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UPDATED list: Israel pardons 90 former Fatah fighters

Nov. 26, 2009 7:08 P.M. (Updated: Dec. 3, 2009 10:15 A.M.)
Nablus – Ma’an Exclusive – Israel has agreed to remove 90 former Palestinian fighters from its list of “wanted” men on the eve of the Muslim Eid Al-Adha holiday, Palestinian sources said on Thursday.

The sources indicated that on Wednesday night the Palestinian Authority (PA) handed Israeli officials a list of 93 people it wants removed from the wanted list during a meeting.

Initial reports Thursday said Israel agreed to pardon 26 of the men, and ease restrictions on the movement and rights of others. Reports by Friday morning were that Israel had decided to pardon 90. Only eight of the total, however, received full pardons. Thirty-two received partial pardons, and the rest received "improvements" to their conditions.

Not all the men were fully pardoned. Of the initial 26, all of the men had to report to a PA compound and sleep there at night will now be able to sleep at home. Seven of the first round of pardons will be released from the PA’s Juneid prison, outside the West Bank city of Nablus.

Since 2007 former Palestinian fighters signed “amnesty” agreements in which they would hand in their weapons, swear not to fight, and spend a term in a PA jail in exchange for a return to normal life, free of the threat of arrest or assassination by Israeli.

One of the newly pardoned men was Ala Sanakreh, 29, of Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus, who is now working for the PA security forces. Israel agreed not to track or pursue him, making him fully pardoned. He told Ma’an he was elated at the news, and considered the decision a step toward peace.

Sanakreh was formerly one the most wanted men in the West Bank. He said he escaped several assassination attempts. The Israeli military killed his brother Ibrahim in 2006 and and another brother Ahmad in 2007.

“We, as Palestinians should be able to live freely like any other people around the world. We deserve to live a happy life,” he said.

Totally pardoned:

1- Ala Muhammad Ibrahim Sanakreh – Nablus

2- Yousef Khamis Hasan Abu Mustapha – Nablus

3- Muhammad Hussen Sa’id Zabaro – Nablus

4- Ayoub Khalil Musa Kin’an – Bethlehem

5- Muhammad Abdul Rahman Saleh Zeid – Ramallah

6- Ra’ed Muneer Muhammad Silama – Jenin

7- Ghaleb Ismail Muhammad Shafe’y – Tulkarem

8- Naser Ibrahim Salem Othman – Tulkarem

Movement without restrictions in Palestinian areas

9 - Louay Mahmud Musleh Eklik – Nablus

10 - Bassam Hasan Ali Abu Shallal – Nablus

11- Yassin Omar Ahmad Banat – Nablus

12- Yousef Khamis Hassan Abu-Mostafa – Nablus

13- Muhammad Sa’id S’oud Khaled – Nablus

14- Nael Sa’d S’oud Khaled – Nablus

15- Nidal Abdel-Fattah Yousif Mizher – Nablus

16- Abdel-Moneim Saleh Rajeh Sanakreh – Nablus

17- Na’im Saleh Rajeh Sanakreh – Nablus

18- Thaer Shaker Mahmud Mashi – Nablus

19- Saleh Abdel-Rahman Zaki Al-Ashkar – Nablus

20- Jamal Muhammad Mahmud Abu Ar-Rub – Ramallah

21- Kamel Taha Ahmad Ghannam – Ramallah

22- Ali Ibrahim Ali As-Sabah – Qafin

23- Wadi Ibrahim Abdul Latif Shadid – Tulkarem

24- Musheer Farouq Othman Mansoury – Tulkarem

25- Thafer Hassan Ali Eiran – Balata

26- Muhammad Ameen Musa Hammad – Jenin

27- Salim As’ad Salim Hussen – Jenin

28- Sa’id Mustafa Sa’id Mer’y – Kufur Dan

29- Hani Ahmad Anees Masad – Kufur Dan

30- Mu’ath Ahmad Saleh Saba’neh – Qabatya

31- Abdul-Salam Muhammad Aref Hanaysha – Qabatya

Partial relief (see details)

32- Mohammed Mazen Ma’moun Hanbali – Nablus

33- Ahmed Amr Muhammad Abu Salha – Nablus

34- Ghassan Ata Musa Abu Rish – Nablus

35- Saher Jaber Muhammad Hamayel – Nablus

36- Mithqal Subhi Fares Abu Salah – Jenin

37- Ahmad Sedqy Fayeq Qasem – Jenin

38- Sa’ed Thabet Muhammad Abu Obeid – Jenin

39- Yousif Mahmud Hussen Taleb – Jenin

40- Jalil Afif Hussen Sarhan – Jenin

41- Zakaria Afif Hussen Sarhan – Jenin

42- Maher Khaled Muhammad Haj Ali – Qabatya

43- Muhammad Safa Muhammad Kamil – Qabatya

44- Mubarak Alyan Muhamad Zedat – Hebron (must turn in his weapon)

45- Ali Rajab Ramzi Yumna – Yatta (must turn in his weapon)

46- Muhammad Othman Salman Abu Aram – Yatta (must turn in his weapon)

47- Hashem Muhammad Abdel-Majeed Azzam – Bethlehem

48- Nidal Odeh Hussen Malsh – Bethlehem

49- Mahmud Ibrahim Odeh Jubran – Bethlehem (must turn in his weapon)

50- Ala Kamel Musa Al-Hawareen – Ramallah

51- Tareq Ahmad Ahmad Skout Gaza-Ramallah

52- Muhammad Hussen Shalsh Zeid – Ramallah

53- Ala Ahmad Musa Sharaka – Ramallah

54- Khaled Abdel-Ra’ouf Sa’id Injas – Ramallah

55- Suleiman Naief Suleiman Hawareen – Ramallah

56- Munir Abdel-Raheem Muhammad Harb – Ramallah

57- Walid Ali Eid Dar Abed – Ramallah

58- Khaled Mussa Muhammad Hantsh – Ramallah (must remain in jail)

59- Fadi Atieh Muhammad Jawabra – Ramallah (must remain in jail)

60- Tareq Ziad Ali Abu Wazneh – Ramallah (must remain in jail)

61- Ahmad Mahmud Husen Ubed – Ramallah (must remain in jail)

62- Ibrahim Husam Ibrahim Abu Thaher – Ramallah (must remain in jail)

63- Luai Awad Muhamad Hosheh – Ramallah (must remain in jail)

Now permitted to sleep at home (as opposed to at the detention center)

64- Ibrahim Sa’id Issa Masemy – Nablus

65- Ahmad Hashem Muhammad Ramadan – Nablus

66- Nael Rebhy Abdul-Rahman Mansour – Nablus

67- Ammar Ibrahim Baker Kaddoumi – Nablus

68- Mohammed Nadi Muhammad Saleh – Nablus

69- Louay Muhammad Abdel-Qader Madeni – Bet Iba

70- Fathi Ahmad Fathi Ahmad Muna – Rojeeb

71- Yousef Hasan Muhammad Tayeh – Al-Far’a camp

72- Omar Ahmad Ali Sweilem – Nablus

73- Ahmad Walid Ismail Radwan – Qalqiliya

74- Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah Samhan – Qalqiliya

75- Jameel Mansour Ali Mansour – Salfit

76- Hazem Ali Ahmad Hamad – Jenin

77- Jaser Ameen Ibrahim Nazzal – Jenin

78- Ra’ed Salem As’ad Abu Srour – Jenin

79- Ahmad Walid Muhammad Ibrahim – Jenin

80- Majd Husny Alaf Abu Husen – Jenin Refugee Camp

81- Ragheb Sami Rajab Zeid Al-Keelany – Ya’bud

82- Zaher Ahmad Naji Subeh – Ramallah

83- Abdel-Kareem Hamed Shtaya – Ramallah

84- Majed Musa Muhammad Qattouf – Yatta

85- Wajd Hamed Abdel-Hady Al-Husseny – Bethlehem

86- Mu’ath Atef Mussa Abu Aker – Bethlehem

87- Muhammad Ahmad Abdullah Alqam – Qalandiya

88- Khaled Mahmud Ahmad Mateer – Qalandiya

89- Raby Theeb Nimer Ayyad – Qalandiya

90- unknown
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