoods, arming Israelis, desecrating corpses or storming the Aqsa, Palestinians will become more dangerous. And despite the lo-tech, decidedly Third World nature of the attacks they have the power to make the lives of Israelis dangerous, uncertain and scary (like the lives of Palestinians). Which is the point. They can't drive Jews out of occupied Palestine but they can make it hell for them to stay.
15/10/2015 22:27
ian / australia
To Julie, Legal Eagle and Outlier. Sometimes the "attempted stabbings" are pure fiction as in the cold-blooded murders of Hadeel al-Hashlamon at the checkpoint in Hebron and Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun in Sultan Suleiman Street and sometimes they're not.,7340,L-4709987,00.html
15/10/2015 22:29
ian / australia (1)
"Okay disbelievers, explain this to me. Why does one person cause a response by Israeli security and HUNDREDS of others in the vicinity do not?" Well, Outlier, Hadeel al-Hashlamon was shot at a checkpoint in Hebron for looking weird in full veil and not understanding the commands shouted at her in Hebrew. 13-year-old Abed al-Rahman Shadi Obeidallah was shot
15/10/2015 22:30
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) in Aida in what was either a callous "mistake" or a sadistic potshot. And 19-year-old Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun was pursued along Sultan Suleiman Street by a mob of religious Jews screaming to soldiers, "He's a terrorist! Shoot him!!" which they did. All three were unarmed and innocent of the offenses they were killed for. So, Outlier, explain
15/10/2015 22:31
ian / australia (3)
(contd.) why these three innocent people out of "HUNDREDS of others", "cause(d) a response" and were murdered "by Israeli security", and you've answered your question.
15/10/2015 22:34
ian / australia
To Someone / Palestine. "Israel enter its last period ........." إن شاء الله
16/10/2015 22:51
@ian/australia / Ard Rabbina
Say "YARABB!!!!
17/10/2015 17:32
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