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5 injured, 2 critically as Israeli forces fire on Kafr Qaddum march

June 12, 2015 7:09 P.M. (Updated: June 14, 2015 10:23 A.M.)
QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- Five Palestinians were injured, two critically, when Israelis forces opened live fire on the Kafr Qaddum weekly march Friday.

A coordinator for the village's popular resistance committee, Murad Shtewi, said that Muhammad Majid, 20, had been shot in the stomach and chest with live rounds and is in critical condition.

Ibrahim Mousa, 35, is also in critical condition after he was shot in the abdomen while in his house.

Shtewi also said that Muhammad Nidal, 20, and Mouiz Khader had been shot in the leg, and Ayman Farouq, 38, in the hand.

Dozens others suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation.

Israeli forces had closed down the village's entrance since the early morning after they declared it a closed military zone. As a result, those injured had to be evacuated from the village in private cars using dirt roads.

An Israeli army spokeswoman contacted by Ma'an said she would look into it.

Israeli forces routinely suppress weekly marches by violent means.

In Kafr Qaddum, they also regularly declare the village a closed military zone in order to prevent the weekly march from taking place.

The march is carried out to protest the Israeli separation wall and Israeli settlement activity, both illegal under international law.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.
carlos / usa
israel is not a democracy. israel is a tyranny.
12/06/2015 19:21
Arnold / Canada
Both Israelis and Palestinians are stubborn. Problem is the Israelis are leading a fairly normal life. Do the Palestinian people at this point must realize that something is not correct with the way they are going about this.
12/06/2015 19:47
@ Carlos / USA too
The Area A/B Palestinian Authority "is a tyranny".
Gaza is probably far worse. And, Not having citizenship,
Palestinians are not part of Israel's democracy !!
12/06/2015 20:37
jabe / Canada
Arnold, you've got it upside down and you know it. Palestinians demonstrating peacefully for their rights. Israeli's firing upon them. The world recognizes "that something is not correct the way THE ISRAELIS are going about this". In fact, it is criminal and immoral.
12/06/2015 21:15
Carol Scheller / Switzerland
A man inside his home seriously wounded ? If I understand well, this weekly march is non-violent. I would call the Palestinians who put their lives on the line courageous, hardly stubborn. The soldiers are not stubborn, either. Readers are welcome to come up with the best adjective to describe them.
12/06/2015 22:57
Luzer / USA
Maan news shows them marching but the picture shows boulders and rocks all over the place. If you think you can randomly become stone throwers without any consequences you must rethink your fake peace marches. Violence will be met with more violence to suppress the so called peace nicks.
13/06/2015 03:17
Michael / Mexico
" Problem is the Israelis are leading a fairly normal life. "

If you call imprisoning hundreds of thousands in the biggest outdoor prison in the world, then you have a mental problem
13/06/2015 04:25
Loraine tymons / United kingdom
I am so lucky that I live in a Democratic country where I have the right to protest when I see that something is wrong. I know I will not be shot at. The people of Palestine are brave and are fighting for their legitimate rights. Israel should be ashamed of its brutality!!!
13/06/2015 11:19
@ Jabe and Lorraine / You vs. the World
- What You call "criminal, immoral, brutality" the World calls self-defense,
except that many have a double-standard when it comes to Israel.
- What You call "non-violent Palestinian marches" involves throwing stones at 50 feet, and using knives at 5 feet. There is no "shame" in self-defense !!
13/06/2015 17:03
some one / some where
i would recommend your editor read what you put in web if they were marched while israel open fire how can they hit some one in the house all lie lie lie and lie
14/06/2015 03:18
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