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Israeli minister to decide on deportation of Palestinian MPs

July 7, 2015 9:59 A.M. (Updated: July 7, 2015 6:39 P.M.)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli Minister of the Interior was given 30 days by the Supreme Court on Monday to reach a final decision on the possible deportation from East Jerusalem of three Palestinian lawmakers and a former Palestinian Authority Jerusalem affairs minister.

Monday's hearing was a follow-up to a previous hearing in the same court on May 5, 2015 that discussed the possibility of revoking the Jerusalem residency rights of officials Muhammad Abu Teir, Ahmad Attun, Muhammad Tutah and Khalid Abu Arafeh.

While Abu Arefeh formerly served as the PA's minister of Jerusalem affairs, the other three are members of Palestine's parliament, the Palestinian Legislative Council.

All four live in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Israeli Ministry of the Interior has been threatening to deport the lawmakers and former minister since Hamas won Palestinian legislative elections in 2006.

The pretext for the ruling is disloyalty to the Israeli state, the lawmakers said last year.

The four were initially detained along with other lawmakers and, after their release, Israeli police seized their identity documents.

The permanent residency status of 107 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem was revoked in 2014, adding to the 14,309 revoked by Israel since 1967.
Billy Bragg / UK
Pack them off to Syria, and another thing East Jerusalem is not ''occupied'' it is liberated by Israel and unified for the the first time since 1948. It was occupied by the Jordanians from 1948 to 1967, but nobody cared or bothered .
07/07/2015 10:06
Peter Spalding / USA
Nothing surprising here. The European Occupiers are deciding whether to evict the native Palestinians from their own city. A crime, but hardly unique for the Zionists
10/07/2015 00:31
inbound39 / New Zealand
Like in the past, many times before,Israeli's will not be happy until they lose their home yet again by their own arrogance,self righteousness and closedmindedness.
11/07/2015 09:45
Colin Wright / USA
To Billy Bragg: '...thing East Jerusalem is not ''occupied'' it is liberated.' Uh huh. I note you're from the U.K. How would it suit if invaders from other continents 'liberated' London? Maybe they will -- are you for that?
11/07/2015 21:57
Colin Wright / USA
To Inbound: 'Like in the past, many times before,Israeli's will not be happy until they lose their home yet again...' On the bright side, at least this time it won't actually be their home that they'll lose.
11/07/2015 21:59
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