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At least 59 Palestinians still missing since Gaza war

July 23, 2009 9:12 P.M. (Updated: July 26, 2009 6:07 P.M.)
Gaza – Ma'an Exclusive – No one knows for sure, but Gaza's Health Ministry estimates that 90 Palestinians killed during Israel's assault last winter are still buried under rubble there.

Ma'an obtained a list of the 90, and carried out an investigation into their whereabouts. It was discovered that 31 of the bodies had been found, including that of a five-month-old.

The first missing Palestinian to be identified was Abdallah Na'eem, in his 20s, while many others like Na'eem have remained under the rubble since the assault ended six months earlier.

The United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) officially began implementing its rubble removal operation on 9 July. About 420 tons of debris will be cleared at a cost of 12 million dollars, funded by Canada.

Gaza Ministry of Public Works vehicles have been used, but Israel's and Egypt's refusal to allow reconstruction materials into the area has forced many residents to dig, hoping to find lost loved ones on their own.

Ibrahim Radwan, undersecretary at the ministry, said that "the delay in finding the missing is due to a lack of necessary funds, estimated by the ministry at 16 million US dollars." He also cited a lack of machines.

The rubble left behind by the assault is estimated at 1.5 million tons, 40 percent of which is in the north of Gaza while 30 percent is in Gaza City, according to Radwan. The rest is distributed in the center and south.

At least 1,505 victims had been identified before Ma'an's investigation. From the Health Ministry's original list of 90 missing Palestinians, researchers determined that 31 of them have been found, identified and reburied.

The 59 Palestinians still thought to be missing are listed below, in order of age, along with the cities or areas in Gaza where they were last seen alive.

1. In'am Ra'fat Al-Masri, 12, Ash-Shati Refugee Camp

2. Abed Ar-Rahman Ahmad Al-A'tawnah, 15, Al-Faloja

3. Jihan Sami Al-Helu, 17, Al-Karama Tower

4. Ahmad Yousef Ibrahim Al-Batsh, 18, At-Tuffah

5. Sabrin Mohammed Abu Samaha, 18, Beit Lahiya

6. Jebreel A'teiyah Mansour (Abu Al-Hasna), 18, Ezbat Abed Rabu

7. Husein Sa'eed Abdallah An-Nuthur, 20, Ezbat Abed Rabu

8. Ibrahim Fayez Juneid, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

9. Ismail Abed Ar-Rahman Suleiman, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

10. Eyad Hasen I'beid, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

11. Eyad Kahmees Al-Bana, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

12. Abdallah Malek Al-Haj Ali, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

13. Mohammed Nahed Mohammed Abed Rabu, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

14. Mahmoud Kahder Baher, 21, Al-Karama Tower

15. Yousef Anwar Deka, 21, Ezbat Abed Rabu

16. Bassam Azmi Al-Khattab, 22, At-Tuffah

17. Jabber Mohammed Ad-Dawawsah, 22, Beit Lahiya

18. Khaled Hafeth Al-Batsh, 22, Al-Karama

19. Mu'men Mousa Al-Khazendar, 22, Al-Burj Street

20. Nour Mohammed Shahata, 22, Az-Zaitoun

21. Mohammed Abed Al-Hadi Taher, 23, Jabaliya

22. Mahmoud Husein Mater, 23, Al-Tatarah

23. Mansour Mahmoud Madi, 23, Gaza City

24. Ahmad Majed Al-A'tar, 24, Beit Lahiya

25. Bassam Azmi Al-Hattab, 24, At-Tuffah

26. Mohammed Bashir Khader, 24, Ezbat Abed Rabu

27. Khaled Hafeth At-Turk, 25, Al-Karama

28. Issa Ahmad Al-At'ut, 25, Ezbat Abed Rabu

29. Mohammed Ahmad Mohammed Ad-Da'ur, 27, Beit Lahiya

30. Yaser U'kasha, 27, Egypt

31. Ibrahim Ahmad A'lwan, 28, Ezbat Abed Rabu

32. Fayez Ahmad Abu Warda, 29, Ezbat Abed Rabu

33. Eid Harb Sukar, 30, Ash-Shuja'iyeh

34. Mohammed Abdallh E'beid, 30, Ezbat Abed Rabu

35. Mamoud Na'eem Ar-Rifi, 30, Az-Zaitoun

36. Hesham Ahmad Al-Khatib, 30, Ash-Shuja'iyeh

37. Wae' Kahlil Al-A'ttar, 30, Beit Lahiya

38. Mohammed Farid Abdallah, 31, Ezbat Abed Rabu

39. Intesar Mezyed Al-Masri, 35, Beit Hanoun

40. Safya Salem Heider, 35, Al-A'tatarah

41. Majedah Abed Al-Karim Abu Hajaj, 35, Juhor Ad-Dik

42. Mohammed Amin Haji, 39, Beit Lahiya

43. Intesar Mohammed Al-Masri, 37, Beit Hanoun

44. Mu'een A'ta Husein, 39, Beit Lahiya

45. Akram Kahder Ma'ruf, 44, Beit Lahiya

46. Natheera Abu Al-Kas, 50, Ezbat Abed Rabu

47. Jamil Abed Al-Aziz Ad-Da'ur, 54, Ezbat Abed Rabu

48. Haleema Mohammed Hasen Badwan, 60, Jabaliya

49. Rezeq Salim Abu Al-Kas, 60, Ezbat Abed Rabu

50. Fatema A'wad Ghubun, 60, Al-A'tatrah

51. Mohammed Mohammed Hasan Ma'ruf, 60, Beit Lahiya

52. Raya Salamah Salaman Abu Hajaj, 65, Juhor Ad-Dik

53. Ghaneemah Mas'ud Abu Halima, 65, Beit Lahiya

54. Hakmah Abed Ar-Rahman Al-'Attar, 75, Beit Lahiya

55. Mahdiaeyah Salman Ayyad, 76, Az-Zaitoun

56. Eid Jum'a A'yyad, 80, Az-Zaitoun

57. Mariam Abed Ar-Rahman Abu Thaher, 85, Beit Lahiya

58. Mariam Mutawe' Mutawe', 85, Al-Mughraqa

59. Ahmad Mohammed Abed Rabu Al-Balbisi, 17, Rafah
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