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Leftist PFLP leader live from PA prison in Jericho

Jan. 3, 2006 3:01 P.M. (Updated: Jan. 3, 2006 3:01 P.M.)
Ma'an Jericho Prison - General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Sa'adat, spoke live Tuesday afternoon from Jericho's Palestinian Authority prison.

From the eastern West Bank city, the leftist PFLP leader said, "In 20 days we will be at the date to choose your PLC [Palestinian Legislative Council] members as a part of a complete operation to build the political leadership base for Palestinians and for the PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organization]."

He continued, "You must remember that your vote is your right and to do so is to remain faithful to the those killed, to the prisoners and to the needy. And it is for the workers, and the for people who lost their lands to Israel to build the Wall and the settlements that are confiscating our lands."

"On 25 January we are at the point to change our lives toward independence and freedom and toward domination."

He asked, "Will we form a democratic system to develop our rights to our full potential, for our education, health and social systems?"

"Or," Sa'adat asked, "Will we return with the same system, and worst, with all the negative phenomena? Will we return to the lawlessness, political insecurity and lack of basic security, and with the absence of the rule of law?"

Sa'adat called on all Palestinians to participate in the PLC elections. He called on them to do their "jobs and participate."

"The PFLP, from a place of commitment to social and national rights, decided to participate in the PLC elections, and formed the list called 'Abu Ali Mustafa,' out of respect to his revolutionary education, and out of respect to prisoners and to all Palestinians."

He explained that the Abu Ali Mustafa list is comprised of people who resist and who represent all aspects of Palestinian society and life.

The PFLP leader said, "We are participating in the elections under the name of a democratic and national program, which is an alternative program to that which has kept Palestinians in a difficult situation for the past several years. The new system will gather resistance and will create national stability in return. It will build a free nation with Jerusalem as its capital."

Sa'adat continued, "The new program will require international society to plan for a political project, built on achieving what exists in international law, a program that is an alternative to the negotiations based on Oslo, and will contain the older version of the new project, the Road Map."

He said, "The program is aimed to return the respect for the PLO and their role as a means to unify our society and to rebuild it based on democratic and national principles, to open the doors and to represent all Palestinian social and political perspectives."

Sa'adat continued, "It will develop the strength of the national resistance with Arab steadfastness in facing the plans of the enemies that have aimed to dominate Arab lands, and to confiscate their lives. The program will open chances for all political and social forces to participate in making decisions, and in leading society."

At the end of his speech, Ahmed Sa'adat declared, "In the name of prisoners, Palestinians outside of Palestine, Palestinians in lands inside '48, and in the name of the resistance; In the name of the pencil, the word and the rock in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, and in every nation that faces suffering, we begin our electoral campaign for the PLC elections."

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