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Strongly defend the values of democracy

March 12, 2019 5:03 P.M. (Updated: March 13, 2019 10:41 A.M.)
By: Marwan Emile Toubassi
Marwan Emile Toubassi is the Palestinian Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Greece

Opposing the policies of the Israeli regime and anti-Zionism are not racism against Judaism, a monotheistic religion that we respect; it is opposition to racism by Zionist Jews and others.

Anti-Zionism is opposing the political ideology of Zionism, a movement that has insisted in all its political thoughts and practices on prioritizing the rights of Jews to a homeland over those of my people; the Palestinians, who were already living there in our homeland since history. That was made clear when the crimes of displacement and ethnic cleansing took place by Zionist terrorist organizations against my people; the Palestinians, during Nakba or “catastrophe” in 1948, and was followed by the Israeli military occupation to the rest of Palestine in 1967, and afterwards by the continued colonial Israeli settlement project in that area and is still happening today, apartheid and the violations of international and human rights laws.

This was also obvious a couple of months ago when the Israeli Parliament "Knesset” passed the Jewish Nation-state Law.

This racist law asserts that all Jews, even those with no connection to Israel enjoy a right to self-determination, which Palestinians are deprived of, including the 20% who are residents of Israel of Palestinian Christians and Muslims and are formally citizens of Israel and originally Semites. The term Semites came historically to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites and Aramaic tribes including Hebrews who all are considered Semites.

Zionism is opposed originally by many Jews themselves who have justified their position based on religious, moral and intellectual arguments, whether lift-wing or liberal, just as there are anti-Zionist Jews in Europe and the United States there are also many anti-Semites who admire Zionism and Israeli militarism and colonialism and it's apartheid policies not against non-Jews only but against Jewish opponents of those policies of the Israeli regime, as the central Israeli election committee disqualified just today the Israeli Jew Ofer Cassif, a member of the Israeli Communist party and member of the political Alliance Hadash-Ta'al from running in the Israeli Parliament elections that will take place in April.

Criticism of the Israeli policies of terror, ethnic cleansing, displacement and apartheid even by Israeli human rights groups and organizations cannot be considered as an act of anti-Semitism.

Defending our basic national rights for justice, freedom, peace and self determination and requesting the implementation of UN resolutions and international legitimacy in establishing the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital alongside Israel is not Anti-Semitism.

Calling for the just and permanent peace and ending the occupation is not Anti-Semitism, it is part of our obligations towards international peace, security and the UN charter and better future of this world that the leadership of the PLO is seeking to achieve.

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