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List of names of Palestinian individuals detained in overnight raids

June 15, 2014 9:35 A.M. (Updated: June 15, 2014 8:23 A.M.)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military expanded a campaign of arrests across the West Bank on Saturday night and Sunday morning, detaining 80 Palestinian individuals as part of a search for three disappeared settler youths.

The majority of the detained individuals were affiliated with Hamas and Islamic in some capacity, although their relationship to the case of the youth is unclear.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has said that he hold the Palestinian Authority -- including Hamas -- responsible for the youths, who Israeli authorities believe have been kidnapped.

A spokesperson for the PA security forces said on Friday, however, that the PA was "not responsible" for protecting Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, highlighting that the area in which the youths disappeared is under full Israeli control.

We are maintaining an initial list of the Palestinians detained over night, which will be updated as more names come in:

1. Hasan Yousif, a top Hamas leader based in Ramallah.

2. Wasfi Qabaha, former minister of Prisoner Affairs.

3. Firas Jarrar, former prisoner from Nablus.

4. Samir Abu Sheib from Awarta village south of Nablus.

5. Anas Raddad from Sayda village in Tulkarem.

6. Abdullah Bani Audah from Tammun village in Tubas.

7. Talal Abu Asba from Qalqiliya.

8. Ahmad Awwad, a former prisoner from Nablus.

9. Ahmad Nabhan, a Hamas leader from Askar refugee camp in Nablus.

10. Huthayfa Ziyada from Madama village in Nablus.

11. Muhammad Barbarawi from Hebron.

12. Adeeb Wahdan from Ramallah.

13. Amir Dahbour from Qalqiliya.

14. Nael Anaya from Qalqiliya.

15. Nasser Barakat.

16. Ahmad Salatna.

17. Abdul-Hakim al-Qadah.

18. Ahmad Malaysha.

19. Alaa Abu Khadir.

20. Arafat Nasser from Ramallah.

21. Omar Barghouthi from Ramallah.

22. Muhsin Shreim from Qalqiliya.

23. Sheikh Zeid Sarhan from Nablus.

24. Sajid Khatatba from Nablus.

25. Tariq Shaaban Abu al-Halawa from Hebron.

26. Marwan Yasin Zahda from Hebron.

27. Said Qasrawi from Ramallah.

28. Abdul-Hadi Shbeita from Qalqiliya.

29. Marwan Muhra from Salfit.

30. Khalid Abu Arafeh from Jerusalem, former minister of Jerusalem Affairs.

31. Musab al-Ashqar from Tulkarem.

32. Muhammad Adib Mousa from Bethlehem.

33. Nadir Sawafta from Tubas.

34. Fazi Sawafta from Tubas.

35. Osama Shahin from Hebron.

36. Ammar Manna from Tulkarem.

37. Tariq Qaadan from Jenin.

38. Subhi Qafisha from Hebron.

39. Sajid Khatatba from Nablus.

40. Mustafa Rabayaa from Jenin.

41. Jaafar Izz Addin from Jenin.

42. Palestinian lawmaker Abdul-Rahman Zeidan.

43. Muhammad Abu Shamma from Tubas.

44. Abdul-Jabbar Jarrar from Jenin.

45. Sheikh Karim Ayyad from Bethlehem.

46. Arif Salim from Qalqiliya.

47. Hasan Safadi from Nablus.

48. Najib Mafarja from Ramallah.

49. Fathi Yasin Abu Srour from Bethlehem.

50. Husni al-Burini from Nablus.

51. Palestinian lawmaker Fadil Hamdan from Ramallah.

52. Tousif Lahham from Bethlehem.

53. Amr Thiab.

54. Dr Muhammad Ghazal from Nablus.

55. Qasim Abu Hussein from Hebron.

56. Ahmad Hamadna from Nablus.

57. Yahya Salih.

58. Muhammad Nidal Daghlas.

59. Adham Sholi.

60. Ali Hanoun from Ramallah.

61. Alaa Zaaqiq.

62. Huthayfa Salameh.

63. Yousif Abu Sneina from Hebron.

64. Muhammad al-Sayyid.

65. Said Abu Hussein from Hebron.

66. Ahmad Zeid.

67. Ibrahim Abu Salin from Ramallah.

68. Ahmad Tutah.

69. Samir al-Shaww.

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