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They beat him until he forgot sleep

June 5, 2018 5:01 P.M. (Updated: July 1, 2018 9:26 A.M.)
By: Issa Qaraqe
Issa Qaraqe is the Head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoner's Affairs

The night is not for sleep. The occupation forces and the Israeli intelligence officers harass sleep. They are the enemies of sleep. They work only like bats in the middle of the darkness and in the middle of the night. They invade with their troops and weapons and their predatory dogs the houses of the Palestinians. They do not knock on the door; they blow it with gunpowder and storm the house. They were trained to raid the sleeping bed and shoot, bombs and scream. They are trained on the subversive inspection of everything, safes, walls, libraries, electrical appliances, and clothing. They are trained to surprise the people of the house. There is no sanctity for the population. All of this is in order to arrest a young boy who dreams of the day. The soldiers who enter the houses are like darkness, masked by shade, moving like ghosts, afraid to show their faces. They are ready to arrest the wanted child and are ready to shoot him if he tries to escape or resist.

Soldiers who are cavalier with the lives of Palestinians gather the inhabitants of the house in a small room, stacked above each other to take their comfort in the search and destruction, turn everything and destroy. What do they want? They know that these measures are not to take information or evidence but are a means of collective punishment and deliberate terrorism to create an atmosphere of terror, fear and panic among the inhabitants of the house.

The soldiers are very surprised by the presence of the flag of Palestine on a library or on a wall, provoked by the presence of pictures, poems or national books, provoked by the fact that the residents of the house are intellectuals, here are Mahmoud Darwish, Samih al-Qasim and Maeen Bseisu. They are most provoked by an old key that has not forgotten its right to return.

The soldiers are provoked by a painting of the sea of Jaffa and the Carmel Mountains decorating the salon of the house, the smell of the sea that does not sleep, photographs of martyrs filling the house martyred by the occupation soldiers. They are provoked by pictures of prisoners bound behind bars, pictures of children and disabled people killed in the march of return in the Gaza Strip. To see their crimes in these pictures, they feel insulted. They feel that they are outsiders and strangers and without identity, history and feelings.

The minor prisoner Khaled Arafat, 16 years old, from Jenin, woke up to the breaking of the door of his family house. The soldiers entered his room as he slept. They shouted at him and lifted him from the bed. He woke up terrified. He found the soldiers standing over his head, pointing their guns at him. They tied him and blindfolded him. What is going on, his father quarreled with the soldiers because they did not allow him to change his clothes, the soldiers turned the house upside down, smashed the furniture.

They took him out onto the floor of the military jeep and beat him with the butts of their rifles. They trampled on him with their fleets and continued all the way until they reached the Jalameh interrogation center.

The prisoner Amr told the lawyer “they beat me until I forgot to sleep”. In the interrogation rooms, they shined upon him a yellow light; no sleep, no relaxation. If he tried to do so, they took him out to stand in a stress position against a wall or in a backless seat. He did not think of sleeping as much as he thought of pain in his little body.

The minor prisoner Mustafa Jamal Al-khalil, 16 years old, was told by a soldier that he was insane and can do what he wants to Mustafa. He was arrested after midnight, and one of the soldiers closed the door of the military vehicle on his knees, causing his bones to be fractured. He screamed due to the severe pain. He asked the soldier why he had done that, "I'm crazy," responded the soldier. "What crazy country is this that sends wounded and sick soldiers with hatred and violence?" thought the prisoner. He wondered, what kind of country leaves him all day without sleep, food and water, while the soldiers are eating food, and taking sadistic, disgusting delight in the suffering of others, it seems that every State of Israel needs a hospital.

By the end of 2017, there were 595 cases of arrests of minors who arrived at Ofer military prison. Of these, 41 minors were shot and wounded. A month later, there was at least one minor who was shot at the time of his arrest. Of the total arrest cases, 164 minors were beaten on their bodies and heads by the soldiers with rifles, legs, slaps, punches and trampling on their heads.

The prisoner, Ahmed Abdel Hakim Abu Bakr, 15 years old, arrested from his family house after midnight by Special Forces that stormed the house and attacked his room while he was asleep. They shouted at him, woke him up and pushed him up. He watched as the soldiers pointed weapons at his head. They interrogated him for two hours in the room. They took him handcuffed and blindfolded on a long distance journey towards the settlement of Dotan. They beat him on the ground several times. The soldiers deliberately threw him into a puddle of water on the road. They moved him to the Salem interrogation center. They stress-tied his hands behind his chair. When he tried to sleep, they deliberately dropped the chair on the ground. His entire body hurt; his ribs, head, neck and hands, sleep is constricted and crucified at this time, and for the rest of time.

"The state of Israel does not sleep. It is obsessed with us. Our rocks keep them up. Our prayers in Jerusalem bother them. Our songs at school bother them,” says Ahmed Jamil Abu Rish, 15, who says he remembers how they arrested him and dragged him to the ground, which was filled with broken glass bottles that caused him wounds in his face. He remembers the interrogation room in the settlement of Tzofin, when he closed his eyes a little, but the soldier prevented him from sleeping, and whenever the soldier felt that Ahmed was sleeping, he hit him with his foot to wake him up.

Says Samih al-Qasim:

The Palestinian child miraculously evading deadly traps, claws, detention camps, homelessness, massacres. The UN hid his homeland in a locked-up cell. When they returned home, they discovered that he had taken his body out of the cell while the handcuffs still restrained him.

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