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On board the Freedom Flotilla - Passenger List

June 1, 2010 5:28 P.M. (Updated: June 25, 2010 12:13 P.M.)
Bethlehem - Ma'an - As governments coordinate with Israel to determine the fate of their nationals on board an aid convoy destined for Gaza that was attacked by Israeli forces, the UK's Times Online released a list of known passengers on board, while the Free Gaza Movement, one of the organizers, listed some of its participants.

Many activists refused to identify themselves to Israeli authorities, with 629 refusing voluntarily deportation and choosing to remain in Israeli custody across the country.

The majority on board were Turkish nationals, counting roughly 400 participants. The names of the at least 10 activists killed by Israeli forces during the attack have yet to be released.

A number of journalists remain in detention.


*Eight Algerian MPs.

*20 unnamed nationals.


*Paul McGeough, Sydney Morning Herald correspondent

* Kate Geraghty, Sydney Morning Herald photographer

*One unnamed man, undergoing surgery

*Possibly one other female journalist


*Two nationals.


*Four nationals.


*Inge Neefs, 26.


*Svetoslav Ivanov, cameraman for Bulgarian television stationBTV

*Valentin Vassilev, a reporter with the Bulgarian television stationBTV


*Three unnamed nationals.


*Eight unnamed French citizens.

*Ahmad Umimon, identified by the Israeli military, which alleged the man was an "operative of the Hamas."


*Annette Groth, 56, MP.

*Inge D.M. Höger, 59, MP.

*Norman Paech, 72, MP.

*Matthias Jochheim, 61, deputy chair of IPPNW Germany, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

*Mario Damolin, a freelancer working for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - held in Beer Sheba


Six Greek nationals, including a captain of the Greek ship

*Giorgos Klontzas, 39.

*Agios Nikolaos


*Annekarijn de Jong, 29, PHD researcher at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.


*Caoimhe Butterly,31, Free Gaza coordinator

*Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant to secretary-general

*Mark Daly, 37, Irish senator.

*Shane Dillon, 36, seafarer, first mate on the Challenger 1.

*Fiachra O Luain, 28, former independent candidate in EU elections.

*Paul McGeough, 56, an Irish-born journalist and chief correspondent of the Sydney Morning Herald.

*Fintan Lane, 43, is a historian, political activist and spokesman for the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

*Two naturalized Irish-Libyans

*One dual Irish-Polish national.


*Six unnamed Italian citizens


*12 nationals including Dr Muhammad Halim Ben Hassan

*Physicians for Human rights said at least one man was hospitalized in Haifa Rambam Hospital


*At least 30 unnamed Jordanian nationals.


Reports suggest at least 18 Kuwaiti nationals were on board the Freedom flotilla. The Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) identified three.

*Walid Tabtabaie, Kuwaiti MP

*Mona Sheshter, KUNA reporter

*Ali Buhamad, photographer


*Hussein Shukor.

*Nabil Hallak.

*Abbas Nasser, Al-Jazeera journalist.

*Andre Abou Khalil, Al-Jazeera journalist.

*Two unnamed Lebanese nationals.


*11 nationals.


*Three nationals.


*At least seven nationals.

New Zealand

*Nicola Enchmarch, Viva Palestinia activist - to be deported to unknown destination.


*One unnamed Omani national.


*Talat Hussain, a presenter with Pakistan’s Aaj TV

*Two other unidentified nationals


*Lubna Masarwa, 32, community events organizer for Al-Quds University, occupied East Jerusalem

*Huwaida Arraf, 33, lawyer with dual Israeli and US citizenship.

*Nader El Sakka, 58, Gaza and currently living in Germany where he is President of the Palestinian Community of Hamburg.


*Ewa Jasiewicz, 31, journalist.


*Henning Mankell, 62, Swedish author of the Inspector Wallander books.

*Matthias Gardel, professor of religion

*Muhammad Qabalan, member of parliament

*Dror Feiler, Swedish-Israeli artist


*Former Jerusalem Archbishop Capucci, 88.

*Shatha Barakat

*One unnamed Syrian national.


Approximately 400 Turkish nationals, including:

*Mehmet Ali Akdeniz, 34

*Sahin Ibrahim Güleryüz, 42

*Fevzi Çorluk, 24

*Abdülahad Abdurrahman, 40

*Nilufer Cetin, a Turkish activist and her one-year-old son

*Ekrem Cetin

*Ayse Sarioglu, reporter with the daily Taraf

*Murat Palavar, reporter for Yeni Safak

*Sümeyye Ertekin, VNET foreign news chief

*Ümit Sönmez, VNET producer

*Ersin Esen, VNET photojournalist

*Hassan Iynasi, identified by the Israeli military in a statement that alleged the 27-year-old had sent money to Islamic Jihad

*Hussein Urosh, also identified by the Israeli military, which alleged he was on the ship to help smuggle Turkish "Al-Qaeda operatives" into Gaza

* Ibrahim Bilgen, mayoral candidate from the Saadet for the Felicity Party in March 2009 --arrived in Turkey dead

*Çetin Topçuolu, 54 --arrived in Turkey dead

* Ali Haydar Bengi, father of four --arrived in Turkey dead

* Cevdet Klçlar, a member of the Turkish organizing body for the flotilla IHH -- arrived in Turkey dead

* Physicians for Human rights reports six Turkish nationals remain in Petah Tiqva Belinson hospital, two in Jerusalem's Hadassah Ein Karem who are both being guarded by police, and another four at the Haifa Rambam Hospital.


Approximately 37 British nationals, including:

*Peter Venner, 63, a father of two from the Isle of Wight.

*Denis Healey, 55, from Portsmouth.

*Paveen Yaqub, 39, from Huddersfield is a council worker and was on board Mavi Marmara.

*Kevin Ovenden, 40, from London, is a former member of the Socialist Workers’ Party and an aide to George Galloway, the former MP.

*Theresa McDermott, 43, is a postal worker from Edinburgh.

*Alex Harrison, 32, from London, describes herself as a “solidarity worker” who is based both in Britain and Palestine.

*Baboo Zanghar, from Bolton.

*Sakir Yildirim, from Fishponds.

*Cliff Hanley from Southville.

*Jamal El-Shayyal, Al-Jazeera producer.

*Sidique Hajee.

*Nicola Enchmarch.

*Nader Daher.

*Hassan Ghani.

*Alex Phillips (also known as Lorty).

*Ashan Shamrak.

*Sarah Colbourne.

*Ismail Patel.

*Ibrahim Musaji.

*Mohammed Bayyat.

*Laura Macdonald Stuart

*Jamal Sayed

*Mustafa Cengiz Ahmet

*Tauqir Sharif

*Boudjema Bounoua

*Mohammad Bounoua

*Kenneth O’Keefe - First Iraq war veteran, founder of "Truth, Justice and Peace," supporter of Human Shield project in Iraq, accused by Israel of attempting to "enter the Gaza Strip in order to form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization."

*Ali El-Awaisi

*Mahi Mohammed Abid

*Nur-E-Azom Choudhury

*Muzzammil Layth Chogley

*Lazrag Salah

*Ali Altan

*Osama Qashoo, a Palestinian with British citizenship who lives in Haringey in North London, a post-graduate from the National Film and Television School. His family declared a hunger strike pending his release.


*David Schermerhorn, retired television commercial producer of Washington state.

*Joe Meadors, 63, of Texas, is a navy veteran.

*Edward Peck, 81, a former US Ambassador to Mauritania.

*Greta Berlin, co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement.

*Kathy Sheetz, 63, is a Registered Nurse.

*Paul Larudee, badly beaten according to US consul general in Jerusalem

* Fatimah Mahmadi, with the Viva Palestina group, identified by Israeli military officials and accused of attempting to "smuggle forbidden electronic components into the Gaza Strip."


*David Segarra, correspondent with the Caracas-based TeleSUR


*Three unnamed Yemen MPs.

*One unnamed national.

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