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Photos of family forcing soldier to release 12-year-old boy go viral

Aug. 29, 2015 1:42 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 1, 2015 11:06 A.M.)
One of a series of photos taken in Nabi Saleh on Friday, Aug. 28 that has subsequently gone viral. (AFP/Abbas Momani)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Images of two Palestinian women and a young girl scuffling with an Israeli soldier after he tackled a Palestinian boy with a broken arm went viral Friday evening, after the images became widely circulated on social media networks and mainstream media outlets.

The incident took place in the central occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah, where local, international and Israeli activists gather for weekly Friday rallies in protest against Israel’s separation wall, a well as settlement expansion and other policies considered illegal under international law.

The rallies in Nabi Saleh were first organized in 2009 and have carried on every week since then.

Photos and video footage appeared to show an Israeli soldier clinging to a boy, later identified as Muhammad Basim Tamimi, 12, while the child's mother, Nariman Tamimi, his sister, Ahed Tamimi, and aunt, Nawal Tamimi, attempt to pull the soldier off him.

The photos were captured by AFP and Reuters, while video footage was also captured by local activists.

(AFP/Abbas Momani)

In one of the images the sister is seen biting the Israeli soldier's hand to force him to release her brother.

Two days before the incident, the twelve-year-old boy suffered a broken arm during an Israeli raid in the village and can be seen wearing a cast in the photos.

During the scuffle, a mask was removed off the Israeli soldier’s face. The family eventually managed to free the boy and take him home.

Mahmoud al-Tamimi and Marcus Got, an Italian activist, were arrested during the clashes Friday.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said that the incident took place during a "violent riot" in Nabi Saleh.

She said that Israeli forces attempted to arrest the boy after he was identified "hurling rocks."

However, "a group of rioters, including women and children, attacked the soldiers," she said, and the commanding Israeli officer stopped the arrest to prevent an "escalation of violence."

Joe Fattal / USA
I can't believe it. They beat the crap out of that soldier.
29/08/2015 15:49
Bella / Italy
Unfortunately, they'll just show up at the home of the boy and the women in the middle of the night and violently arrest them. They probably already have.
29/08/2015 18:09
Colin Wright / USA
to Joe Fattal: 'I can't believe it. They beat the crap out of that soldier.'

Poor Master Race. It's a high bar to get over.
29/08/2015 23:48
@ Joe / USA
What "I can't believe" is that Palestinians adults encourage young boys,
to do the fighting for the men, and think that they won't be arrested for breaking laws against stone-throwing !!
29/08/2015 23:53
Colin Wright / USA
Anyway, we now know how many Palestinian women it takes to beat the crap out of a Zionist soldier.

Three: two to hold him down and a third to bite him.
29/08/2015 23:54
brave women / where are
the men??
and how come the Israeli soldier does not shoot?
if it was an Egyptian slodier, or Hamas -they would all be DEAD!
30/08/2015 06:37
Brian Cohen / Israel
Wow, what an incredibly well-staged propaganda coup for the Pals. Maan didn't run the picture with the big palestinian flag in it, but this was clearly a staged event with cameras, props and "protestors" well coached in what to do to get the best Pallywood pics possible.
30/08/2015 11:34
Some one / Palestine
This was captured by camera ..
How many kid was arrested behide camera??
30/08/2015 13:32
Gul / Pakistan
Lol anytime the ethnic cleansing is caught on tape, the trademark Israeli 'propaganda pictures' comment pops up. Which part of an 'Israeli army spokesperson said' did you not get? Also the photo is AFP, are they also part of the rampant Palestinian propoganda machine?
30/08/2015 14:33
@ "Brave Women" / Far Braver Men
Israeli soldiers have orders not to shoot unless their lives are in danger,
just like NYC policemen, so as to protect civilians, and this soldier, like many others, went above and beyond to protect Palestinian civilians !!
30/08/2015 15:54
izzy / usa
I see an Israeli soldiers using a crazy amount of restraint. come to the USA and do that to a cop. see what happens.
30/08/2015 16:23
Joe Fattal / USA
@ izzy/ usa In the US when a child commit a crime the Police don't tackle the child and put a headlock on him, they take the child to his parents and confront them about their child. They can arrest the parents if they have to. I guess in Israel they can headlock a child.
30/08/2015 18:06
Phil / USA
@Joe Fattal Seriously, man! If the 12-year-old "child" is old enough to be out there throwing stones, he just might get a headlock put on him in the US too, if he doesn't cooperate fast enough. And seriously, what are the parents in this case going to do to stop their son from throwing rocks?
31/08/2015 22:38
Phil / USA
This confrontation doesn't look staged, but another similar-setting video I saw recently was pathetic. Little children were shoving soldiers, yelling in their faces, daring them to move a finger against them, while the cameras rolled on, waiting for the Israelis to "get aggressive." Duh.
31/08/2015 22:43
Phil / USA
One disturbing part of a video I watched recently of a face-off between soldiers and civilians, showed clearly a little boy, maybe 6 years old, being forcibly shoved to the front, right at the soldiers. That's just irresponsible and really pathetic. Take care of your kids!!!
31/08/2015 22:46
Brandy / Usa2
@Joe: Not only can they headlock a child in Israel, they can do it whilst holding a machine gun in his face. Well done to AFP, for capturing the images.
31/08/2015 23:28
Ahed Tamimi as described in / the DAILY MAIL
She will soon lose her stardom!
01/09/2015 09:34
ian / australia (1)
To Brian. Staged? What's staged about it? We all know "Shirley Temper" but so what. There's a rally at Nabi Saleh every Friday and she's always there. The question is why in Yahweh's name do Israeli soldiers have to be there when there's no conceivable threat to Jewish property or lives. The mission
02/09/2015 05:44
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) is obviously, for some nefarious purpose, to make SURE the rallies turn violent though it did kind of backfire this time.
02/09/2015 05:46
ian / australia (1)
You realise, Phil, your argument is like saying if a Polish child threw a rock at a German soldier in 1943, let's say because they broke his arm and invaded his country, it would be cool if he was strangled and carted off because, after all, he DID break the law. Wake up and smell the falafel, Phil.
02/09/2015 23:29
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) You're not standing up for law and order, you're supporting a satanic state and a brutal, illegal and immoral half-century long occupation.
02/09/2015 23:30
Bobby English / England
The women fought for the child, while the WANKER man stood watching!
03/09/2015 02:34
Carlos / usa
@Bobby English The Wanker Man got arrested for filming the brutallity of israeli war machine. The Wanker Man is braver than you. The slimy leadership of israle called on soldiers to shoot everyone who protests after seeing thier soldiers stupid behavior.
04/09/2015 18:58
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